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What are the benefits of Esports Betting?

Few sports have had the global impact that Esports has enjoyed in recent years, with players and fans all over the world growing in number daily.

What are the benefits of Esports Betting? -

Few sports have had the global impact that Esports has enjoyed in recent years, with players and fans all over the world growing in number daily.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, Esports took centre stage with most sports very much on the back burner, Esports was able to broadcast to a new audience and it looks to be very much part of the sporting landscape for years to come.

Games such as League of Legends, FIFA and Fortnite are battled out across the globe and the money associated with Esports more than holds its own in comparison to some other sports.

Betting on Esports is a relatively new concept, with bookmakers quite late to the draw with ways in which punters can bet on the action.

However, there are plenty of benefits to Esports Betting:

Holistic Sportsbook Betting Experience

Whilst Esports betting is still very much in its infancy, particularly to online sports bettors, the way games are formatted make them easy to bet on.

All Esports have their own scoring system, but punters can bet ante-post, in-play and on specific scoring markets and some of the leading bookmakers offer cash out options too.

In addition, most Esports games operate across different themes, meaning there is something for everyone when betting on Esports.

Market Variety

All of the biggest bookmakers in the world offer a huge variety of markets on Esports events – from enticing odds on specific games to live in-play punting.

Furthermore, the increase in frequency of Esports fixtures across the world means punters have so many options to choose from when placing an Esports bet.

The sportsbook market has become an increasingly congested place and the after effect of COVID 19 will see many sports struggle to get back up and running at full capacity.

Esports have very low running costs as an operation and with punters and followers able to watch from the comfort of their own home, they can access a multitude of Esports betting markets.

Bookmaker Offers

As online bookmakers move with the times and look to accommodate for Esports within their market, they are introducing offers and promotions across a range of Esports bets.

New and existing customers can access a wealth of Esports offers – from free bet tokens to getting your money back if you bet loses – keeping Esports betting in line with most other sportsbook offers bookmakers give.

Shopping around for the best odds and promotions is always recommended for anyone when betting and the Esports market is no different and with it being new ground to so many punters, it is the perfect time to bet on Esports.

Esports Knowledge

Bookmakers are just becoming savvy to the wealth of betting opportunities Esports can bring and as a result, not all of their odds are truly representative.

Unlike more traditional sports such as tennis, football or basketball, most bookmakers don’t have a team of experts predicting and developing the Esports odds, meaning there are often some great chances for punters to win big money.

For punters who follow the action religiously and understand how odds and betting works, betting on Esports can be a particularly shrewd (and potentially lucrative) move.

24/7 Gaming Calendar

One of the key additional benefits of Esports is the frequency with which fixtures/competitions are played.

World time zones are generally irrelevant in the world of Esports, meaning punters can follow the action with pretty much a round the clock calendar – presenting more opportunities than ever for punters to enjoy a bet.

Of course, increased betting opportunities can be detrimental too but betting wisely on Esports can be highly profitable for all levels of punter.

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