The Game of Chance in Video Games

When you play video games, you are often given the chance to make an important random choice. Rather than just pressing play and hoping a win will come along, you get the chance to see if your own decision can make you a profit.

When you go online to play a game such as the Royal Mint Megaways slot there are plenty of chances to get a good win. Not surprising when there are 117649 paylines. There are both free spins and multipliers just waiting to be triggered with a maximum payout of 1800x your stake in the base game. The rolling reels feature is another great way to get plenty of wins. Symbols that produce a return suddenly disappear and are replaced by others who will hopefully also produce a win.

A great game indeed but not one that sees the player having to perform random acts. They have to choose their stake for each spin but the opportunity to for example, select a treasure box isn’t present.

A visit to the website will see you discovering a fantastic amount of information about slot games. The site has reviews of a whole range of slots and information about which are the best sites to play them on.

Many of those slots reviewed do include a game of chance. These are entertaining games that allow the player to have a greater influence on whether they win big prizes or just hope for better luck the next time. It’s all down to chance of course but the thrill of making a choice that can win you a big prize is always a great one to experience.

That’s particularly the case if there is a progressive jackpot to be won. Slot games such as ‘Green Lantern’ and ‘Superman Comic’ have the DC Progressive Jackpot. This can appear at any time and players are required to choose from a series of grids to reveal colours that determine which of four progressive jackpots you win. Imagine the tension if you are just one away from wining the Grand Prize.

Sometimes the choosing of items is a precursor to the bonus game. Your task is to choose from boxes or treasure chests (it depends if the game has a particular theme) and this can be used to determine the number of free spins or multiplier attached to wins.

Chance is also the name of the game in the gamble feature. This is seen in many games including ‘Esmeralda.’  It is the initial spin of the reels that determines whether you get a win or not. If a winning combination does come along, you can opt to play the gamble feature. Here, you need to choose whether the next card will be higher than the one currently shown. It’s a big gamble with either your win doubled, or everything lost.

Games such as these are definitely worth playing. It’s all down to your luck in the end, but at least you get to make the choice.

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