What You Need to Know Before Betting on Esports

In the last decade the popularity of eSports has surged tremendously, and it comes as no surprise that many bookmakers are jumping on board. Nowadays it is easy enough to find the best eSports betting sites, but before you actually place a bet there are several things that you need to know.

Simply put, eSports is a bit unique compared to other types of betting – and you need to prepare accordingly. Following the general advice at SmartBettingGuide.com can be a good place to start, but there is more that you need to know:

  • Video games are very different from one another

Although the various ผลบอล are often pulled in under the same banner, you need to remember they are all very different from one another. In fact it would be best if you look at each game as its own sport.

Not only is the gameplay different, but often the match rules and structure are too. On top of that just because a team is strong in one game, it does not mean that the same team is strong in a completely different game.

  • Long odds are risky

Newcomers to competitive eSports often feel tempted to bet on the underdog thinking that because it is a video game both teams have almost equal chances to win. That is not true at all.

If the odds place one team as an underdog it is often for good reason. Either it means that the team is generally weak and has poor form, or it means that their opponents are very strong and have good form. In either case you should think carefully before choosing to bet on them because it will be high risk.

  • Specializing is the best bet

Trying to follow every eSport and all the teams and players that are involved is not going to be easy. If you do make the attempt odds are you won’t know enough about any of them to be able to pick out good bets.

As a rule you should specialize and start by picking specific eSports that you want to know more about. After you understand that game inside out and follow its competitive scene closely, you should find it much easier to pinpoint which bets you want to place.

If you aren’t sure which one you should pick, start by looking at some of the more popular eSports that are out there.

  • Watch how the community reacts

One of the best resources of information when it comes to eSports is the community itself. By following the official forums, Reddit page, and other social platforms – you can learn a lot about what’s going on.

Not only are these platforms a great source for news, but you can glean a lot by seeing how the community reacts. Although you shouldn’t blindly follow the crowd, you should take their reaction into account as a source of potential information.

At the end of the day betting on eSports games can be very interesting if you are actually up to date with the ncaa bracket predictions – especially if you’re a fan of the game in the first place. Right now eSports has a lot of momentum behind it, so it is likely that in the future it will continue to grow. As it does, more bookmakers will probably start to put even more eSports games onto their books.

Overall eSports betting does have a lot in common with betting on conventional sports – but as you should realize by now, there are differences too. The fact that you now know where most of those differences lie should help you to make better decisions about which bets to place.

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