What are the most popular real money casino games?

People all over the world seem to love indulging themselves in gambling. There can be no doubt about that since the global gambling market stands at a whopping $110 billion turnover a year. The total amount comprises revenues from all sorts of gambling, not just casino games.

But which casino gaming experiences along with online betting games constitute the lion’s share of that? Or in other words, what are the most popular real money casino games?

If you want to cover the basics about that, please carry on reading.

Slot Machines:

About 60-70% of a casino’s total revenue comes from slot machines, though newer studies suggest that slot machine earnings are rather closer to 80%. The growth in slot machine gambling is nothing sort of ‘dramatic’ and the industry specialists suggest that in the last five years or so, the total wagers in slot machines have grown by about 10%.

Players who consider themselves as ‘educated opportunists’ rather than addicted to gambling and seasoned professionals alike spend time and money with the slot machines every now and then. And when a newcomer gets familiar with the odds that are offered by the slot machines, many get hooked for its simplicity.


Blackjack is the most popular real money casino game. There are many reasons for its widespread popularity.

The most obvious is blackjack is very easy to play, and as such, it is familiar to most. As the gambling purists would say that as long as you have the ability to count to 11 and subsequently add up digits ranging from 1 to 11, you are all set to play blackjack. Then there are the best odds that are offered by the house and the most popular games offer a house edge as little as 0.3%. It is said that blackjack is probably the only game where a seasoned player can start the game with an edge against the house. The adage is merited but at the same time, it is probably overstated as well.

A safe, basic and apparently perfect strategy won’t give you an edge. But if you play with patience and learn to count cards, it is very likely that blackjack won’t disappoint you.


Poker is the quintessential and ultimate real money casino game that warrants every bit of skill you can master to gain the upper hand over the other gambling enthusiasts. As it is said with a pinch of irony, poker is the ultimate equalizer. If you have a pocket deep enough that lets you get your buy in, you are as good as the next guy to beat the legends and go home big.

The history of poker dates back to a French game called ‘poque’ and the French brought it to the USA in the 1820s.  Poker has many variations and every one of them has their fan following.

The interesting fact for poker is that there are no laws in poker that are followed universally. Local customs and preferences dictate the inception of laws and players embrace them as they go about playing the game.

And with the technological advancement worldwide, the future of online poker is opening up a lot of interesting opportunities for potential poker players, who otherwise might not be able to indulge in the fun for restricting laws put in places in different countries.


Bingo is the most popular real money casino game among the women. The game having a social element in them may be considered as the reason for being the most choice for the women. It is considered as ‘soft gambling’ compared with the other options. Bingo is fun, easy to engage into and has a wide acceptance in societies.

And when the internet offered online bingo, it was readily embraced by the world. And it is no wonder that a lot of money is generated in countries like Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil and the United States by the people playing bingo for real money.

There you go – the above are the most popular real money casino games. Of course there are many variations and tweaks included in different casinos to make it more challenging but the basics remain the same all over the world.

And please always remember to stop when the game stops being fun.

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