Affordable Computer Tables: Below Php5,000

RAKK Mabi Computer Table

PC Enthusiast and RAKK Gears fans are feeling ecstatic with the recent unveiling of RAKK Gears upcoming budget oriented computer table called “RAKK Mabi” and “RAKK Mabi XT” but many were surprised by the revealed selling price. RAKK Gears will be selling the “RAKK Mabi” for Php7,995 and their “RAKK Mabi XT” Php13,500.

Rakk mabi xt

The “RAKK Mabi Computer Tablets” will be available for purchase on March 1, 2017.

RAKK Gears have not yet published the complete details for each RAKK Mabi computer tables as of this writing but each table will feature a solid hardwood, which seems to be a Beech hardwood type, and adjustable aluminum legs for support.

Cheaper Alternatives

If you find that the RAKK Mabi tables are still expensive for you, then here are some cheap cool looking computer tables that you can purchase online.

Computer Table Desk MCH16CT4 by SPMC


  • White powder coating steel frame construction
  • Steel base With 2 Colors by Cambridge Home
  • MDF Board stamped with PVC
  • Features three drawers for storage.
  • 120 cm x 60 cm x 76 cm

Price: ₱ 4,199.00


Computer Table Desk MCH16CT2 by SPMC


  • Black powder coated steel frame
  • Steel frame construction
  • MDF Stamped
  • PVC
  • 100cm x 45cm x 75cm

Price: ₱ 3,499.00



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