Buying Games Through eWallets

The video game industry is one that is becoming more diverse and with the massive popularity of games, it is no surprise that more payment methods are available. At the start, credit cards were the go-to payment method but in the last few years, eWallets have been the choice for many gamers when they purchase games as well as for game upgrades and modifications.

As the popularity of video gaming has expanded greatly over the last few years, so has the eWallet industry. Popular eWallets such as Skrill and Neteller are used by millions around the world as a payment service rather than using banks or bank-issued credit and debit cards. Not only that but nowadays there are eWallets, such as MuchBetter, that are optimized for making financial transactions at online gaming websites. Video game companies have caught on to this, which is why using eWallets to buy video games is more commonplace.

Skrill is one of the most popular eWallets the world over. Now you can use that eWallet to buy games at Steam and this is just one example of using an eWallet to purchase video games. There are also geographical based payment services where players can buy video games. for example, The Malaysian eWallet of Boost now allows players to buy Google Play Store codes from its application.


Not only are more and more video game companies accepting eWallets as a payment for their products but there are several advantages to using it rather than a debit or credit card. EWallets are simple to use, offer top-notch security, have fast processing times, and offer low fees. On top of that many of the top eWallets, like Skrill and Neteller, offer members more benefits through a VIP program. The programs will typically have levels where the more you spend and the more transactions you make the higher level you will be in and the more benefits you can receive. For example, in the Skrill VIP program, the levels are Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. There are also affiliate sites for eWallets where you can get fast-tracked to a higher level by using it to sign up for an eWallet account. For example, EwalletVIP is a site that gives free Skrill VIP fast track.

Just a few of the benefits you can receive from an eWallet VIP program are lower fees, lower FX fees, increased withdrawal amounts, and enhanced customer service. Having benefits such as these can be advantageous when using an eWallet to buy video games.

In terms of FX fees, many of the more popular eWallets will accept multiple currencies. For example, Neteller has more than 40 currencies that are accepted. That can be an advantage when buying a video game from a retailer that only accepts a certain currency. You can have your eWallet customized to the currency you want and is accepted at the video game retailer, so you can avoid FX fees, which is something credit and debit cards do not offer.

As the video game industry continues to grow and technology improves the more you will find that you can buy video games through an eWallet.

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