What is the Best Device for Playing Games?

Pros and Cons of Major Gaming Devices

Pros and Cons of Major Gaming Devices

You’re never too old to play video games and Millennials are a shining example. They grew up with video games, and many keep playing into adulthood as they find great pleasure in single-player and multiplayer titles. Some people stick to computers, others have switched to consoles and mobile devices, while others even crossed genres to try a roulette online game or other forms of gambling.

An important question worth answering for all of them is regarding the best device for playing games. To come up with a convincing answer, we need to look at the most popular gaming devices: computers, consoles and handheld gadgets such as smartphones and tablets.

Stick to the Classics: Computers and Laptops

Back in the day, computers and later on, laptops were the only devices of choice for gamers, as they were the only one capable of running the most demanding titles properly. Things have changed, and both consoles and handheld gadgets have the great processing power, but this remains the main reason for choosing computers. When it comes to truly challenging games, the unmatched power of computers shines through, especially for titles with complex game mechanics that require a keyboard and the mouse.

The obvious shortcoming of a desktop computer is the lack of mobility, as you are stuck in place next to your trustworthy device. Laptops have, to some extent, solved this problem and provided an acceptable compromise for players reluctant to forsake their dependable computers. For real-time strategy games, MOBAs, but also first-person shooters played at esports level, computers and laptops are the best choices. This is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, due to the sheer complexity of esports.

The Most Anticipated Games are released on Consoles

Console gamers take great pride in their devices of choice, and in recent years they were given plenty of reasons to justify their cry. PlayStation and Xbox manufacturers dominate the industry, with Nintendo being a solid third and all our enjoying an upward trajectory. These devices are extremely powerful and less expensive than the top tier computers, so they appeal to serious gamers on a budget. Because of their popularity, videogame developers release many of the anticipated games first or exclusively on consoles.

A few years ago, console players used to complain about being unable to enjoy the best games on these devices. While this is no longer the case, the sheer limitations of consoles make them unfit for playing some of the e-sports titles. The controls are not suitable for RTS and MOBAs but are pretty good for playing first-person shooters even at a competitive level. In this regard, there is still room for growth and for the time being, casual gamers are guaranteed to have a lot of fun on these powerful gadgets.

Stay Mobile with Smartphones and Tablets

Not so long ago, mobile gamers were ridiculed by their peers who chose computers and consoles for gaming. That’s because smartphones and tablets were not powerful enough to run the best games, not to mention the fact that their controls were rubbish. Things have changed for the better, and because of the rising demand for mobile entertainment, game developers have ramped up production. Today, tablets and smartphones are almost as powerful as computers and can easily run the most demanding games.

While the sheer processing power of handheld gadgets has increased significantly, they continue to suffer because of clumsy controls. There is simply not enough space on the smaller displays to perform complex actions in competitive games. The sheer limitations of the touch screen are also self-evident when playing games that require a high level of precision. Mobile devices are a good fit for casual players who want to have some fun on the go, but they are not suitable for savvy players who seek excellence in gaming.

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