Exalted Orb: Why Is It So Expensive?

Anyone who plays Path of Exile knows that Exalted Orb is one of the most precious currencies to be found in the game. It’s very rare. Therefore, players should use every chance to get themselves all the Exalted Orbs available in PoE. If you still wonder what is so special about this currency and why it’s so expensive, read on to get the answers.

What Can You Do with the Exalted Orb?

Path of Exile stands out from an array of similar games because of its unique currency system. There is no money here. Instead, the orbs fulfill its role. As usual, the currencies vary according to their value: low ones are easy to find and aren’t precious, while high-value ones are rare and basically priceless.

The Exalted Orb, as you could already understand, is from the second group. As it’s similar to golden resources, experienced players never waste it. It’s typically used in two ways:

  • According to the direct purpose – for crafting exceptional rare items. Using this currency, a player can add a suffix or prefix to a rare item that has an open slot (in other words, the item has less than six affixes).
  • For selling. Valuable resources are always in demand. Therefore, average players that don’t have the chance to create a high-end rare item usually exchange or trade the Exalted Orb to get themselves something valuable.

The ultimate rule to get the most out of the invaluable Orb is not to waste it. Therefore, when either adding an affix or selling the currency, a player must make sure he will get the desired outcome that will be worth getting rid of the PoE’s gold.

How to Get the Exalted Orb

Nothing precious is gained easily, and the Exalted Orb is no exception. There are several ways of getting this valuable currency. Some players, who are lucky enough, just find it falling on them. The Exalted Orbs can be dropped by slain monsters, destructible containers, as well as chests. However, don’t get your hopes up: it happens extremely rarely.

According to some data, the average Exalted Orb drop rate is around 0.055%, which is quite depressing. Basically, you need to play almost 100 hours to get yourself one, but this also is not a 100-percent working method as the drop chance is random.

But don’t stop reading right at this moment as there are other ways how you can get yourself the gold standard of PoE.

Exchanging with Other Players

This is a working solution on how you can get yourself an Exalted Orb. However, prepare yourself for an almost unfair exchange as the prices are extremely high (and we don’t overestimate when we say extremely).

Other players that have an Exalted Orb may want to trade it for something else. Here is your chance to get rid of unnecessary resources in favor of the valuable one. Yet, usually, you will have to sacrifice a lot.

The actual price of the Orb is highly shaped by your league. Make sure you are dealing with real players and avoid NPCs. Otherwise, you risk exchanging low-value currency with less personal gain.

Luckily, this isn’t likely to be a problem at the moment as Path of Exile is experiencing a sudden boom in the number of active users. All the tribute goes to the latest expansion that was released only two months ago and brought many new players to the game.

Trading Divination Cards

It’s another reliable method to get an Exalted Orb. The principle is simple and crystal clear: you collect a certain number of divination cards and trade them for the desired Orb. Here are some recipes for you:

  • One Exalted Orb equals 12x The Hoarder
  • Two Exalted Orbs equals 10x The Saint’s Treasure
  • Ten Exalted Orbs equals 7x Alluring Bounty
  • Three Exalted Orbs equals 5x Abandoned Wealth.

You can also try your luck and exchange five Emperor’s Luck for a random type of currency, which can happen to be an Exalted Orb.

Now, you probably wonder: how to get the Divination Cards? It’ll hardly be surprising: you can farm them or get from stashes. Although it’s not that easy, you may be luckier here; and, therefore, get yourself the precious currency.

Summing Up

After drilling into the Exalted Orb’s nature, it’s becoming clear why this is one of the most expensive currencies in Path of Exile. Besides its unique and useful features that allow you to craft high-end rare items, it’s almost impossible to get. And as anything unattainable, it costs a fortune.

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