Gaming PC on a PHP 20K Budget – June 2015

Once again it’s time for an update on our build guide for those looking to maximize their budget. The latest update to our quarterly custom setup for having your own gaming rig with a tight budget of ₱20,000. On our previous article “GAMING RIGS ON A PHP 20K BUDGET”, we received a lot of feedback from our readers and some of them were kind enough to provide their own setup for that specific budget.

Further reading: Php15,000 Gaming PC Build Guide December 2018

For this version, we will be including a monitor within the budget. Peripherals such as keyboards, cables, mouse, etc.. are not included.


So we would like to highlight those setup that was shared by our readers that are worth mentioning.

Components Price          
Processor Intel Pentium G3250 ₱2,700          
Motherboard Asus H81M-D PLUS ₱2,750.00          
RAM(Option1) Gskill 4GB Single DDR3 1600 CL11 Value Ram (F3-1600C11S-4GNS)
₱ 1,350
RAM(Option2) Apotop 4GB DDR3 1600     Option 1
Whatever you choose between these available options is fine.
GPU(Option1) Sapphire R7-250X 1GB DDR5 ₱4,250.00     Option 2
GPU(Option2) Inno3d GT 730 2gb DDR5 64bit bit Kepler ₱3,250.00     Same price    
PSU Hec Cougar SL500 500W up to 80% Efficiency ₱1,700.00          
Storage Toshiba 500GB 7200rpm Sata3 DT01ACA050 Hard Drive ₱2,200.00          
Case(Option1) Deepcool SMARTER Micro ITX/ Mini ITX computer case
₱ 1,250
  Total Cost (Option 1) ₱20,100  
Case(option2) Aerocool GT Black Gaming Case   Total Cost (Option 2) ₱19,100  
Peripheral Price          
Monitor(Option1) LG 20M37D 19.5 inch LED
Monitor(Option2) BenQ VL2040AZ 19.5″ Wide LED          

Our first setup came from wafu2601. Thanks wafu2601 for sharing your thoughts and we truly appreciate your efforts in sharing your knowledge to our fellow readers.

Moving on, this is the B2G version with monitor in line.

Intel Gaming PC

Components Price      
Processor Intel Pentium G3260 3.50GHz ₱2,690.00      
Motherboard ASRock H81M-VG4 ₱1,995.00      
RAM CORSAIR 4GB DDR3 PC1333 (CMV4GX3M1A1333C9) ₱1,300.00      
GPU Palit Geforce GTX 750 StormX OC 1G GDDR5 128Bit ₱4,990.00   Total Cost ₱19,920.00
PSU Antec VP450 ₱1,950.00      
Storage 500gb WDC Caviar Blue (WD500SAAKX) 16mb sata3 hdd ₱1,995.00      
Peripheral Price      
Monitor LG 20M37D 19.5 inch LED ₱3,900.00      

AMD Gaming PC

Components Price      
Processor AMD A6 7400K 3.5-3.9Ghz, 2-Core, 256 Shaders ₱2,900.00      
Motherboard Asrock FM2A78M-HD+ ₱2,580.00      
RAM CORSAIR 4GB DDR3 PC1333 (CMV4GX3M1A1333C9) ₱1,300.00   Total Cost ₱19,975.00
GPU Sapphire R7-250X 1GB DDR5 ₱4,250.00      
PSU Antec VP450 ₱1,950.00      
Storage 500gb WDC Caviar Blue (WD500SAAKX) 16mb sata3 hdd ₱1,995.00      
Peripheral Price      
Monitor LG 20M37D 19.5 inch LED ₱3,900.00      

As to what wafu2601 mentioned, if the monitor is not necessary, you can either use the extra money to get your self a higher ram capacity, better speed and timings or a higher graphics card. There are many variable options to choose from as to where you want to spend that extra 3900 pesos. It will all go down to individual preferences.

wafu260’1 Mid-Entry Level Intel Php20,000 Gaming PC Build:

Price reference: DynaquestPC

w/o Monitor

  • Processor : Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz (Dual Core) Haswell ₱4,995.00
  • Motherboard : Asus H81M-D PLUS ₱2,750.00
  • Memory : Apotop 4GB DDR3 1600 Memory ₱1,350.00 x 2 ₱2,700
  • Casing : Aerocool GT Black Gaming Case Aerocool GT Black Gaming ₱1,250.00
  • Hard Drive : Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive ₱2,650.00
  • Power Supply : EVGA 500B 500W 80Plus Bronze Power Supply ₱1,950.00

lastly, There are 2 options for video card :

If on tight budget go with : Sapphire R7-260X 2GB DDR5 128Bit ₱5,750.00

If you can squeeze a bit, go for : Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual ₱6,800

GPU with Sapphire R7 260x = ₱22,045
GPU with GTX 750 ti = ₱23,095

wafu2601’s AMD Mid-Entry Level Php20,000 Gaming PC Build:

  • Processor: AM3+ AMD Vishera FX-8320E Black Edition 3.50GHz 8-Core ₱5,950.00
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 ₱2,690.00
  • Memory: Apotop 4GB DDR3 1600 Memory ₱1,350.00 x 2 ₱2,700
  • Casing: Aerocool GT Black Gaming Case Aerocool GT Black Gaming ₱1,250.00
  • Hard Drive : Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive ₱2,650.00
  • Power Supply : EVGA 500B 500W 80Plus Bronze Power Supply ₱1,950.00

lastly, There are 2 options for video card :

If on tight budget go with : Sapphire R7-260X 2GB DDR5 128Bit ₱5,750.00

If you can squeeze a bit, go for : Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual ₱6,800

GPU with Sapphire R7 260x = ₱ 22,940
GPU with GTX 750 Ti = ₱23,990

Here is our B2G build without the monitor.


w/o Monitor

Components Price      
Processor Intel Pentium G3260 3.50GHz ₱2,690.00      
Motherboard ASRock H81M-VG4 ₱1,995.00      
RAM Kingston Hyper X Fury 4gb ddr3 1866 ₱1,490.00      
GPU Zotac GTX 960 2GB 128Bit DDR5 ₱8,770.00   Total Cost ₱19,990.00
PSU Antec VP450 ₱1,950.00      
Storage 500gb WDC Caviar Blue (WD500SAAKX) 16mb sata3 hdd ₱1,995.00      


w/o Monitor

Components Price      
Processor AMD A6 7400K 3.5-3.9Ghz, 2-Core, 256 Shaders ₱2,900.00      
Motherboard Asrock FM2A78M-HD+ ₱2,580.00      
RAM CORSAIR 4GB DDR3 PC1333 (CMV4GX3M1A1333C9) ₱1,300.00   Total Cost ₱20,325.00
GPU Sapphire R9-270X Dual X OC 2GB DDR5 Boost Full ₱8,500.00      
PSU Antec VP450 ₱1,950.00      
Storage 500gb WDC Caviar Blue (WD500SAAKX) 16mb sata3 hdd ₱1,995.00      

Note: For the Intel setup that we went with, we’re kinda actually pushing it. The G3260 processor “may” bottleneck the GTX 960 but most likely on games that are more processor dependent and of high-end latest titles. I don’t see any issues with our AMD build though.

Personally, if I were to decide what to do with that 3900, I’d get myself an extra 4gb ram, a 1TB HDD instead of a 500gb and a more efficient power supply.

Note: Component prices can vary from store to store and may change from time to time without prior notice. The prices that you see here for each components are the prices stated to us by the sellers as of 6/21/2015.

BossMac’s Notes:

At the time of this writing, besides the common help request we get one of the most recurring question is “Which is the better option between Intel and AMD?” I will be writing a dedicated article for that question but to summarize, if you are looking to upgrade your processor for workstation or other CPU-intensive applications then the Intel path is the better choice. Otherwise, both build paths will accommodate GPU upgrades just right but don’t go too extravagant and pair a GTX 980 with an APU or the Pentium, while it will work, you are severely limiting your GPU. That said, thanks for reading and we look forward to helping you out with your builds.

If you’re looking for a laptop, you may want to check this out: Gaming Laptops for Php30,000

Check out!

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  1. Yeah, need a better image. Hmmm teka hanap ako. Sabi ko na kanina dapat pinalitan ko na eh haha

  2. Akala ko nga kasya yung budget sa case, kuha sana ako ng gaming rig part 2.

    Matagal ko nang naiisip: kung gagawa ka ng pc build with the same specs as the ps4, halos 1:1 din ata ang cost mo.

  3. And mas fluid pa rin ung PS4 kahit same specs sila. Iba talaga pag optimized ung game sa hardware eh

  4. would FX-6300 series of AMD still work well with R7 260x? or should i go with the R9 270x? sorry i’m still a noob at this stuff.

    1. Both would work but if you’re still a month or so from buying, I suggest holding out and waiting a few weeks more for the AMD R9 300 series to hit locally.

    1. mostly price reference namen bro. They’re in Manila rin. Pero you can refer to shops like PCX or most of the stores sa Gilmore, their prices should hover around the same ballpark.

      1. Sir, im planning to buy from Dynaquest, if bibigyan ko sila ng ganitong setup, tapos sila mag-assemble, magkano charge or wala naman? (noob question. hehe)

        1. Waiting for a reply. Hehehe. Ilang beses ko na binalak mag-build pero sobrang takot ako. Hahaha. I currently have a 20k budget.

      Aerocool StrikeX 600W Modular 80+ Bronze 3,450.00

      RAM :
      Kingston 8GB PC3-10600 DDR3 1333 SODIMM 3,400.00

      Intel SSD 120GB Sata 3 4,800.00
      Seagate 1TB 3.5 SATA 2,540.00

      Intel Core i5 4690 3.5Ghz 6MB Haswell Refresh 10,190.00

      ASUS B85M-G – B85/GBLAN/SATA6GB/USB3.0 3,790.00

      MSI GTX 960 GAMING 2Gb DDR5 128bit 10,900.00

      Suggested Case w/ USB 3.0 3,200.00

      TOTAL 42,270.00

      Sorry pero INTEL ako e haha
      Prices from pcgilmore pricelist

    1. Ok naman sila parehas bro, small difference lang siguro. No preference for us, they’re both alright. 🙂

  5. Hi, I just wanted to ask if using an Intel i3-3240 any better than the Pentium G3260? How’s the fps for more new games like can it play Witcher 3 or Arkham Knight?

  6. sir tanung ko lang po.. im planning to put a computer shop.. nag pa quote po ako sa gilmore different specs binibigay.. in case sa part nyo po if kayo ang mag build for me anu ma suggest nyo po.. salamat po..

    P.S yung mga quotation nila same lahat sila na walang Video card, tatagal din ba kahit built in Video Card po.. thank you in advance.

  7. Sir tanong ko lang po kung kaya po ba nito yung mga bagong labas na games gaya ng Arkham City o kaya GTA V

    1. Currently talking with a reader that had the APU + R7 240 build and an i3+GT730, says it runs GTAV fine on optimal settings but only around 34FPS and lower at 1080p. Lower with the AMD combo build. Ewan ko lang sa Arkham City with all the bugs and shit sa game na yun

    1. I think I still got the old specs not sure if dito or sa isang post. I’ll check it for you and reply ko dito pag nakita ko.

      1. Hello!

        so far, I have this:

        Intel Core i5-4690
        Gigabyte GA-H81M-DS2
        Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB Single DDR3 1866 CL10
        Cooler Master Hyper 212X CPU Cooler
        Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB
        Zotac GTX 960 2GB 128Bit DDR5 (ZT-90306-10M)
        FSP SuperSonic 650W
        Aerocool GT Black Gaming
        Acer P166HQL 15.6″ LED

        Php 34,198 (prices from Dynaquest)

        is this good?

        1. Overall, good specs pero I recommend going for H97 board or ung mga budget na Z97 if meron sila. Yun lang and yung monitor, specs na ng good 1080p gaming PC yan bro. Don’t waste it on that 16″ monitor.

  8. There’s this guy claiming his pc eats 60fps for breakfast:

    Can this run gta v or skyrim at high to ultra? If not, ano kailangan ko baguhin? Salamat!

  9. Hello!

    I would like to ask if the featured setup/riggs above can play ps2 games via ps2 emulator smoothly? Like around 40-50 fps? And also, yung mga modern games, released around 2013 – 2015. Examples are Shadow of Mordor, COD titles and any other graphics instense games. I’m fine with playing on a low graphics settings pero gusto ko sana at least medium settings is ok pa rin para sure na hindi lag sa low settings. I also play DOTA2. I have a 20k-22k max budget for system unit tower alone. I have seperate budget for Monitor,Mouse and Keyboard. I would also like a budget meal monitor(used/second hands are okay :D) of about 20inch plus. And, gaming mouse & keyboard. I’m fine with a normal mouse like a4tech but I want a razer like keyboard, yung clickys, yung mataas ung mga keycaps like oldschool, yung maingay every press ng caps.

    Also please advise me if okay lang na bumili ako sa easypc na store instead of in gilmore.

    Sana po matulungan nyo ako. 🙂

    Salamat & TY TY TY!!!

    1. Ok about sa PS2 emulator, definitely go sa Intel build. Depending sa version ng emu mo (I use PCSX2, ok naman sya on an 2nd-gen i3) yung magiging performance so I suggest reading up sa emulation forums kung ano setup ng mga tao. More or less madalas nakikita ko dun naka-laptop lang so you should be fine with these builds.

      For AAA games, lalaruin mo talaga ung settings mo (sabi mo 20″) so around 1600×900 ang resolution mo, you should get decent frame rates there at medium settings, depends sa games. If graphics intensive yung game, settle ka na lang for low-medium) Same for DOTA2 but I’m testing the game a lot right now and making a documentation of the overall performance requirements ng DOTA2 in a future article.

      About sa peripherals mo, you won’t get any cheaper mechanical keyboard bukod sa Poseidon ZX, piliin mo ung blue switch if gusto mo clicky. It goes for around 2500-2800php. For mouse, personal choice mo na yan bro. Kahit A4tech optical mouse basta magaling naglalaro maganda na yan.

      Yeah ok si EasyPC from what readers are saying. Dun galing ung set ng isang reader naten na may comp shop, super OK naman ang feedback.

      1. Hello!

        Hi sir, maraming salamat!

        Tanong ko lang po, meron note dun sa taas na ung suggested intel processor, it may kind of pushing it a bit, can you then suggest something higher/better pero hindi masyadong malaki yung ida-dagdag ko?

        Another thing, I tried playing ps2 games (finals fantasy x & xii,grandia, mostly rpg’s) in an internet cafe(not sure about sa specs ng mga pc) and bumabagsak ung fps nya from time to time especially on cinematics & super/special moves/skills :D. Do you think I will have the same problems with the featured setups above?

        And, sure na po ba ung poseidon zx? Wala na po bang mas mababa dun? Ahehehe.. Baka sakali lang

        Maraming salamat sir!

        1. Welcome bro.

          Sagaran na kasi ung capabilities ng G3260 sa build na un para sa GTX 960 pairing. I suggest the cheapest i3 na makukuha mo.

          More or less low spec rigs un. If at least i3 or AMD proc na around 3.4ghz, kaya nya dalin PCSX2. Final Fantasy X sobrang flaky saken nun ewan ko lang di pa ata perfect emulation di ko rin natapos. Metal Gear Solid 3 natapos ko naman sa emulator and wala naman issue on drops. Gamit ko nung time na yan was AMD Phenom II X2 B55 3.4Ghz. I think yung drops na naexperience mo is mostly nangyayari sa mga internal GPU setups.

          2nd hand na poseidon ZX siguro mas mura dun haha. Seryoso bro napakamahal ng mga mechanical keyboards, 4k+ usually so its good na may brands na willing mag benta with 5 years warranty sa sub-3k na mechanical keyboard.

          1. Thank sir!

            Ano ok dito sa mga to sir? Priority ko yung ps2 emulator dahil ok lng talaga ako sa low graphics settings kapag naglalaro.

            – Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz (Dual Core) Haswell
            – AMD A6 7400K 3.5-3.9Ghz, 2-Core, 256 Shaders
            – AM3+ AMD Vishera FX-8320E Black Edition 3.50GHz 8-Core

            Kinuwa ko din yan sa taas, :D.
            I’ll scratch off na yung G3260 sa list ko.


    2. i3 na bro kung pang gaming lang talaga basta samahan mo ng maganda video card based dun sa list. sulit ka na jan

  10. Hello!

    Processor Intel Pentium G3260 3.50GHz
    Mobo ASRock H81M-VG4
    RAM Kingston Hyper X Fury 4gb ddr3 1866
    GPU Zotac GTX 960 2GB 128Bit DDR5
    PSU Antec VP450
    Storage 500gb WDC Caviar Blue (WD500SAAKX) 16mb sata3 hdd

    Ask lang po if this specs mentioned above can run nba2k15 high settings? i will be playing this at 720p…Also if it
    could play the upcoming nba2k16 with the same settings. Here are some of the games I plan to play with this rig,
    – Need for Speed (2015)
    – LOL and DOTA2
    – GTA V
    – Battlefield 3/4
    – MotoGP 15
    – MMRPGs like RO , Dragonest and others

    Sorry po kung madami . And if there must be changes to the build please kindly tell po.. I can stretch my budget up to 25-28k po thanks and Godbless…

    1. Pwede na yan kung 720p lang pero mag stutter siguro ng konti sa gta v ganun at kung mag upgrade ka man sa 1080p? Di ako magaling dito pero try ko lang tumulong kahit papano, make it i3 (haswell refresh), h97 mobo, 1tb hard drive, good psu (seasonic/xfx 500w-600w for future), kung mas mura mo mag r9 270x/380 mag ganon ka nalang and good case siguro for airflow and cable management sana makatulong

      1. thanks boss shadow sa advice..
        another question po ulit..
        If babaguhin ko po yung Vcard to GTX960 to 4gb without upgrading the processor, will it help or will it bottleneck the vcard?

        1. No need mag-upgrade to 4GB unless maglalaro ka in triple-screen or 4K reso. More on numbers lang yun para makabenta. Yup ok na yung 380 kung makukuha mo mas mura pero boto ako sa efficiency ng 960 since sya rin primary gaming card ko.

          Ok din suggestion ni shadow for i3+h97 and may dalawa kang route to take here:

          1) upgrade kang monitor to 1080p afterwards
          or 2) stick ka muna sa 720p and focus ka sa rig performance, then eventually get the other stuff

          1. thanks boss mac..
            if pipiliin ko po ung 2nd route gnito po b ang magiging specs?

            Mobo : h97
            Proc : i3
            Vcard : gtx 960 2gb
            RAM : 8gb 1600

            Ang goal ko po sana is yung smooth gaming(good fps)+maximum graphics in 720p ..
            Another po is yung smooth multitasking, (ex. Gaming+Browsing) I mean po yung di mag hahang yung model unit if im to change from 1 task to another

            Im not yet into 1080p cause i know i rili nid the bucks for that..Do I need to change anything to get those? thanks and sorry for too much questions hahaha..
            Just I wanna make sure i’ll be satisfied kasi investment din ang pag gawa ng sariling gaming rig pra sakin.. 😛

        2. yup ganyan nga bro, pero kung GTX960 ka na ready for 1080p gaming ka na trust me. yna kasi setup ko (i7+z77+gtx960, yup older gen ung gaming PC ko) pero fact is kaya na ng magiging eventual setup mo yan.

          Smooth nanaman yan sa 8GB kung browse+games lang, right now gamit ko is 32GB so kaya ko mag-alt+tab ng 4 games sabay sabay (heavy player ako ng diablo 3, heroes of the storm, battlefield 4 and street fighter kasi so minsan iniiwan ko na lang sila bukas)

          sa case mo kung 1 game+browsing, ok lang yan pero mas gugustuhin mo talaga na at least 16GB for smooth alt-tab experience ehehhe

          Ok lang yan bro tanong lang ng tanong nakakatulong sa mga readers ung knowledge sharing din

          1. Ah ok po so i just need to bump more RAM for better alt tab exp..

            supported na po ba ng h97 mobo ung 16g? regarding RAM din po .. di ko po kasi masyado naiintindihan yung dual at single channel RAM kaya di ko alam ano pipiliin ko.. Can you suggest what RAM i should choose for best 16gb exp?

        3. Yup supported ng H97 up to 16GB per slot. Para di ka na masyado magisip bro, recommend ko sayo 8GBx2 na DDR3-1600 if afford mo.

          About Dual-channel and single-channel, hirap explain pero to make it simple, dual-channel lets you communicate with more memory at a given time, so dual-channel is two channels at a time, quad-channel is 4 at a time, 8-channel is 8, et al. Wag mo masyado isipin yan, proven na napakaliit ng impact ng multi-channel in actual usage, same goes for DDR3-1333, DDR3-1600 and so on unless ung software mo is sobrang sensitive sa RAM speeds which is very rare. Priority mo is dapat size, Dati 16GB DDR3-2800 gamit ko pero nag-drop ako sa DDR3-2133 32GB, wala naman ako nararamdaman difference.

          1. Nice info nagets ko po agd.. So boss mac eto n un specs n nabuo ntn
            RAM:16gb 1600(2x 8gb ddr3 1600)
            Gfx: gtx 960 2gb
            Psu: 500w ?
            Case:(any suggestion?)

            Boss mac ..Do i nid xtra fans or aftrmrket coolers?
            Excited nko buuhin.. Yung pkiramdam from old rig(phenomIIx4+gt430) to this new baby.. Haha slmat po sa guide boss mac..

          2. If afford mo bro kahit ung cheap na tower coolers like Hyper 212+ or something similar basta kasya sa case mo pero otherwise ok lang naman kahit wala.

  11. Do you happen to know where I can buy these parts or do you have a physical store? Maganda yong setup, ito yung hinahanap ko! 🙂

    1. Most of these is galing ke dynaquestPC but you can ask sa local store mo to see kung ano meron sila. More or less magbibigay naman sila equivalent in specs nyan

  12. Sir! Good day!

    I decided to go for an fx 6300 vishera build, I watched a lot of vids in YouTube and did a lot of research and I think 6300 fits my budget the best. For GPU, I’m going for r7 260/270x, un lang kasi kaya ng budget he he. Tanong ko lang sir kung anong mobo na pwde sa build ko na budget friendly, 2.5 – 3k lang sana, at saka ung pwdeng kabitan ng WiFi adapter card. Also, un sanang pwde sa aerocool gt black or xigmatec recon na suggested sa guide nato. And for PSU, do I need higher than 500w? I plan to combine these parts with 2×8 GB rams and I don’t want to over clock either CPU or GPU.

    Salamat sir!

    1. 550w should be enough for an FX6300 + R9 270X but you’d want something in the Bronze or Gold class para sure ka sa quality. If you want to roll with a normal 80plus unit siguro at least 8months then palitan mo na. Sa board right now ang pwede ko lang recommend sa AMD FX series is ung 990FX pero if you’re on a budget the 970 chipset ung best choice mo. Suggest ko gamit ka na lang USB dongle pero kung anjan na wifi card mo, need ko malaman if PCI or PCIe sya. Check mo na lang kung ano available sa mga stores, especially ung pinakamalapit sayo or ung bet mo talaga bilhan. Ask mo ano mga boards nila for AMD FX 6300 and bigay mo budget mo. 🙂 Then analyze naten ano mga offers nila

  13. Mga SIr Good Day,

    e2 po kc ung setup ko for office/gaming rig.

    Procie – i3-4170 3.7Ghz
    Mobo – Asrock B85M Pro3
    Ram – 4Gb Hypex Blue 1866Mhz
    PSU – Corsair 450W
    SSD – intel 320 series 80gb
    HDD – 1Tb WD Caviar Blue sata3
    GPU – No idea (Budget meal lang sana,can run dota2 and other latest games)
    Case – Cougar Spike Black Mini Tower
    HSF – Deepcool Ice Blade Pro

    Any Comment please

  14. Ito po saken mga paps, sa tingin nyo okay na po ba ito? 🙂

    Gigabyte GA-G1.Sniper B6
    Intel Pentium G3258 3.20GHz (Dual Core) Anniversary Edition
    -Graphics Card (GPU):
    Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual 2GB GDDR5
    Corsair Vengeance 8GB Dual 1600 CL9 CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9
    -Hard Drive:
    Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB
    Cooler Master K380 Windowed with 120mm red LED fan
    -Power Supply (PSU):
    FSP SuperSonic 650W
    -Keyboard and Mouse:
    A4tech Bloody Q1100 USB Blazing Gaming Desktop

    Total: 25,359.00

  15. boss mac im from another thread nyo po ung 20k gaming rig.. i just want to ask po.. if ok lang po ba ganito gawin ko?? kc im still confuse kung i3 4170 or fx 8320e ang kukunin ko and kung gtx 750 ti dual fan or gtx 960 dual fan din.. gusto ko kc sana sir medyo bumaba ung expenses ko sa gagawing kong rig.. if i3 ba + gtx750 ti mas mas bilis sa fx 8320e gtx 960?? kung mas mababa ung processor mas mataas ung vc or mataas vc mababa proce?? iniisip ko kc bka pag tagal hanapin na din ng mga games ung 4core to 8core games e.. mahule ako bigla kung i3 ung kukunin ko.. alm ko mas malakas c i3 pero sa 3mb sa 8mbcache 8threads kc mas maganda sya pang multi tasking dba?? thank you boss mac sa sagot medyo nanililito kc ako pabili na kc ako kya mas gusto ko makasigurado salamat 🙂

    1. paps, try mo mag Intel Pentium G3258 saka ka mag save ng pang i5 or i7 mo, I don’t recommend buying the i3 processor. check mo yung build na pinost ko, yan sana plano ko.. mag iipon muna ako ng pang i5 na quad core then after mag uupgrade ako ng RAM para smooth ang lahat 🙂 kung semi-hard core gamer ka naman of course at the same time inaabangan yung mga new games na hahataw ng quad cores, then go settle for an i5 or i7 with gtx960, basta tecnique ko, save muna then upgrade bawat isa.

      1. kc sir naps my nag offer sakin ng worth 27k na pc shop eto eto sya

        i5 4690 3.5 6mb LGA1150
        Asus H81M-D ddr3 AVL MATX
        Kingston 8gb 1866MHZ Fury White
        Seagate 1tb 7200rpm 64mb
        Palit Gtx750 ti OC 2gb ddr5 128bit
        Aerocool StrikeX 600wattz 80+bronze
        Aerocool GT Advance Black Edition Casing

        total nya is 27k flat..

        just wnt to ask if ok na ba yan sa GTX 750 ti or ipilit ko pa ung Zotac Gtx 960
        and ok na ba ung H81M-D ng asus for the VC and Proce??or ibaba po ko ung proce ko ng i5 4460?para makuha ko ung GTX 960.. kakayanin kya yan ng board.. thank you mga sir sa feedback..

        im using the CPU for MMORPG games/Watching Full HD movies.. and minsan multi task
        un lang nmn po sana.. MMORPG na lalaruin ko posible pag labas ng Black Dessert.. or Tera Online,, thank you sa feedback…

        1. Sir, pag bibili ka ng PC mo. always prioritize yung reason bakit ka bibili, tulad ng sabe mo pang Black Dessert, Tera Online or pang other MMORPG mo na PC, or lets say sa future kunyare pang AutoCad mo, pag mag bbuild ka always consider the reason for why you built the PC. according sa calculation ko based dun sa specs na pinost mo.. total cost is Php 26,630.00. Medyo ‘meh’ yung motherboard, seagate HDD is fine, Palit Gtx750 ti OC 2gb ddr5 128bit is A.O.K which is good. IF possible, medyo babaan mo yung processor, tulad ng sabe ko last time, go for Intel Pentium G3258 3.20GHz (Dual Core) Anniversary Edition which is only Php 3,240.00 then mag loan ka for a better motherboard.. For now, I recommend upgrading the motherboard kung kaya pa ng money mo, stay ka na sa i5 na processor mo.. also make the RAM dual-channel capable (2x4gb = 8GB) It took me a month to finalize my build, hindi pa ako nakakabili kase gusto ko sure ang lahat.. let me show you mine.. Total cost neto is 20,960.00, considering na wala pa yung monitor at GPU sa list.

          Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-G1.Sniper B6
          Processor: Intel Pentium G3258 3.20GHz (Dual Core) Anniversary Edition
          RAM: Gskill Ripjaws X 8GB 4gbx2 DDR3 1600 CL9 (F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL)
          Internal: Western Digital WD Caviar Green 1TB, 64mb, WD10EZRX (SATA 6 Gb/s)
          Casing: Corsair Carbide SPEC-01 Mid Tower
          PSU: EVGA 500B 500W 80Plus Bronze Power Supply
          KB and Mouse: Cooler Master Octane Gaming Gear Combo

          Ito naman yung balak kong bibilhin kase medyo mahal na ito which is next time..

          Missing from total cost:
          ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750 Ti OC 2GB

          Next ko na upgrade is yung CPU ko. Core i5-4690K. Go for a better motherboard kako nga para kung sakali na gusto mong bumili ng bagong CPU or kung anong reason, then sakto yung prebuilt parts mo 🙂 reason for my parts is for Online Gaming din, web designing, Photoshop and fireworks.. a little programming side na din 🙂

          Idea ko lang to, feel free din sa pag iwan ng feedback 🙂

    2. Kung concern budget para sayo bro, my one and only advise is go for the build na mas makakahinga ka ng maluwang and yun is yung mas mura. Sabi nga ni sir naps, prioritize mo ung build mo para sa games na nilalaro mo. Tama yung idea nya, save then upgrade. Kahit dito sa B2G na marami kami parts, ung mga gusto ko binibili ko rin talaga and minsan inaabot ako 3-5 months bago mapag-ipunan un. Minsan 1 year pa nga.

      Yung rig na offer sayo na 27K I think ok na sya pero as a gamer, mas maganda sana kung i3 then GTX960 ung bundle na offer. Ask mo kung pwede yung ganun, swap ung 4690 to i3-41xx then GTX960 ung vidcard. No probs ako sa 1 stick ng RAM, quick upgrade yan once you have the money.

        1. sir another question po.. if mag AMD fx8320e ako + gtx 960 or i3 4170 gtx 960.. then h97m plus ung board sa intel.. and sa amd po 970 po which is better?? thank you po.. sa sagot..

          1. Intel build just because mas efficient ung i3-4170 pero as I’ve sa isa pang comment, kung important talaga sayo multi-core performance like mag-edit ka ng video, fx8320 ka na. Both will complement the gtx960 naman

          2. last question mga sir final na eto base sa mga sinabi nyo…

            same specs po lahat above.. pero eto po guild na gagawin ko

            Processor: Intel Pentium G3258 3.20GHz (Dual Core) Anniversary Edition
            or i3 4170 3.7GHZ

            Zotac GtX 960 2gb ddr5 128bit

            Gigabyte GA-G1.Sniper B6

            ayan po.. tpos ung specs pa rin sa taas..

            ang tanong ko po.,. ndi po ba mahihirapan c g3258 pag ginamitan ng gtx960??
            baka po ndi nya kyanin ung load ni gtx960.. and bka ndi ako masayahan sa combination nila??anyone nakapagtry ng proce at GPU na yan.. and board pa feedback nmn po salamat… sa i3 nmn po alm ko kya nya ung gtx960 pero halos ndi cla nagkakalayo ni g3258 dba?? pa sagot po para makabili na ko.. Sir naps And boss mac.. i really need your help salamat po.. para ma final ko na ung oorderin ko haha Morepower b2g

            1. Kung bottlenecking prob mo, sa game mo na based yan. Say games like BF4 or Assassin’s Creed Unity, posible magchoke sya slight pero from what I’ve seen negligible naman sya lalo na for people na nag-start pa lang ng build. Darating ka sa point na notcieable na talaga ung bottlenecking, dun ka na magstep up ng proc

          3. I saw the MoBo that you posted which is the Gigabyte GA-G1.Sniper B6, kinda coincidence din hehe, be “wise” on picking your Mobo kase it depends din dapat sa usage mo (backbone kase ito ng PC mo), lets say, not for looks lang. go review the item muna from (usually dito ako tumitingin ng feedbacks about ng mga items) or to any other reputable sites. Na check mo na ba yung features and information nung MoBo? let’s say yung board ay may 2 x USB 3.0 + 4 x USB 2.0, make sure na yung mga I/O features ay magagamit mo lahat para hindi sayang yung money mo – Pag casing mo may 2 USB ports lang sa harap then sayang naman yung ibang ports from your MoBo na hindi mo magagamit. I know na medyo contradicting na sa CPU at sa casing, I just want to help you out na mag build ng tamang PC para ma sulit mo yung money mo. Let’s say you decided na i3 CPU mo, at the same time na sakto lga1150 si CPU then go for.. Asus H81M-D PLUS usb3.0 which is around Php 2750.00 lang kaysa sa Gigabyte GA-G1.Sniper B6 na medyo mahal, btw, kung casing mo may window then sulit si Gigabyte GA-G1.Sniper B6 kase may LED effects and so on, basically, go review muna your parts that you need then decide 🙂

        2. Wala naman pero kung may need kang port sa likod like HDMI or something, check mo muna ung board kung meron. Otherwise good naman sya unless katihin ka mag-upgrade ng mas maraming HDD since I think 4 lang na SATA yan.

          1. e sir kung h81m ng msi tpos ioverclock ko ung g3258 tingin nyo mag bottleneck pa rin ba ung g3258 sa gtx960?or i3 ko na sya.. sabi kc sa mga reviews madali lang nmn magoverclock lalo na ky g3258.. or kung my marerecommend kyo na board na madaling ioverclock c g3258.. para po incase mag g3258 nlng ako +gtx960 + easy to overclock board.. any suggestions mo?? kc pag nag i3 kc ako stock na sya sa i3 e.. e pag g3258 pede ko sya ioverclock right?? na kakayanin nya c gtx 960??thank you po.. para next time mag i5 nlng ako.. or i consider na c i5 4690 + h81m-d + gtx 750 ti oc.. ?? tingin nyo po??kesa mag i3 or g3258 +gtx960 + easy to overclock mobo?? kung kyo po papipiliin sa mga yan which one any pipiliin no po??salamat po sorry po kung madaming tanning gusto lang makasigurado hehe

            1. Clarify ko lang sayo bro na hindi basta basta magOC ng G3258. Yes, madali lang sya pero chambahan pa rin. Posible makakuha ka ng chip na baog na ayaw mag-OC past 3.8Ghz, posible maka-chamba ka ng good chip na kaya 1.25v 4.5Ghz which is the best na nakuha ko.

              Well if kaya mo 4.2Ghz good na rin sya for most games pero AAA games like BF4, ACUnity, ung mga yan magchochoke yan lalo na sa multiplayer. If yan mostly games mo, and let’s be honest, kaya mong bilhin yan dapat may pambili ka ng much better specs. If usapang torrent tayo then nakakatipid ka na rin so slowly save up for the better specs.

              That said, balik tayo sa basic build ng G3258 with compatible OC board (Biostar H81MHV3 ang best recommendation ko kasi sobrang mura and tested for OC with G3258, older BIOS) + GTX 960, 15k yang 3 parts pa lang na yan. Pwede ka na makalaro ng modern games. Then pondo ka pa ng kulang para dun sa remaining parts.

              Yan is ung path mo pag maga-upgrade ka along the way. If gusto mo ng one drop buy, dun ako sa i5 build mo para covered ka for the next 3 years, drop ka lang ng bagong GPU pag kinapos na ung GTX 750 na ipapares mo. Pero palabas na ung kapalit ng GTX 750 so stay tuned tayo.

          2. thanks sir sa mabiles na reply.. nalilito pa din ako haha.. i5 na gtx 750 ti or i3 or g3258 ang bibilihin ko kaparehas ng gtx 960.. if mag i5 ba ko kya na nya ung mga AAA games?? or ndi??bka kc mahirapan c i5 4690 at gtx 750 ti??tingin nyo po??hayyyy nkakalito tlga.. gusto ko ng one time buying sempre then mega 2 to 3yrs na ko mag upgrade ulit pero bka kc mas malakas c g3258 +gtx960 kesa sa i5 4690 at gtx 750 ti e.. dun ako nalilito… thank you po

            1. Actually pwede naman i5-4450 lang or something close pero kung mura i5-4690 hindi ka magwoworry sa bottlenecking jan. Sa totoo lang mas recommended ko toh kung makakakuha ka ng discounted na bundle ng i5-4690 + motherboard + GTX 750ti para lang matry mo. Maganda kasi jan pwede mo benta ung 750ti then add ka na lang konti to upgrade sa GTX960 if mabitin ka sa performance. Yan ang suggest kong route mo na hindi ka na magwo-worry sa CPU bottlenecking

          3. thank you boss mac ha.. hehe.. parang mag i5 siguro ko pero board kc nun sir is h81 lang e.. bandle nila for 27 flat.. how about sir ung i3 4170 + gtx 960 + h97 board?? mas ok ba sya.. or i5 4690 na tlga?? kc sa i3 pede kong gawin pede mag upgrade ako processor nlng po dba.. then naka gtx 960 na ko.. hmm . last question ndi ba kya ng i3 4170 c gtx 960??thank you sir hehe

            1. Kung kaya mo habulin i5-4690, GTX960, H97 yan na siguro best option mo since yan ung pinag-iisipan mo diba? Combine mo na lang kung kaya mo batakin pa budget mo. Nag-aalangan ka kasi baka mag-choke ung i3 sa GTX960 pero personal experience, nope. Magandang gaming setup ung i3+gtx960 + quality na H81 board otherwise kung di mo feel ung board gastos ka konti and get ung H97. 🙂 Yan na yun bro, unless gusto mo mag-antay a bit later para Z170 + Skylake + GTX 950 naman iisipin mo haha

                1. Kung kaya mo makuha ng mas mura ung H97 bro go for it since mas sulit features nun pero kung gagastos ka ng extra, suggest ko sa vidcard mo na lang idagdag yun.

  16. Boss Mac question lang?

    wala kc ako idea kung anong VC ggmitin ko for i3, ano b maganda mas malaki ung bit ng VC o bandwith?

    gusto ko lang kc m laro ung dota2 at high settings at 720p ung smooth n smooth.

    TIA. 🙂

    1. Bitrate and bandwidth is hand in hand na rin bro para sa VC pero it doesnt matter kung nasa entry level ka. Maliit difference ng 64bit GDDR5 sa 128-bit DDR3 na parehas 1GB. Best suggestion ko is get the most na afford ng budget mo like a GT730 or 2nd hand na R7 265/GTX 750. Pero sa needs mo, kayang kaya na ng GT730 yan bro. 720p DOTA2

      1. Thanks BossMac sa reply

        e2 kc balak ko i-build

        Procie – i3-4170 3.7Ghz
        Mobo – Asrock B85M Pro3
        Ram – 4Gb Hypex Blue 1866Mhz
        PSU – Corsair 450W
        SSD – intel 320 series 80gb
        HDD – 1Tb WD Caviar Blue sata3
        GPU – No idea (Budget meal lang sana,can run dota2 and other latest games)
        Case – Cougar Spike Black Mini Tower
        HSF – Deepcool Ice Blade Pro

        pede nba yan for mid-high gaming?

        TIA 🙂

        1. Need mo talaga ng SSD bro? I think pwede mo skip muna yun and focus ka na lang sa GPU mo, ummm I’m not supposed to say this pero I suggest hold muna until later this month kasi ilalabas na ung pamalit sa GTX 750 so need ko muna malaman price segment nun bago ko recommend.

          Overall solid naman ung choices mo for entry-level gaming lalo na DOTA and MMO, for latest games di ko pa masasabi depende talaga sa magiging performance nung new card if marerecommend ko sya.

          1. Thanks BossMac

            ung SSD kc gagamitn ko for OS lang para mabilis boot load. 🙂

            wait ko nalang yung bagong lalabas n GPU.heheeh


          2. isa p pla BossMac ok b ung MSI NVIDIA geforce GTX560 1gb 256bit DDR5 sa setup ko?d b siya bottleneck sa CPU?

            Thanks ulet. 🙂

            1. Unless makukuha mo for 200pesos or ibibigay sayo, hindi ko irerecommend na magtyaga ka sa GTX560 bro. Matakaw sa kuryente and mainit yan.

  17. Mga master. newbie question lang po. ano pong set up ang maisa-suggest nyo for a gaming rig in HIGH settings po sana ng LoL, Dota2, RO. INTEL setup po preferred ko. and yung budget friendly po. maraming salamat po sa suggestions. Godbless!

  18. Boss Mac

    Recently I found some bundle in which you could get an Asus GTX 970 4gb turbo(white red color) for 13999
    they offer an i34170 i5’s and i7 with mobo

    Ask lang po if still its ok to pair this vcard for an i3 4170?
    Wla po bang bottlenecking na mangyayari? thnx po

    1. Oks yan bro, solid ah. Hindi naman ganun ka bigat ung bottlenecking and in most games siguro halos wala so its a solid combination.

      1. i was really eyeing on i5 but cant afford hahah so i thought i could ask your opinion with i3 4170 .. sobrang eye candy ksi nun offer na 970 for that price.. kaya aun.. upgrade n lng later pag my budget n pang procie..

        thanks ulit bossmac sa help.. more power po..

        1. by the way eto po pla ung final build with that card..i plan to buy pagdating sa pinas

          proc : i3 4170(haswell)
          mb : ECS z97 Gank Machine
          vcard: Asus GTX 970 Turbo OC Ed 4gb
          RAM: G.Skill RipJaws X 8gb ddr3 1600 (2pcs total 16gb)
          Hdd: Seagate 1tb 7200rpm 64mb sata
          SSD: Sandisk 128gb standard
          PSU: Aerocool 500w 80+ bronze
          Case: Aerocool GT Advance Gaming Black

          total = P 36527

          1. Mean machine na yan bro ah, lampas na lampas ka na sa 20k pero solid gaming PC na yan. Kukunin mo na ba?

          2. Bro!

            Bulong mo naman sakin kung san mo nakuwa yang mga piyesa na yan with that price. Ty!

            Tanong ko din kung standard ATX ba yang z97 gank machine or micro sya?


  19. Boss Mac nakabili na po ako.. umabot 26.5k po eto po mga nabili ko..

    i3 4170
    Asus B85m Gamer
    Zotac Gtx 960
    RipjawsX 8gb Dual
    DeepCool case
    Cougar 600w 80%
    1tb Seagate 7200rpm..

    not bad na po ba?? thank you po sa sagot sir..

    Next time na ulit ako mag upgrade.. salamat sa mga sumasagot po sakin.. b2g more power..

      1. ok sya sir mabilis.. nag win8 na ko e.. pero ung game plang na nilaro ko is tera online lahat sagad reso.. 60 to 70fps ko po.. as of today ok sya sir gusto konsana itry metal gear e.. my free kc ung vc.. hehe

        thanknyou mga sir sa mga tulong.. sulit mga tanong kond2.. gamit na gamit.. lalo na ky boss mac..

        anyway boss mac ok na po ba ung rig ko?pansamantagal?or my need pa tlga kog baguhin?ty

        1. Cooler na lang siguro upgrade na magagawa mo jan bro. Liquid cooling 😀

          Welcome bro. Share ka pic ng rig mo sa facebook ng Back2Gaming pag may time ka. Salamat 😀

  20. Sir pa help naman dito. Ask ko lang kung saan ako makakabili ng murang parts. Ganito kasi gusto kong build ng PC ko. At kung magkano magagastos ko.

    Proc: Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz
    MoBo: MSI Z97I Gaming AC 1150
    VCard: MSI Geforce GTX970 4GB DDR5 TWIN FROZR
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB Quad 1600 CL9
    HDD: Seagate 2TB 7200rpm
    SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 250GB
    PSU: Corsair AX750 80 PLUS Gold Fully-Modular
    Cooling Sys: Corsair H110i GT Hydro Series CPU Cooler
    Case : Corsair Graphite Series 730T Full Tower Chassis

    1. #EZBUGATTI 70k mahigit yang rig na yan bro ah. Top recommendation ko na store is either PC Hub, Dynaquest or PC Netmiles kung ganyan mga part need mo.

      Kelan ka buy bro?

      1. Ang mahal! Yan kasi yung specs na binigay sakin ng barkada ko para daw malaro ko lahat ng games in high resolution. Pero suggest ka naman ng specs yung mas mura na kaya kong laruin yung Witcher 3 or arkham knight in 60fps @1080p. Masyado kasing mabigat sa bulsa yang 70k

  21. Sirs/
    Plano ko pong palitan ung 5 year old desktop pc namin.
    For browsing, office, movies and casual gaming lang naman.
    May nakita po kasi ako Motherboard+Procie bundle.
    Good deal na po ba ito, saka ano po ang best deal dito sa tatlo.
    Asrock H81M DGS 1150
    Intel Core i3 4130 3.4Ghz Haswell
    Asrock H61M V64 1155
    i3 2100 3.1Ghz Sandy – P4500.00
    i3 3220 3.3 Ghz Ivy – P5400.00

    Thanks in advance po.

  22. Good day guys. Need help as I am new to making PC gaming rigs. Balak ko na kasi palitan yung desktop ko. My budget is Php20,000, Tight budget po. Sa Dynaquestpc website ko chineck. Heto yung cinoconsider ko

    Proc: Intel Pentium G3260 3.50GHz (Dual Core) Haswell Refresh
    MoBo: Asus H81M-D PLUS
    VCard: Palit Geforce GTX 750 StormX OC 1G GDDR5 128Bit
    RAM: Apotop 4GB DDR3 1600 Memory
    HDD: Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive
    PSU: Aerocool Strike-X 500w PSU 80Plus Bronze
    Case : Aerocool GT Black Gaming
    PhP 17,730

    Heto yung isa kaso lagpas sa budget ko

    Proc: Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz (Dual Core) Haswell Refresh Processor
    MoBo: Asus H81M-D PLUS
    VCard: Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual 2GB GDDR5
    RAM: Apotop 4GB DDR3 1600 Memory
    HDD: Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive
    PSU: Aerocool Strike-X 500w PSU 80Plus Bronze
    Case : Aerocool GT Black Gaming
    PhP 17,730

    My game preference are online games such as Dota2, LoL, Starcraft 2 Etc.. and some steam online games. Gusto ko sana Ultra high settings running @60fps pero ok na rin kung high lang. Hindi ko lalaruin dito GTA V, COD, Battlefield 4 or Witcher 3 since i have a PS4 for that. Focus ko lang yung games na hindi graphics intensive like nabanggit ko Dota 2 LoL etc… Thanks and help is much appreciated.

    1. Kung kaya mo yung 2nd build (i think yan ung 21490, go for it) wait a few weeks muna until kumagat ung price drop ng GTX 750ti pero if you’re not buying soon, i recommend until next month siguro para lang maging affordable na ung GTX 950.

      1. Kakalabas nga lang ng gtx 950 sir so malaking chance na bababa presyo ng gtx 750ti? Tiaka napaisip din ako sa gtx 950 konti lang kasi difference eh

        1. yes bro nakaplan na mag-price drop ang 750Ti. Kung kelan aabot dito sa pinas, un lang talaga since 1 week pa lang halos GTX 950. Once mag-settle prices nyan, hopefully nasa below 8k na lang GTX 950 para solid talaga.

          1. Sige sige sir salamat! Oo nga baka magantay nalang ako mag price drop baka gtx 950 ang kunin ko. If ever maging atat ako stay ako sa 750 ti. Salamat Boss Mac!

  23. Good evening po,

    Any feedback for this set up

    Intel i3-4170 3.7Ghz
    Gigabyte H97M D3H
    Gskill Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 1600 x (2x) = 8 GB
    1 TB HDD
    Zotac GTX 960
    Corsair VS550 550 watts

    Hindi po sakin yung set up nabasa ko lang din po sa ibang website, gusto ko sanang gayahin 🙂

    1. For me sir ok na po rig mo.. ganyan din halos kc ung rig ko board lang po ung iba at psu.. nag 600w kc ako at asus b85m gamer.. pero swak yan.. sa monitor kong 24inch 1920×1200 kayang kaya nga watchdog.. ultra settings.. pero depende sa init hehe.. pero ok yang rig mo sir.. incase yan bibilin mo.. kung kya po konting angat mag invest kna sa i5 4690 dun kc ako patungo e hehe 🙂 galing lang din ky boss mac ung rig ko sir check my rig.. nka post po

  24. Mga Boss need ko lang advise for my build. For playing GTA V, Witcher 3, NBA 2K**, etc. Eto na lang kulang ko:

    1) Proci ( G3260? i5 4590? i54690 non k?
    2) Video card (750 ti? gtx 950?
    3)Mobo (need ko suggestion kung ano swak sa magiging suggestion nyo sa Proci.

    Thanks mga Bossing.

  25. Good afternoon, I have this setup

    AMD A8 5600k Quad-core 3.9 GHz, 3.6 GHz base
    MSi A55M-E33
    Radeon R7 265 2GB GDDR-5 Dual-X
    HEC Cougar SL500
    4GB DDR3

    I just want to ask if this setup can run FIFA 16 at high settings, If not what can i upgrade for me to run it on high settings. Thanks!

  26. Mga sir eto po yung build ko and dito ko nakuha to.
    Processor : Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz
    Motherboard : Asus H81M-D PLUS
    Memory : 8gb
    Casing : Aerocool GT White gaming case
    Hard Drive : Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive
    Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual

    Om happy with the performance. Im just considering an upgrade.

    Madami akong nakitang upgrade path. Pero im considerinh upgrading the processor and gtx750ti to something much better. And maybe even hard drive and/or motherboard if needed. Im thinking if possible same mother board and casing din. Wala kasi akong idea masyado sa upgrade e. Salamat mga bossing

  27. Update ko lang ung prices natin dito since medjo nagmahal ang price ng ibang parts for Intel rig.
    CPU: INTEL PENTIUM G3220 processor (3.0ghz) – P2400
    (Optional kung Zotac kayo, since wala akong mahanap na zotac)
    Motherboard: ASROCK H81M-VG4 MOTHERBOARD – P2100
    RAM: KINGSTON HYPERX BLU 4GB 1600MHZ (KHX1600C9D3B1/4G) memory – (P1680 per 4gb)
    (Pra sa kin x2 ko na for the total of P3360)
    PSU: ANTEC VP450P 450W power supply – P1950
    STORAGE: WESTERN DIGITAL 500GB BLUE 3.5″ SATA (WD5000AAKX) hard drive – P2100
    FOR THE TOTAL OF P28,660.00
    Below 30k na ung price ntin ngayon mga brad.

    1. Update ko lang ngayon since yung nasa taas ay galing sa PCExpress.
      Ito pong bago ay information galing sa Dynaquest PC:
      CPU:Intel Pentium G3260 3.50GHz (Dual Core) Haswell Refresh – P2800
      GPU: MSI GTX 960 Twin Frozr Gaming 2GB 128Bit DDR5 – P9950
      Motherboard : Asus H81M-D PLUS – P2750 (OPTION1 – compatibility to all are OK)
      Gigabyte GA-H97M-Gaming 3 – P4999 (OPTION2 – compatibility OK)
      RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB Single DDR3 1866 CL10 -P2,980
      STORAGE: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB – P2499
      COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper T4 CPU Cooler – P1290 (OPTION1)
      Cooler Master Hyper 212X CPU Cooler – P1699 ([email protected])
      CASE: Xigmatek Recon Mid Tower Case with 500watts psu P1999
      TOTAL – ₱24,268.00 (OPTION1 Motherboard and OPTION1 COOLER)
      TOTAL – ₱26,926.00 (OPTION2 Motherboard and OPTION2 COOLER)
      NOTE: Mag inquire pa ko bukas if available ung parts. Kung avail man at makabili ako, ill write a descriptive review about sa custom rig.

      1. Pre parang mas okay ata pag bibili ka ng aftermarket na psu, sabi nila di daw true wattage ang mga kasamang PSU sa casing. Opinyon ko lang to.

        1. Parang onti lng diperensya pag casing lng binili. in this case na pag casing lang ang bibilhin, ang recommended ko na PSU for now is EVGA 430W 80+ Certified ATX.

  28. I am planning to build this rig.

    AMD A10-7850K (3.7HZ) 6450
    GIGABYTE GA-F2A88XM-HD3 (rev. 3.0) 3300
    Kingston Fury 4gb (x2) DDR3 1866 Mhz 2600
    WESTERN DIGITAL 500GB HDD 2100 +300 for 1TB
    CORSAIR VS450 450W power supply 1700
    17950 (500gb HDD) / 18250 (1TB HDD)

    I am not a heavy gamer so okay na sa akin ang medium settings, what do you think?

  29. FM2+ Kaveri A8-7600 Quad-Core 3.3Ghz @4,150

    MSI FM2-A58M-E33 @2,190

    4GB DYNET DDR3 1600 @950

    4GB DYNET DDR3 1600 @950

    WD Caviar Blue 1TB 64MB Sata 6Gpbs @2,050

    PowerColor R7-265 2GB DDR5 256bit @5,190

    XIGMATEK CALIBRE XCP-600W 80+ PSU – @1990

    RISE GAMER 165 BLACK w/650W @770

    Total: 18,240

  30. Hi tanong ko lang budget kasi ako kaya 1 stick ng 4GB lang muna bibilin ko. pag nakapagipon ako tapos bumili ako ulit ng 1 stick ng 4 GB Ram same ram din same type. magiging compatible yon? thanks

    1. Yup bro oks lang yan basta kung DDR3, DDR3 din bibilin mo. As much as possible same model, capacity and brand pero ok naman kahit ano. Personally mas importante saken capacity.

  31. Hi peeps,

    Im planning to build this rig, non-gaming po as of now.

    Intel i3 4170 ————————————— 5000
    ASRock H97M Anniv ————————- 3980
    GSkill Ripjaws x 4GB 4gbx11600 CL9-1480
    FSP Raider 550W 80+Silver ————— 2590
    Silverstone SST PSO8B Precision 8 — 1600
    WDC Blue 1TB ———————————— 2499

    Total ————– 17149 Php

    Wala pong GPU dahil for movie viewing, office at browsing lang po balak ko. Light-moderate games lang po siguro if ever. Hindi rin po siguro ako magu-upgrade ng procie.

    Ok ba po ba ito sir?

    1. Yung light to moderate games mo ano anong titles yan bro? Kasi kung di ka maglalaro ng AAA games, all in pasok na lahat yan.

      1. BossMac

        Wala pa ako maisip na games, siguro yung mga laro lang from 2010-2013. Di ko naman po priority to dahil makakapaglaro lang po ako kapag sunday lang kung wala talaga magawa.

        Ok na po ba ung mobo or pwedw ko pa babaan? Thank you sir.

        1. Kahit H81 lang bro pasok na yan makatipid ka onti dun then kung gusto mo add ka sa memory ng isa pang 8GB or buy ka ng isang stick na 8GB na lang instead na 4GB x 2.

  32. Good day masters! Ako ay isang taong walang alam sa computer pero mahilig mag-computer. My budget is 20k and I need a PC where I can play NBA 2K15 at high settings. And basically other games out there today. Any suggestions on what and where to buy? TIA

  33. BossMac

    okay kaya ganitong setup? ano po ba dapat iconsider kung balak ko mag upgrade pag tagal? kelangan ko ba ng mas magandang mobo sa unang bili ko?

    PROC: Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz (Dual Core) Haswell
    MOBO: Asus H81M-D PLUS
    GPU: Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual
    RAM: Gskill RipjawsX 8GB Dual 1600 CL9
    HDD: Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive
    PSU: EVGA 500B 500W 80Plus Bronze Power Supply
    CASE: Aerocool GT Black Gaming Case

    1. Ok na yan bro pero kung kaya mo pa stretch budget talon ka na sa GTX 950 or GTX 960. Siguro add ka lang mga 3k from epic na yan for gaming at 1080p.

    1. Anong games nilalaro mo bro? And ano monitor size? ung build ni Aixu sakto na yun sa budget mo pwede mo pa stretch siguro:

      PROC: Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz (Dual Core) Haswell
      MOBO: Asus H81M-D PLUS
      GPU: Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual
      RAM: Gskill RipjawsX 8GB Dual 1600 CL9
      HDD: Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive
      PSU: EVGA 500B 500W 80Plus Bronze Power Supply
      CASE: Aerocool GT Black Gaming Case

      1. sir mac eto sana DAYZ, MU, DOTA2, LOL ang games na balak ko sana laroin.. about sa monitor wala pa akong idea kung anong maganda para sa set-up na i-susugest niyo yun budget kaya ko siguro gawin mga 30-32k with monitor sana.. salamat! any suggestions kung san pc shop available lahat ng parts na need ko kasi manggagaling pa ako ng cavite city para isang luwas nalang sana.

        1. yung Dayz nakita ko mabigat haha pero ung post sa taas par ok na yun kung aabot ka 30k kasama na monitor. sa shop di ko alam sino kasi malapit jan sa inyo pero siguro gawin mo hanap ka muna prices tapos pag nagawa mo na listr mo ng specs hanap ka ng malapit na store. sabihin mo specs mo tapos hingi ka quotation, tapos hingi ka discount! 🙂

          1. Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz (Dual Core) Haswell Refresh Processor (₱5,350.00)
            Asus H81M-D PLUS (₱2,750.00)
            Gskill RipjawsX 8GB Dual 1600 CL9 (F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL) (₱2,690.00)
            Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive (₱2,490.00)
            Aerocool GT Black Gaming (₱1,250.00)
            Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual 2GB GDDR5 (₱6,250.00) or go for Palit GeForce GTX 950 StormX Dual 2GB GDDR5 128Bit (₱8,250.00)??
            Aerocool Strike-X 500w 80Plus Bronze Modular (₱2,390.00) walang EVGA sa dynaquest ^_^
            25,200k wala with palit gtx 950.. no monitor!

            sir mac, totally NOOB talaga ako sir first PC bubuoin ko to.. hehehe. ok lang sir kung lumawas ako ng manila or QC basta sana andun na sa isang store lahat ng need ko suggest nalang kayo sir kung san. hehehe kasi tumawag ako sa dynaquest sa set-up na yan 3 items lang sila meron ^_^..

            yun work ko kasi sir mac madaming website need buksan, minsan naabot ng 25 to 30.. salamat sir mac sa oras!

            1. Anong size ng monitor gusto mo?

              Sa stores naman ung iba jan talaga mahihirapan ka makuha sa isang lugar lang, ang kagandahan naman pwede mo siguro mapalitan ung iba jan with other compatible options. Ang suggest ko tawagan mo si PCOptions sa Gilmore.

              Kung afford pa bro try mo nga fit ung GTX 960 sa budget. Baka masagasaan ung monitor mo pero kung kaya mo pa magdagdag hindi ka na maghahanap pa sa ganyan build.

              Para dun sa work mo, bro 32GB ang RAM ko need ko rin kasi alt+tab and maraming browser. Para sayo advise ko kung kaya mo up to 16GB memory un gawin mo.

              1. sir mac siguro 20 inch sapat na masyado nakaka-duling pag malaki lalo na at babad mata ko sa monitor dahil sa work.. sir mac nabasa ko sa isang comment mo dapat sakto lang yun vid card sa monitor, tama nga ba pagkakaintindi ko? hehehe so pag nag gtx 960 ako pasok ba yun sa 20 inch na monitor baka masayang naman kung naka gtx 960 ako.. anong brand ng gtx 960 maganda? salamat uli sa reply sir badly needed na kasi ng new PC, budget naka-ready na. ^_^ yun edad ko hindi na bagay sa site niyo na gaming basta ang alam ko pag gaming na PC tumatagal at di nainit agad halos walang patayan na PC ko..

  34. Good Morning mga brader! Ano maganda set up na PC for work and games like the new NBA 2K and WWE 2K? Budget is 25K-40K. Thanks!

    1. Yung Intel build sa taas bro pero upgrade mo na sa i3 or i5 yung processor, solid na yun may extra ka pa for ibang parts like watercooling or high-end PSU. May mga specific na need ka ba sa motherboard like overclocking, SLI or USB3.0?

      1. Ito ba yung sinasabi mo BossMac?

        PROC: Intel Pentium G3260 3.50GHz
        MOBO: ASRock H81M-VG4
        RAM : CORSAIR 4GB DDR3 PC1333
        GPU: Palit Geforce GTX 750 StormX OC 1G GDDR5 128Bit
        PSU: Antec VP450 ₱1,950.00
        Storage: 500gb WDC Caviar Blue 16mb sata3 hdd
        Monitor: LG 20M37D 19.5 inch LED

        or ito?

        PROC: Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz (Dual Core) Haswell
        MOBO: Asus H81M-D PLUS
        GPU: Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual
        RAM: Gskill RipjawsX 8GB Dual 1600 CL9
        HDD: Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive
        PSU: EVGA 500B 500W 80Plus Bronze Power Supply
        CASE: Aerocool GT Black Gaming Case

        Wala naman specific need bro. First time ko kasi na magbuild at wala akong kaalam-alam eh. Haha. Ok na yung recommendation mo lang for optimum to maximum performance sa lahat ng parts.


        1. Yes bro, yung Intel build jan. Then palitan mo ung GPU ng GTX 960, swak na swak sa need mo for gaming yun. Kelan mo balak bumili bro? Good time to buy naman ngayon, ok pricing.

  35. BossMac suggest ka naman ng gaming rig, DOTA 2 and LoL lang po ung nilalaro ko, 30k po max budget, kung kaya po sana kasama na monitor, keyboard and mouse. salamat po

  36. good pm po sir need ur advice
    plan ko mag build ng pc ngayong december
    what do you think po d2 sa build na to?

    Asus M5A97 LE R2.0
    GSKILL F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL 8GB DDR3 1866 Desktop Memory (Red)
    Western Digital Caviar Black WD1003FZEX 1TB
    NZXT Source 210 (White) ATX Mid Tower Case
    Across ACK-6850-1 500W Gaming ATX Power Supply
    Sapphire Radeon R7 240 1GB DDR5 HDMI/DVI-D/VGA Graphic Card

    nakita ko din lng po yang build na yan eh
    pa comment and suggest po for improvement and kung may pde i cut sa budget at palitan paki suggest na din po
    around 20-25k budget lang po sana ko

    1. Power supply bro sana ma-upgrade mo toh any reputable brand like Seasonic, Corsair, Enermax or Thermaltake. yun lang naman nakikita ko na needs improving jan, pero yung GPU kung swak pa sa budget, try mo na dagdagan to R7 265 although di ko sure ano games na target mo bro. Ano monitor resolution mo and games na nilalaro mo?

  37. good pm boss mac! sorry mejo ot yung tanong ko. patulong naman sa pagbuild. gagamit kasi ako ng 4k monitor for photo editing at light gaming narin . pero mainly for photo editing. ano bang pinaka mura na mobo and decent video card for a 4k monitor? patulong naman po maraming salamat! eto po and naisip ko na build.

    4k monitor
    intel i5
    8gb ram
    1tb hdd
    video card?

    1. Wala naman issue what video card gamitin mo as long as supported nya 4K output. Ngayon ang difference-maker dito is IF gusto mo mag-game in 4K resolution. Jan magkakatalo, yung mga i3 or i5 build na na-post na dito sa discussion bro ok na yun for you pero suggest ko sa photo-editing in 4K go for the GTX 970 para lang sapat ung VRAM mo for the desktop reso. Ang focus mo jan though is fast proc (i5 at least), a lot of RAM (16GB at least), and fast storage for scratch disk (WD Black or SSD if kaya).

      Sa board wala naman bearing, as long as supported ung parts mo. Kung afford mo H97 bro pero if ung latest Skylake build gagamitin mo, mejo mag-aantay ka pa. May budget ka ba bro?

      1. maraming salamat boss mac. hindi kasi ako magaling sa pag bbuild. budget ko is around 25k. hindi naman hardcore photo editing machine boss mac sana ung gusto kong build pero makakapaglightroom ako ng maayos. hindi rin naman ako magmmulti task masyado while editing ang concecrn ko lang tlga is to run the 4k monitor with no problems. salamat sa suggestions boss mac i will look for the i5 buildd na naka post. pero if you have another suggestions na build please let me know. thanks a lot!

        1. Welcome bro. Ok na yung naunang idea mo to get i5 wala ka naman magiging prob sa photo editing mo dun. 🙂

  38. Hello po BossMac, hingi lang po ako ng suggestion sa pagbuild ng rig. Balak ko sana ung gaming rig. pero wala pa akong budget. Ang gusto ko sana ung pa-isa-isa ung pagbili.. kasi wala pa kong budget talaga.

    Games like :
    Witcher 3
    Dying Light
    NBA 2k16

    Intel build ung puro nakikita ko dito kaya un na din ang gawin ko.. 🙂

    Ang una ko sanang bibilhin ung
    Processor: i5 4690
    Motherboard: Asus Z97 Pro Wifi AC (Asus napili ko kasi maganda ung quality nya. Motherboard ko since 2007. 🙂 gamit ko pa din hanggang ngayon.)

    Nakabundle kasi sya sa pchub.

    At yan palang po kaya ng budget ko sa ngaun.

    GPU: ?
    HDD: ?
    CASE: ?
    PSU: ?
    RAM: ?

    1. May PC ka ngayon bro? Kung meron, ganito gawin mo: Buy mo yang bundle na yan then yan muna run mo as upgrade sa PC mo, makakalaro ka ng ilang light games gamit internal graphics nung 4690 then ipon or benta mo ung mga parts mo para makakuha funds para sa new build.

      Kung wala ka pa PC, need ko malaman gaano kadalas mo maiipon ung pang buy mo ng parts slowly para mabigyan kita ng magandang buying path.

      1. Good morning BossMac, thanks for the quick reply.

        Meron po ako pc ngayon kaso 2007 ko pa un na PC. Core2Duo pa po un. hahah. Tapos Gigabyte na PSU ung gamit ko don. Pede ko po ba un gamitin? pati ung DDR2 na RAM?

        Kung hindi naman pede, every 2 months po ako makakabili tapos last kong bibilhin ung GPU kasi masyadong mabigat sa bulsa.

        Gagamitin ko sana sa gaming and programming.

        Marami salamat po ulit. God bless you. 🙂

      2. Meron po akong PC ngayon. Kaso Core2Duo pa yun eh. 2007 ko pang PC un.

        Every 2 months po ako makakabili ng mga parts.

        bale unahin ko muna ung bundle na proc+motherboard.

        tapos next ko ung
        1. CASE
        2. RAM
        3. HDD
        4. GPU

        ganyan po.. 🙂

        maraming salamat po..

        Wait ko po ung reply nyo BossMac.

      3. meron po akong PC ngayon. Kaso Core2Duo pa po un. 2007 ko pang PC un.

        every month po sana ung balak kong pagbili ng parts

        1. CASE
        2. RAM
        3. HDD
        4. GPU

        1. Ahhh suggest ko unahin mo na yung bundle mobo cpu, tapos RAM pero kung DDR3 na ung nasa PC mo ngayon, lipat mo muna. Next is POWER SUPPLY yung branded kunin mo like Seasonic G series, Corsair VS seriues or Thermaltake Litepower. Gamitin mo muna yung lumang case, HDD and GPU mo kung PCI express din un. Then slowly, ipon ka next target mo is case para maalagaan and magkabagong bahay ung parts mo. Kahit di muna sobrang high-end case basta ung mahangin and makakahinga parts mo like Tecware Alpha or Bitfenix Neos, around 2k yang mga yan, walang PSU. Idea naten dito is alagaan ung existing parts mo at mabuhay sila habang inuunti unti mo pag-ipunan ung bagong parts kaya naten inuna ung case at power supply. 🙂

          1. maraming salamat po BossMac!

            naka DDR2 pa ung RAM ko dito.

            bale ang una ko pong bibilhin ay

            1. RAM = ano pong RAm ung dapat kong bilhin? may mga iba’t iba po silang clock speed.hindipo kasi ako familiar sa mga ganon. 🙂

            2. POWER SUPPLY – Seasonic G series, Corsair VS seriues or Thermaltake Litepower

            3. CASE – Tecware Alpha

            4. GPU

            1. Hmmm suggest ko HyperX Fury DDR3-1600 pero kung masyado mahal bro may mga DDR3-1333 na models na value sakto lang sa budget.

    1. Hmmm sa saksakan lang naman. Pero yung resolution kasi importante, like if kaya ng monitor mo 1920×1080 fullHD pero GPU mo is GT730 lang, mejo alanganin yun kasi di ka makakalaro ng smooth dun lalo na sa ibang games.

  39. Sir .. enge ako advice. Di ako magaling sa technical. Gusto ko lang maglaro

    Eto po reqt nung game.

    OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 3800+
    RAM: Memory: 2GB RAM
    HDisk: 10GB Free Disk Space
    Graphics Display: NVIDIA GeForce 7950 / ATI Radeon X1800 / Intel HD Graphics
    Sound Drivers: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Soundcard
    Network: Broadband Internet Connection Required

    Alin po kaya sa mga options sa taas ang best for me.

  40. Mga boss ok ba itong custom pc plan ko? DOTA 2, COD AW, CS GO. nag test ako sa game debate kung maganda sabi daw HIGH. Hindi ko alam kung tama kaya nag double check ako.
    Ito po yung gaming rig ko.

    Processor=Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz
    GPU=GeForce GTX 960 Zotac 2GB Edition
    RAM= Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB 1866MHz DDR3
    Motherboard=ASRock H81M-VG4
    PSU=Antec VP450
    Storage=500gb WDC Caviar Blue (WD500SAAKX) 16mb sata3 hdd
    Try no po i test sa game debate site

  41. Boss Mac, nakabili na ako ng parts kanina lang.

    Work station/Future Mid Gaming Rig

    Intel i3 4170 — Php 4600(Boxed/Sealed TPC)
    *Gigabyte H97M D3H — Php 4200(Dynaquest)
    Gskill Ripjaws 8Gb DDR3 1600 4Gx2 Cl9 — Php 2790 (Dynaquest)
    Seasonic S12II 520W 80+Bronze — Php 2700(Dynaquest)
    WD Caviar Blue 1TB — Php 2499(Dynaquest)
    *Tecware Alpha Mid Tower Case White — Php 2300(EasyPC)

    Total — Php 18989

    Mas mataas mataas sya kesa sa unang build na napost ko. Wala pa ring GPU dahil di ko pa priority ang games.
    Ok lang ba yung PSU Sir?
    *Wala ng available na Asus H81m D plus sa mga napagtanungan kong stores. Mas pinili ko gigabyte vs Asrock H97m Anniv dahil sa ibang features.
    **Tecware Infinity dapat talaga choice ko, nakita ko lang kanina sa FB page ng Tecware ung Alpha tapos nabasa ko rin ung review nyo dito sa B2G kaya napabili ako.
    Thank you Boss Mac and B2G!

  42. Boss Mac,

    Bubuo na ako ng PC. Eto yung parts na bibilhin gagamitin ko.

    PROC : AMD Vishera FX-6300 3.50Ghz
    BOARD : Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 (rev. 6.0)
    VIDEO CARD : Sapphire R7-250X 1GB DDR5 PCIE Video Card
    RAM : Corsair Vengeance 8gb Dual 1600 CL9 CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9
    HDD : Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive

    Kaso wala akong makita na ganyang mobo. ano pwede nyo isuggest na kapalit nyan? tska yung video card okay lang ba kung yung R7-250 lang? At okay lang ba kung ang gagamitin ko na PSU ay generic? salamat ng marami Boss Mac. Noob here. 🙂

    1. Una bro need mo ng branded na PSU sa ganyang build. sayang investment mo sa ibang parts. Try mo at least thermaltake litepower 500w. Hmmm sa vidcard depende naman sa games na gusto mo bro, right now kung fit sayo yan oks naman and kakayanin naman ng board mo kahit magupgrade ka ng vidcard.

      1. Boss Mac. Maraming salamat sa reply. GTA V at 2k15 lang naman lalaruin ko. Iniisip ko talagang mabuti kung ano build gagawin ko. Ang hirap kasi mag hanap ng para sa AMD. 20 to 25k lang budget ko. Very helpful po tong thread na to. Kung yung intel i3 po na build ang susundin ko. Kung makaipon man ako. Pwede ko ba palitan yun ng i5 or i7 using the same parts? Salamat boss mac. Godbless.

        1. Oo bro outdated na talag mga FX processors ni AMD, perfformance-wise sufficient naman for gaming pero kung gusto mo upgradable, Intel makakapag-offer sayo nun. Kaya yeah, yung idea mo na if ever buy ka muna i3 ngayon tapos gusto mo mag-i7 sa future, kaya naman yan. Basta supported ng board. So kung susunod ka dito sa build na toh, 4th gen Intel procs need mo. may 6th gen na kasi tayo pero di pa namen ginagawan ng build guide dito.

          1. Salamat talaga Boss Mac sa pag sagot ng mga tanong ko. Kung yung “wafu260’1 Mid-Entry Level Intel Php20,000 Gaming PC Build” ang susundin ko. Pag pinalitan ko ba ng i5 yung proc ko. papalitan ko din yung mobo? Parang gusto ko na lang mag Intel. This saturday bibili na ako. Pero undecided pa din.

  43. Good afternoon Boss Mac. Tanong ko lang po sana kung anong swak na gaming rig na para sa Dota 2 and GTA V. About 15-20k po ang budget ko.

  44. Hi everyone, a noob here. Kinda advice me naman kung alin ang the ‘best’ sa mga build na to (bundled na kasi):

    Option 1:
    Intel G2030 2.9GHz
    H61 Chipset
    4GB DDR3 1333 1600
    500GB SATA
    PC HD 5570 1GB DDR3 VGA
    ATX Case w/ 600 W P.S.
    18.5″ LED

    Option 2:
    Intel Core i3 2100 3.1Ghz
    2Gb DDR3 1333
    H61M-P23 (B3) Intel H61 Chipset
    500GB SATA Hard Disk 7200RPM
    ATX Casing with 600W PSU
    16″ Widescreen LCD/LED

    Option 3:
    INTEL CORE i5 4460 3.20GHz
    2GB DDR3 1600MHz
    H81M LGA1150
    500GB SATA HDD 7200RPM
    GT630 2GB DDR3 128BIT
    17″ Widescreen LCD/LED

    I want to make it as pisonet. So basically browsing, streaming, playing online games and other usual net shop works ang panggagamitan nito. Pakisabi na rin yun downside nung ‘best option’ na yun para kung sakali ma-upgrade in the future. TIA!

    1. Ask nyo po if possible yung option 2 lagyan ng GT630 from option 3 then upgrade to 4GB ram, kasi may mga games na hindi na tatakbo sa 2GB and maliit na halaga na rin difference nun.

      Sa option 3 masyado na malakas ung i5 for pisonet use unless magiinstall ka ng photoshop sa units mo which is weird kasi minutes lang naman ang renta ng users jan. Nirecommend ko po yung option 2 dahil sakto sya for everything but need nya ng vidcard para magamit for games.

      1. Yung ganitong build kaya okay?

        AMD Kaveri A8-7600
        Asrock FM2A58M-VG3+ FM2 DDR3
        Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB DDR3 1866Mhz
        AMD R7 Radeon Onboard Graphics
        600W power supply
        Techwill Black Casing


        1. Hmmm yung shop ng isang friend ko ganyan setup, ok naman para sa kanya mag 1 year na rin yun wala naman sya complaint. Magkano po ba offer sa inyo nyan?

          1. Hmmm pag built-in wifi mapapagastos ka dun sa mga mobo na may ganun usually kasi nirereserve nila sa high-end yun. Pwede mo gawin buy ka ng WIFI PCI-e card around 1k siguro yun add mo na lang sa cost. Anong editing ba need mo bro? Video or photo?

              1. Sa need mo bro, ok naman parehas pero para siguradong balanse mas suggest ko Intel para sa need mo. Sa video editing ko mas recommended yung AMD FX series. Yung nasa guide sa taas bro sakto sayo yan, may mga narecommend na rin ako dito sa thread na pasok pa rin sa budget mo na same din need. Check mo na lang bro. Ask ka lang pag may nabuo ka na sa tingin mo sakto sayo ung presyo

                1. Salamat bro. Baka mag-Intel nalang din ako para upggradeable. “wafu260’1 Mid-Entry Level Intel Php20,000 Gaming PC Build” eto na muna siguro bubuuin ko. Salamat ng madami bro.

  45. Good day! Do you think this would be a good setup? Planning on reviving my old fried PC. Trying to salvage parts and upgrade the rest. Planning on gaming with this.

    Processor: Previously owned Phenom II X4 965 BE 0 (Temporary, will probably upgrade to intel proc)
    Motherboard: Asus H81M-D PLUS ?2,750.00
    RAM: Kingston Hyper X Fury 4gbb ddr3 1866 ?1,490.00 X2
    GPU: Zotac GTX 960 2GB 128Bit DDR5 ?8,770.00
    PSU: Antec VP456 ?1,950.00
    Storage: Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive ?2,650.00
    Case: Previously owned LanCool PC-K56W-B 0 (Might consider change eventually)

    Grand total: ?19,100

    Ano po ba yung recommended upgrade nyo eventually? Any inputs are appreciated!

    1. Need mo ng compatible AMD AM3 mobo para dun sa 965 BE mo bro if plan mo pa gamitin, malakas pa yan in my opinion. Otherwise buy ka na lang i3 na compatible sa motherboard na nilist mo (i3-41xx)

      Overall solid build and good enough to run many games at 1080p. Possible future upgrades is more memory lang and CPU cooler siguro.

  46. Nice discussion here. I’m a newb in DIY Customized PC, so here’s my question: Is it possible to check if the mobo (or other parts for that matter) is alright just out of the box? When something happens to your newly built PC (explosion included), do store provide warranty replacement for the item/s? Thanks for your ideas.

    1. All motherboards are QA’d off the factory so there’s little chance you do get a DOA (dead-on-arrival) unit. You have the right to inspect your motherboard physically for defects but aside from ocular inspection, you have no way of knowing that your motherboard (the same goes for any other components) until you actually use it.

      All parts come with warranties, yes ALL, even the fans and casing itself has warranty coverage. Typical range are as follows:

      Motherboard – 2-3 years (5 years for ASUS TUF mobo)
      Video card – 2-3 years
      Memory – Lifetime (lifetime means product market lifespan, 5 years on no-name brands)
      Power supply – 3, 5, 7, 10 years (depends on the model)
      Hard drive – 3 or 5 years

      The store, in compliance with Philippine law, should give you at least 1 year warranty on all those parts. Some may be shorter like 6 months but it varies on the classification of the item. Still, you have the right to demand warranty for newly bought items from authorized retailers. Always ask for proof of purchase and OR and keep it safe for warranty claims. Stores also provide 7-day outright replacement for parts so should anything happen in the first 7 days, you can send it in for instant replacement in the same day. Exceptions to this occur when the product is out of stock or there is substantial reason to suspect that the damage was user-incurred or negligence (nabasa, sinaksak sa maling saksakan, nabali yungg pins, etc.)

      Explosions are the least of your worries. It rarely happens and the only possible instances it can occur is if you have faulty components and/or shorting in them. I repeat, THIS WILL RARELY HAPPEN. Should it happen though, you can narrow down the cause to faulty components (burnt transistor, faulty capacitor, crappy VRM, etc.)

  47. CPU: Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz (Dual Core) Haswell Refresh Processor (PHP 5,350.00)
    MOBO: MSI H97 GAMING 3 Motherboard (PHP 6,200.00)
    RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB Single DDR3 1866 CL10 x2 (PHP 1,350.00 each)
    GPU: Asus GTX 960 Strix DC2OC 2GB 128Bit DDR5 (PHP 10,540.00)
    PSU: Corsair VS550 Power Supply (PHP 2,190.00)
    CASE: Cougar MX200 Rugged Design Gaming Midi Tower (PHP 1,790.00)
    CPU COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper T4 CPU Cooler (PHP 1,400.00)

    TOTAL: PHP 30,220.00

    i saw this PC Build sa isang site. okay ba to mga BossMac Suba?

    1. EDITED

      CPU: Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz (Dual Core) Haswell Refresh Processor (PHP 5,350.00)
      MOBO: MSI H97 GAMING 3 Motherboard (PHP 6,200.00)
      RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB Single DDR3 1866 CL10 x2 (PHP 1,350.00 each)
      GPU: Asus GTX 960 Strix DC2OC 2GB 128Bit DDR5 (PHP 10,540.00)
      PSU: Corsair VS550 Power Supply (PHP 2,190.00)
      CASE: Cougar MX200 Rugged Design Gaming Midi Tower (PHP 1,790.00)
      CPU COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper T4 CPU Cooler (PHP 1,400.00)
      STORAGE: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB (PHP 2,499.00)

      TOTAL: PHP 32,719.00

      i saw this PC Build sa isang site. okay ba to mga BossMac Suba?

      1. Haha ayun, buti na-add mo HDD napansin ko kasi walang hard drive. Solid yan bro, maganda yan for 1080p all-around gaming. Highly Recommended kung pasok sa budget. (y)

        1. BossMac Suba how about this one? ano mas recommended mo? yung una kong post or this one?
          Mostly Video, and photo editing ang ginagawa ko. running a couple of programming languguage.
          sa Games unang una NBA 2K, NFS, and nagpplano maglaro ng new games. okay na ba for high settings?
          Thank You for Helping Sir! 🙂 and kung may mga upgrade path ka sir na masusuggest 🙂


          INTEL CORE i3-4170 3.70GHz HASWELL REFRESH PHP5,350.00
          ASUS B85-PRO GAMER PHP5,050.00
          Gskill RipjawsX 16GB DUAL 1600 PHP4,450.00
          PALIT GeForce GTX 960 JETSTREAM 4GB GDDR5 128BIT PHP11,000.00
          CORSAIR VS550 POWER SUPPLY PHP2,190.00

          TOTAL: 34,979.00

          1. Hmmm recommend ko sana stick kasa H97 board and Asus na GTX 960, wala naman nagiba sa specs and personal opinion, wag mo muna budgetyan ung gaming keyboard. Stick ka muna kung meron ka or separate mo budget mo para dun. Overall same build naman yan an walang difference, quality lang focus ko kaya nirecommend ko yung 1st option mo.

    1. Ano ba mga tinitignan mong case right now bro? mATX naman yan so marami compatible jan, magbebase na yan siguro sa trip mong case? Tecware Alpha kung budget habol mo, sulit yun. 🙂

  48. pa help nman po mga idol if ok po tong build na naisip ko.
    maraming salamat mga master!

    intel i5 4590
    MSI Z97M
    Gskill RipjawsX 8gb Dual 1600 CL9
    MSI GTX 960 twin frozr 2gb 128 DDR5
    SeaSonic S12II 520w 80+ bronze

    iisip pko ng case. hehe

    1. Tecware Alpha na yan bro. para di masyado magastos sa case. Check mo review ko dito:

      Maganda yung build bro, same build ng karamihan dito. Kano budget mo jan bro?

  49. Boss Mac,

    Pasensya na newbie lang.
    Ask ko lang kung may misusuggest ba kayo dito sa set na bibilhin ko

    Processor: Intel core i5 4590
    GPU: Palit GeFORCE gt 730
    MotherBoard: Asus H81M-K
    Ram: Gskill ripjawsX 8gb dual 1600 cl9
    PSU: Seasonic S12II evo 80+ bronze 520W
    HDD: Seagate 1Tb 7200rpm 64MB

    Bale nasa 20-25k yung total niya.
    For mid gaming sana, kaya ba?
    Ano sa palagay mo?
    Binuo ko lang yan depende sa mga nababasa ko sa mga blogs.
    thanks in advance!

    1. Good choices din bro pero ask ko lang bakit need mo ng i5? Siguro share ko na rin dito para sa ibang readers, if nag-eedit kayo ng video or photos or AAA games ang lalaruin nyo, dun ko lang rerecommend mag-i5 or i7. If for games purely ung rig na may halong konting editing or work (hindi pang-deadline ang labanan) pwede na i3.

      Suggest ko bro go GTX 750ti or much better GTX 960 or 950, konti na lang iipunin mo kasi.

      1. ah, ganun ba? Suggestion kasi ng pinsan ko ung i5 (since masyadong mahal ung i7) kasi maganda daw for gaming + browsing (multitasking). Pero kung ganun nga, baka mag i3 na lang ako mas mura pa.
        Kung kaya sa budget, ill go na din sa 950 , pag hindi 750 ti na lang. Mukhang OK na nmn sya. Ung case na Tecware alpha san un nabibili? Dynaquest ba?
        Ung psu, ok na naman di ba? Sabi kasi mag 600W daw ako para siguradong kaya.

        Salamat Boss Mac sa pagsagot!
        Gusto ko nang bumili kaso baka magbaba pa ng presyo sa december, sayang.

      2. ah ganun ba? Suggestion kasi ng pinsan ko yung i5 kasi mas maganda daw sa gaming +browsing (multitasking). Pero kung ganun nga, ill go for i3 na lang, tipid pa.
        Siguro mag 750ti na din ako, pero kung kasya p sa budget, ill go for 950.
        Yung psu ba ok na? Sabi kasi mag 600w daw ako para siguradong kaya. Kailangan pa ba?
        Gusto ko nang bumili kaso baka magbaba pa ng presyo this december. Sayang.
        Salamat Boss!

        1. Malaki na yung 600w bro kung mag-upgrade ka pero kung isang vidcard lang gamitin mo, kayang ng 500w yan. Oks sa PSU, sakto lang sa budget and kung magupgrade ka in the future mapapa-upgrade ka rin talaga ng PSU kunsakali. In the meantime, kaya na nyan rig mo mapa-750Ti or GTX 950/960 pa gamitin mo. 🙂

  50. I’ve been reading and reading pero wala talaga ko maintindihan sa mga computer jargons. Hahaha. Matagal ko ng balak mag-build ng gaming pc para sa brother ko pero takot ako kung ako. D rin siya marunong. Hay! I can stretch my budget up to 25k kasama monitor and keyboard. I’m running out of time I think kasi panreregalo ko to sa brother ko (upcoming board exam and I wanna give him this gaming rig he wanted kahit wala sa top basta makapasa) Mayroon ba kayong marerecommend na magbubuo? I’m desperate. Huhu.

    1. Bro may isa pa kaming guide, yung 13K build baka mas patok sa utol mo yun and andun lahat ng basic info along with benchmarks. Pwede mo apply ung mga higher end parts ngayon dito to reach ugn 25k max budget mo.

  51. Guys need help po sa pag buo ng cpu may monitor mouse keyboard na, ano po ba updated build gaming cpu now? 20k budget TIA

  52. Noob here
    Sir ung Intel set-up po, ano po magandang ipalit dun sa processor kung maguupgrade na or yung na lang talaga bibilhin ko agad.
    Balak ko po kasing sundin lang yung post. Durable po ba yan? at ano po mga klaseng games kaya nya? like (GTAV etc)
    Thanks in advance!

  53. Newbie here.
    Mga sir, since wala naman akong masyadong alam sa mga ganyan balak ko na lang sanang sundin all out ung guide na to. (Intel) so dun pota sa note nyo about dun sa processor. Ano pota magandang ipalit dun para ok na sya?
    Btw. Kaya po ba nyan games like gtav at ung mga bagong nba games? At durable or trusted po ba yung mga brand na yan?
    Thanks in advance

  54. Ano po ba mas magandang intel build? Yung sa guide po dito? :
    Processor Intel Pentium G3260 3.50GHz ₱2,690.00
    Motherboard ASRock H81M-VG4 ₱1,995.00
    RAM Kingston Hyper X Fury 4gb ddr3 1866 ₱1,490.00
    GPU Zotac GTX 960 2GB 128Bit DDR5 ₱8,770.00
    PSU Antec VP450 ₱1,950.00
    Storage 500gb WDC Caviar Blue (WD500SAAKX) 16mb sata3 hdd ₱1,995.00

    Oh di kaya ito sa 20k gaming rig? :
    Processor Intel Pentium G3258 2-Core Anniversary Edition Php3,300
    GPU Palit Geforce GTX 750 StormX OC 1G GDDR5 128Bit Php5,200
    Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H81M-DS2 Php2,500
    RAM G.skill Ares 8gb (2x4gb) DDR3 1333 CL9 Php3,800
    HDD Western Digital Cavalier Blue 500gb Php2,200
    Casing Aerocool GT Black Gaming Php1,200
    PSU  EVGA 500B 500W 80Plus Bronze Power Supply

    1. Ano ba magandang bilhin ko , i3 na ba ako o pili nalang ako dito sa dalawa? Baka kasi makapagupgrade ako mga 3-5 years na. Dota2,LoL,Smite,Tera online tsaka skyrim lalarun ko kahut medium graphics 60 fps ok na

        1. Siguro mga 20-23k budget ko, sa tingin mo bossmac ok ba yung mid entry ni kuya wafu2601 yung intel, di rin kasi ako agd makakaupgrade baka mga 5 years na uli makaili, ask ko na rin kung meron yan sa PCExpress dun sa Bacoor, pwede na rin bang pang gaming at pang progamming yung mid entry na yan?

  55. Sir, Pacheck naman po kung ok lang po ba toh, tsaka pa-recommend narin Boss Mac ng casing, gusto ko yung compact/maliit lang sana, ayaw ko ng malaki masyado, Thanks in advance po.

    • Processor : Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz = ₱ 5550
    • Motherboard : Asus H81M-D = ₱ 2700
    • Memory : RipJaws 8GB 1600 = ₱ 2650
    • Casing : ~
    • Hard Drive : 1TB WD Blue Sata3 7200rpm = ₱ 2400
    • Power Supply : Cougar SL 500W = ₱ 1850
    • Video Card : Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX OC = ₱ 5950

  56. yung part po na “i3-4170 [FASTER THAN FX 6300 AND 8320E]” totoo ba yun? if true. saan aspect? Gaming or 3D rendering,Video editing, photoshop etc

  57. Hello sir. Maganda na po ba to below 20k

    AMD FX 4300(EasyPC) 2950. Ewan ko kung bat ganun kamura kasi sa dynaquest 4k e.

    Gigabyte GA 970A(Dynaquest) 3940
    Palit GTX 750 Ti Dual(Dynaquest) 5750
    Gskill RipjawsX 4x2GB 2133(Dynaquest) 2790
    Seagate 500gb(dynaquest) 2070
    Corsair VS 450(Dynaquest) 1650.
    RAKK PhantomX(easypc) 650

    PHP 19800


  58. Pwede po pa help? Newbie here. Meron na po ako i5-4460 3.2ghz

    Mobo = NO IDEA ( Please Suggest )
    VGA = Palit GTX750 STORMX Dual 2GB DDR5 128bit or ZOTAC GTX750Ti 2GB DDR5 128bit ( Which One )
    PSU = NO IDEA ( Please Suggest ) TRUE RATED daw po dapat sabi nung mga napagtanungan ko.
    RAM = Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2×4) 1600 or Any suggestion na 8gb?
    Storage = Western Digital 1TB sata3 Caviar Blue
    CASE = NO IDEA ( Please Suggest )

    At eto po yung mga meron nako pero di ko sure kung ok naba.

    DVDrw Internal Asus 24X DVDwriter SATA DRW-24D5MT
    Ups/Avr Secure 500w AVR 3x220V/1x110V
    A4Tech KRS-8572 USB / KRS-8372 USB Desktop Combo

    Gaming Pc po sana. Suggest naman po kayo 🙁 Di po talaga ko makapag decide,newbie here. Kaya ko pa po sgro gumastos ng 15-18k para sa mga kulang na parts.
    Please help. Thanks in advance.

  59. Sir planning to get a new proc? meron n akong r9 270 oc ed .. would it be ok to get a pentium g3258 aniv ed or amd on its class or i5 4460 price range and below? thnx sir

  60. Ok na po ba tong setup ko? Kung hindi, ano yung pwede kong palitan na mas mura/kapresyo nito?:

    Proc : i3-4170 = 5,550
    GIGABYTE GA-H81M-DS2 (REV 1.0) = 2,500
    Memory : KINGSTON 8GB DDR3 PC1333 = 2,000
    AEROCOOL V3X BLUE = 1350
    HDD : SEAGATE 1TB 7200RPM 3.5″ SATA hard drive = 2,500

    PSU (CHOOSE ONE) : CORSAIR VS450 450W power supply = 1750
    COUGAR SL500 500W power supply = 1850
    Total (Minimum) : 21000
    Total (Maximum) : 21900

    bibilhin ko nalang ata na GPU ay yung GTX 750 ti, sabi daw kasi dito mas maganda combo ng I3+GTX750ti
    sa PSU naman, ano ba mas efficient dyan?

    1. Suggest ko ung Corsair PSU since light load lang toh, if plano mo magupgrade ng vidcard along the way consider mo rin magupgrade ng PSU pero sa specs na yan good enough na ung VS450. Sa case naman hmmm sa looks mo na siguro pagiisipan yan, ok naman sila lahat. 🙂

      1. Thanks bossmac! Bilhin ko muna mga gamit kasi may case ako dito e, pag di naman sya pwede, bili nalang ako bago. BTW, ano nga palang vidcard at psu pag inupgrade ko to? siguro mga 2-3 years pako makakapagupgrade, student pa lang kasi e

        1. Depends yan sa magiging trip mo na games and resolution ng monitor mo bro. If mahilig ka sa AAA games na high-end mapupunta ka sa mainstream cards so need mo ng mainstream na PSU. Tsaka mo na alalahanin un pag andun ka na, mararamdaman mo naman need to upgrade pag karag na PC mo sa games mo and pansin mo na di na kaya. 🙂

          1. Mga MMO lang naman po trip ko tulad ng Smite (kung may PH/SEA server) MOBAs at Skyrim kung kakayanin (Hihiram rin pala ako ng cd ng AC4, kaya rin ba un?)

            1. Ay kayang kaya yan par no probs, sa skyrim mejo mabigat yan kung ima-max mo pero kung ok lang sayo magtimpla ng details kaya yan. same sa AC4.

              1. Basta po smooth at immersive ok na ako dun, BTW, may alam po ba kayong case na tatak ay Compex? Ito po kasi yung lumang case ko dito, di ko naman magoogle kasi walang lumalabas.

              2. Ok lng po basta smooth at immersive, BTW alam niyo po ba yung case na brand ay Compex? Local po ata siya , di ko po kasi magoogle walang lumalabas.

              3. Ok na po basta smooth,BTW may alam po ba kayong PC case na pangalan ay Compex? Ito po kasi yung gamit ko at di ko po magoogle kasi walang lumalabas.

              4. Ok lng po basta smooth oks na ako. BTW alam niyo po ba yung brand na Compex case? Local po ata sya eh. Wala po kasing lumalabas sa google.

      2. ask ko narin po kung ano mas preffered na mobo nio sa dalawa, kung ano ba yung mas matagal o kung ano yung mas efficient. TY 😀

      3. Ask ko narin po kung anong preffered na mobo nio po dyan sa dalawa, kung ano yung mas matagal at mas efficient. TY 😀

        1. Sa board naman, hmmm Gigabyte ako. Mejo nachi-cheapan ako sa Asrock and hindi ako kumpyansa sa warranty nila ngayon dito sa Pinas. Kaya dun ka na lang sa giga, madali warranty and maganda naman support overall. Quality talaga.

  61. Hi sir . I am planning to build my very first desktop PC . And wala akong masyadong alam . These are the parts na gusto ko sana .

    CPU: Intel Pentium G3258/G3250 (Since mahirap ata hanapin si G3258 option ko si G3250)
    GPU: GTX 750
    HDD: 500 GB

    My budget is 17k yun ang promise sakin ng parents ko haha pero if needed talaga max budget would be 20k.
    Any suggestions po ? I am building this PC mainly for Dota 2 only but bonus na if makakalaro ng GTA V, NBA 2k**, COD and BF4 🙂 . Also included na yung monitor sa budget ko kaya nahihirapan ako . 720p Monitor would be fine . Sana po may maisasuggest kayo . Maraming salamat po 🙂

  62. as far as i know mas malakas kasi per core performance ng intel kaya kahit na more cores na AMD mas preferred padin ang quad(i3 – 2 na nagiging 4 dahil hyperthreading) ng intel.

  63. Planning to build my very first PC 🙂 My budget with monitor is 17k only :/ Kinukulit ko pa yung parents ko na dagdagan pa yung budget . My purpose for this PC is to play Dota 2 Max Settings. 720p monitor would be fine for now ill upgrade later, but im 100% sure na kaya ng GPU nato yung Dota 2 max @1080p kaso kapos sa budget eh, kaya nanghihingi ako nang suggestions mula sainyo kung ano yung best setup for my budget. Tsaka is it safe to use a generic psu since tipid po ako ? Eto sana plano ko kaso di ako sure:

    CPU : Intel Pentium G3250 3.2GHz Dual-Core Processor
    MOBO: ASRock H81M-DGS R2.0 Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
    RAM : G.Skill Ripjaws Series 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory
    HDD : Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
    GPU : MSI GeForce GTX 750 1GB Video Card
    CASE + PSU : Fortress XOLO Chassis w/ 700w psu

    Hoping for a reply thanks po .

  64. Hi guys!

    So eto yung build na ginawa ko this week..medyo atat na ako maglaro kaya di na ako tumingin sa ibang stores XD for casual gaming

    Intel i3 4170 – 5350
    Corsair vengeance 8GB DDR3 – 1866 single – 2300
    Zotac GeForce gtx 750 ti 1GB – 4995
    Toshiba 1 TB HDD – 2395
    Corsair vs550 ps – 2180
    MSI H81m-P33 moba – 2380
    Thermaltake versa H13 – Window micro atx case – 1695

    TOTAL – 21295

    Any thoughts??

  65. Ask ko lng po BossMac kung may alam po kayong case na brand ay Compex, yun po kasi yung case ko di ko pi magoogle walang lumalabas

  66. Boss mac
    Newbie here, tanong ko lang if say bumili ako ng Processor ngayon na Pentium G3260 ano pong maganda i pair na vcard? Gtx 750 or r7 250x? Also plan ko din po kase i upgrade in the future. Pwede bang palitan lang ung processor ng mas malakas na processor like i5 or i7 as long as compatible siya sa ASrock H81M-VG4 na mobo? So as long as socket lga1150 ung bibilhin kong processor ok lng ba siya ipalit without changing anything aside from the proc?

    1. actually walang maganda jan sa dalawa kung plano mo rin mag-upgrade. suggest ko go for the best you can get right now na hindi ka na mag-iisip mag-upgrade pa soon so definitely kung afford mo get a GTX 950 pero if hindi talaga option right now get the GTX 750.

      About sa processor, yes. As long as LGA 1150 ung proc (haswell) pwede mo sya lagay jan sa board na yan and gagana sya. So kunwari gamit mo now is G3260, pwede ka upgrade to 4790K or 4690K in the future (flash mo to latest BIOS just to be sure yung motherboard)

  67. Mukhang di naman narereply yung post ko sayo bossmac kaya gawa nalang ako bagong comment, May alam po ba kayong PC case na brand ay Compex? sinubukan ko na po i-google pero walang lumalabas kahit dun sa website nila.

          1. Opo, pero dun sa binilhan namin wala namang compex na shop. Binili po namin sa Robinson’s Imus yung dating rig, kasama ata sa bundle pero di ko maalala mahigit 6-7 years na tong pc ko kaya sobrang luma na.

          2. nakita ko po yung compex case na po ito ay nasa top front yung PSU, ok lang po ba yun? Wala po kasing butas dun sa likod ng case tsaka yung lagayan po ng CD nasa bottom part at wala rin syang malaking butas na pwedeng paglabasan ng hangin tulad ng mga butas sa mga fans. Pwede namang tanggalin yung CD player diba? Di ko naman kasi ginagamit. Bigyan ko nalang po kayo ng picture ng labas ng case kung need nio po. Di ko siguro mapipicturan yung loob kasi baka may masira akong wire o parts.

          3. EDIT : napicturan ko na rin bossmac yung loob at yung mga labasan ng hangin sa harap ng case sabihin mo nalng kung kailangan mo ng screen shot upload ko nlng sa photobucket

              1. Ito link oh :
                Bili nlng po ako ng case, ano po ba magandang case para dyan na mura lang? Ito final specs ko :

                Proc : i3-4170
                MoBo : GIGABYTE GA-H81M-DS2 (REV 1.0)
                Memory :GSKILL RIPJAWSX 8GB 1600MHz
                HDD : SEAGATE 1TB 7200RPM 3.5″ SATA hard drive
                PSU : CORSAIR VS450 450W power supply

                1. Branded lang ni Compex na store yan bro, generic ATX case yan. Sa final specs mo lok nanaman no probs basta pasok sa budget good to go ka na bro

        1. Sige sana masabayan pero so far wala pa ako pricing info sa mga skylake procs and parating pa lang mga h110 boards for budget builds. Sana maglevel na pricing para marecommend na namen sa builds pero performance, tetest pa lang dito. 🙂

          1. Bossmac meron po ako nkita na budget board ASUS H110m-A 3,450php and INTEL CORE I3-6100 5,800php okay po kaya yung pricing nila ty po ulit sir.

            1. Gusto ko sana matest muna kasi namamahalan talaga ako sa i3 ng Skylake. Based sa naexperience ko naman sa 6700K, lamang pa rin on stick ang skylake clock for clock sa haswell. If no OC naman, I think its good pero the price talaga, mejo high pa ang presyo ng i3 na skylake 🙁 Maganda ung IGP nya though

              1. Maraming salamat po bossmac hintayin ko po yung test nyo. Kelangan ko kasi siya both work and gaming ok lang po ba kung haswell nalang or mas ok kung mag i3 skylake na ako?

  68. Hello po. Pa-suggest po sana ako kung anong pwedeng vidcard para sa build nato??

    AMD Kaveri A8-7600
    Asrock FM2A58M-VG3+ FM2 DDR3
    Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB DDR3 1866Mhz
    AMD R7 Radeon Onboard Graphics
    600W power supply

    Nag-lalag kasi minsan sa games. Hindi ko po alam kung maglagay ba ako ng vidcard or additional ram…

    Thanks. Badly needed your answer po. Salamuch! 😀

  69. BossMac pa advice sa desktop na assemble ko base sa dynaquestPC price kung compatible lahat,
    at kung anu yung pedeng bawasan para bumaba ng onti yung price,, thanks madami

    Intel Core i7-4790 up to 4.00GHz (Quad Core) Haswell Refresh Processor 14190
    MSI Z97 PC Mate or Gigabyte Z97-HD3 Motherboard 5,100
    Trigon or Arsenal 600w Power Supply 2850
    Asus GTX 960 Strix DC2OC 4GB 128Bit DDR5 11,000
    Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata ST1000DM003 Hard Drive P2450
    LG 20M37D 19.5 inch LED Monitor 3,900
    Asus STRIX Claw Mouse 1950
    Asus STRIX Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard 3950
    HP 1265i 24X Multiformat DVD Writer (oem) 850
    Cooler Master K350 Casing with 120mm red LED fan 2150
    Gskill Aegis 8GB 8gbx1 DDR3 12800 CL11 (F3-1600C11S-8GIS) 2100


    INTEL Core i5-4690K up to 3.90GHz (Quad Core) 9480
    MSI Z97 PC Mate or Gigabyte Z97-HD3 Motherboard 5,070
    Trigon or Arsenal 600w Power Supply 2850
    Asus GTX 960 Strix DC2OC 4GB 128Bit DDR5 11,000
    Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata ST1000DM003 Hard Drive P2450
    LG 20M37D 19.5 inch LED Monitor 3,900
    Asus STRIX Claw Mouse 1950
    Asus STRIX Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard 3950
    HP 1265i 24X Multiformat DVD Writer (oem) 850
    Gskill Aegis 8GB 8gbx1 DDR3 12800 CL11 (F3-1600C11S-8GIS) 2100


    1. Overkill yung rig mo para sa monitor bro pero all in all lahat naman pasok sa isa’t isa. Mejo binarat mo ng onti ung motherboard sa PC mate, advise ko dun ka sa GIGA na Z97, un ung better board jan. Sa power supply sana buy mo ung Seasonic Evo or Corsair G series na kasi mejo high-end na tong build mo.

      Natanong ko dun sa isang reply ko bro ano ung plano mo na games, kung high-end toh mamaw na yan sa lahat ng games at 1080p high-max.

  70. Intel Core i7-4790 up to 4.00GHz (Quad Core) Haswell Refresh Processor 14190
    Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 Motherboard 5,290
    Seasonic M12II-620 EVO 620W 80Plus Bronze Fully Modular 3550
    Asus GTX 960 Strix DC2OC 4GB 128Bit DDR5 11,000
    Asus GTX 960 Strix DC2OC 4GB 128Bit DDR5 10,500
    Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata ST1000DM003 Hard Drive P2450
    LG 20M37D 19.5 inch LED Monitor 3,900
    Asus STRIX Claw Mouse 1950
    Asus STRIX Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard 3950
    HP 1265i 24X Multiformat DVD Writer (oem) 850
    Aerocool Strike-X One 1850
    Gskill RipjawsX 16GB Dual 1600 CL9 (F3-1600C9D-16GXM) 3990

    =53,980 dynaquest price

    yan boss mac,medyo sablay ako sa rig n sinasabi mo saan jan yung overkill para maadjust ko, daming salamat, private gaming,like tera,aion,mostly ncsoft games.,this jan buy ko na yan 1 year ko ring pinag ipunan haha plitan ko na yung amd ko n quad karag karag na so dota2, yung sa graphics di ko alam kung 4gb or 2 gb 0nti lang kasi diferrence, baka jan overkill,

    di pa kasi nag rereply yung dynaQuest kung sila mag aasemble nyan at sa os kung free install

    daming salamat boss mac merry christmas happy new year:) 🙂

    1. Suggest ko stick ka sa Core i5 4690 bro then invest ka sa 23″ na monitor (LG E2360V or ASUS V series 23″) Overall naman solid yung build and wala na ako iba recommend

    2. Intel Core i7-4790 up to 4.00GHz (Quad Core) Haswell Refresh Processor 14190
      Intel Core i5-4690 up to 3.90GHz (Quad Core) Haswell Refresh Processor 10200
      Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 Motherboard 5,290
      Seasonic M12II-620 EVO 620W 80Plus Bronze Fully Modular 3550
      Asus GTX 960 Strix DC2OC 4GB 128Bit DDR5 11,000
      Asus GTX 960 Strix DC2OC 4GB 128Bit DDR5 10,500
      Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata ST1000DM003 Hard Drive P2450
      Asus VE247H 24″ LED Monitor Vga Dvi Hdmi 8250
      Asus STRIX Claw Mouse 1950
      Asus STRIX Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard 3950
      HP 1265i 24X Multiformat DVD Writer (oem) 850
      Aerocool GT Advance Black Gaming 1650
      Gskill RipjawsX 16GB Dual 1600 CL9 (F3-1600C9D-16GXM) 3990

      ayan bossMc, mas ok ba b i5 sa i7 boss mac?confuse na haha thanks 🙂 gusto ko sana i7 eh pasok p naman s budget 🙂 pero kung d ok i7 sa i5 tayu haha

  71. Good Day Sir Bossmac!

    I’m just wondering if pwede ba itong setup, which I just found above. 🙂

    Intel Core i3-4160 3.60GHz (Dual Core) Haswell Refresh Processor
    Asus H81M-D
    Zotac GTX 960 2GB ITX 128Bit DDR5 (ZT-90310-10M)
    Seagate 500GB 7200rpm 16mb, ST500DM002 Hard Drive
    Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB Single DDR3 1866 CL10
    Aerocool GT Advance Black Gaming
    Xigmatek X-Calibre XCP-A500 500Watts 80Plus Power Supply

    Yan lang po available as of now ee, Okay lang po ba kung hindi H81M-D “PLUS” ? wala po kasi sa dynaquest ee, ano po ba advantage nun kapag PLUS?
    Sa hard drive, gusto ko sana ng 2tb na agad kaya 500GB nalang muna ako, para matreat ko naman sarile ko sa jollibee haha. At yung sa PSU, kaya po ba nya ang Zotac GTX 960 at i3? Wala po Antec VP450, yung “EVGA 500B 500W 80Plus Bronze Power Supply” wala din po. Yung Aerocool meron naman, kaso nagsearch ako sa brand nya at di daw recommended ? Nakita ko lang po yang Xigmatek X Calibre “500watts 80plus” sa dyna, at naka lagay po “Compatible with Intel Haswell C6 C7 mode. Compliant with newest Intel ATX 12V V 2.3” yan po. Baka po bagay sya sa i3 haswell? haha at last na tanong na po, Pano po ito iaassemble? Yung mga cord po nila? Salamat po, Advance Happy New Year po, Di ko alam meron pala nitong ganitong site, astig hehe, a right place for me kesa magbaka sakali sa alok ng iba, mas maganda kung magbuild nalang ako magisa 😀

    1. Ung plus is part is ung may extra features lang and hindi na ako mag-dive masyado basta for your usage, ok na kahit anong H81 na pasok sa budget mo. I’d say go ASUS kung long term investment balak mo. Mahaba and maganda warranty coverage nila. Overall wala ka na dapat concern dito, ok ung build and ok ung idea mo na mag-ugprade later on para sa hard drive to 2TB. Western Digital WD Black sana, good yun eh.

  72. Intel Core i5-4690 up to 3.90GHz (Quad Core) Haswell Refresh Processor 10200
    Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 Motherboard 5,290
    Seasonic M12II-620 EVO 620W 80Plus Bronze Fully Modular 3550
    Asus GTX 960 Strix DC2OC 2GB 128Bit DDR5 10,500
    Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata ST1000DM003 Hard Drive P2450
    Asus VE247H 24? LED Monitor Vga Dvi Hdmi 8250
    Asus STRIX Claw Mouse 1950
    Asus STRIX Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard 3950
    HP 1265i 24X Multiformat DVD Writer (oem) 850
    Aerocool GT Black Gaming 1250
    Gskill RipjawsX 16GB Dual 1600 CL9 (F3-1600C9D-16GXM) 3990

    tama k nga bossMac, i5 daw talaga the best kapag pang gaming yung i7 daw kasi (it’s only for serious editing and graphic design and for the hyperthreading technology). since pang gaming lang naman to i5 na ko, salamat sa info boss, sa uulitin, papaturo n lang ako panu mag overclock pag nabili ko na this janua, TY 🙂

  73. Hi po

    Can you help me mga boss noobies ako sa mga bagay na ganito. gusto ko mag build ng sarili kong pc bdget po 27k-30k po. Reason ng build po is for sketch up rendering and cad po, pero sana pde akong maka laro sa pc build like Dragon Nest, Air Rivals, and World of tanks, kahit 1 game app lng malaro ko, d ko rin alam if super heavy po tong game na ito, fan ako ng dota pero ayaw ko na mag laro busy din sa work. Pa tulong nmn po sa build pls..Na isip ko AMD FX series or core i5 pero d ko pa deicde kong anu maganda at kong ano compatible… Thanks

    1. If more on designing ka pa lang and hindi ka pa gaano gagawa ng mga high-detail renders sa CAD and mejo tight budget suggest ko focus ka sa balance rather than power so for your case kaya mo pa ipasok core i5 + gtx 950/960 yung build mo bro. Depende talaga yan ano mas importante sayo. if work ang importante, 16GB RAM + core i5 ang focus mo pero if balance talaga (games + work) 8GB ram + gtx 950 + core i5 should be powerful enough.

      1. bossmacc kong pipiliin ko core i5 + gtx950/960 2GB + 8GB ram pde parin akong mag games ng mid to high reso? or should i go for AMD FX 9590 na gusto ko kahit malalakihan ako s budget para mag upgrade ng ibang parts next year pa nmn plano ko. ito specs package from dyna

        Product Description (26,500)
        CPU ONLY (optional add-ons for monitors)
        AMD Vishera FX-9590 4.70GHz-5.0GHz Processor
        Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 (rev. 4.0) Motherboard
        4GB DDR3 1333 Memory
        WD Caviar Blue 500GB Hard Disk
        Trigon or Arsenal 600 watts Power Supply
        Trigon or Arsenal Casing
        Intex Mouse and Keyboard
        Headset w/ Mic or Intex Speakers
        Php800 Lite On 24x DVDrw
        Php250 AVR 500 WATTS
        Php595 A4Tech PK-635K Webcam

        Plan to upgrade MOBO, 8GB ram
        GPU: Zotac GTX 950 2GB DDR5 128Bit (ZT-90601-10L) ₱7,530.00 or
        ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750 Ti OC 2GB ₱7,200.00

      2. boosmac tama ka pla ill go for core i5, out performed parin nya amd kahit FX series,nabasa ko lng s article, last nlng po pano ko ma bost ung core i5 worth 30k bossmacc., specs po na compatile

        Salamat sa responce 🙂

      3. boos macc pa check nmn po kong ok po ba to.
        For cadd and gaming mentioned above.

        intel i5 Intel Core i5-4690K up to 3.90GHz (Quad Core) Haswell Refresh Processor ₱11,090.00
        Deepcool Gammaxx 400 CPU Cooler ₱1,100.00
        Cooler Master Seidon 120V Cooler Master Seidon 120V Liquid Cooling ₱2,400.00 (optional)
        ripjawxred16GB-8gbx2-ddr3-1600 Gskill RipjawsX 16GB Dual 1600 CL9 (F3-1600C9D-16GXM) ₱3,990.00
        Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ₱2,450.00
        Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual 2G Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual 2GB GDDR5 ₱5,750.00
        Palit GeForce GTX 950 StormX 2GB GDDR5 128Bit ₱7,600.00(optional)
        Xigmatek X-Calibre XCP-A500 500Watts 80Plus Power Supply ₱1,850.00
        CM K350 Cooler Master K350 Casing with 120mm red LED fan ₱2,150.00
        2pcs CM sickleflow Cooler Master SickleFlow X 120mm 2000rpm Blue/Red LED Fan ₱400.00

        29180 php from dyna quest price excluded po optional

      4. boosmac ok na po nba to
        for cadd and gaming looking forward sa comment mo po

        intel i5 Intel Core i5-4690K up to 3.90GHz (Quad Core) Haswell Refresh Processor ₱11,090.00
        Deepcool Gammaxx 400 CPU Cooler ₱1,100.00
        Cooler Master Seidon 120V Cooler Master Seidon 120V Liquid Cooling ₱2,400.00 (optional)
        ripjawxred16GB-8gbx2-ddr3-1600 Gskill RipjawsX 16GB Dual 1600 CL9 (F3-1600C9D-16GXM) ₱3,990.00
        Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ₱2,450.00
        Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual 2G Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual 2GB GDDR5 ₱5,750.00
        Palit GeForce GTX 950 StormX 2GB GDDR5 128Bit ₱7,600.00(optional)
        Xigmatek X-Calibre XCP-A500 500Watts 80Plus Power Supply ₱1,850.00
        CM K350 Cooler Master K350 Casing with 120mm red LED fan ₱2,150.00
        2pcs CM sickleflow Cooler Master SickleFlow X 120mm 2000rpm Blue/Red LED Fan ₱400.00

        29180 php from dyna quest price excludid po optional

  74. BossMac kakabili ko lang kanina, di muna ako nakabili ng GTX 750 TI kasi walang stock sa PCX,di rin ako bumili ng HDD kasi meron ako ditong 320 GB HDD. Yung Case ko ay CoolerMaster Elite 241. Kasya ba yung mahahabang GPU dun? Tsaka pahingi na rin ng tips sa wiring, wala kasing butas sa likod eh, sa harap yung taguan ng wires xD. Sa HD graphic naman ng i3-4170, kaya ba nito yung mga games on low? Anong mga games? Thanks po BossMac sa lahat ng mga advices thank you at more power on your website!

    1. Best way to find out is try mo na bro! Hmmm not familiar sa case pero malapad yan and may allotment up to 11″ vidcards so ok naman expansion nya. For now para sa wiring suggest ko explore mo muna ung final placement na plano mo and latag mo na wires dun. Kasi pag nag-ziptie ka na tapos mag-rewire ka uli maglalatag ka nanaman so for now suggest ko planuhin mo muna until dumating lahat ng parts mo. Iwan mo na lang sa sahig ng PC mo ung wires na sobra then ung mga iba daan mo sa likod ng board tray. 🙂 Thanks sa support bro!

  75. Bossmac Pahelp naman.

    Processor:Intel Pentium G3260 3.50GHz
    Motherboard:ASRock H81M-VG4
    RAM:Kingston Hyper X Fury 4gb ddr3 1866
    GPU:Zotac GTX 960 2GB 128Bit DDR5
    PSU:Antec VP450
    Storage:500gb WDC Caviar Blue (WD500SAAKX) 16mb sata3 hdd

    Yan po gusto kong e build, pero bukod sa gaming e gagamitin korin po pang video editing so ano po need kong palitan para smooth ang pag edit ng mga high quality video. Salamat.

  76. BossMac need Help po,

    My plan build to buy 2nd week ng January. Hehe

    Intel core i5 6400 2.7ghz -3.3ghz
    MSI b150m night elf
    Gskill ripjaws v ddr4 2x
    Seagate 1tb
    Seasonic s122ii 620 watts 80+ bronze
    Sapphire r9 380 nitro oc ed 4gb

    Yan po plan build around 35k.
    Will play DOTA2
    and modern games

    Any suggestion po bossmac and wafu. Salamat!

    1. Good build naman bro pero mag WD Black ka na na HDD kung afford mo at ayaw mo mag-SSD, high-performance na tong build na toh eh.

    1. Less than 40k budget…1st time to build pc. yan ba ung benchmark. ^^ noob
      Mostly for gaming lang talaga na decent graphics .. gusto ko lng masulit ung 30k to 38k n budget ko… TIA!

    1. No probs naman bro pero ayoko sa Inno3D dahil ambopols madalas ng warranty procedure ng mga shops sa kanila could be because mabagal din mag-warranty ung manuf. Tsk tsk

  77. mga sir eto po nagging pc build

    intel Pentium g3260 dual core 3.3ghz 4th gen (to be upgraded later kapag may budget na)
    msi b85 gaming
    Kingston 8gb 1600 hyperx fury blue
    westerm digital 1tb blue
    inno3d gtx750 1gb ddr5 128 bit green edition
    cooler master elite k350 w/ window casing

    ok na po ba yan for gaming?

    1. sakto lang bro pero kung ranked ka mas suggest ko dagdag ka pa onti sa processor kahit i3 mo na para balanced talaga and hindi sya masyado mag-choke kunsakali. pero yeah, wala ako probs sa build na yan. good choice na.

  78. bossmac ask ko lang since di ako nakabili video card dahil walang stock, ano ba ang magandang pamalit sa palit gtx 750 ti, Corsair VS450 yung Psu. May papantay pa ba sa I3-4170/GTX750TI combo? Need ko sana na mas magandang vidcard. Pa suggest muna since di pa ako sure kung bibili na ako ng iba since hihintayij ko nalang magkaroon ng stock yung PCX. Yung price sana kapantay lang o may konting difference

  79. bossmac.. okay na po ba build ko ?

    Processor : Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz (Dual Core) Haswell Refresh Processor
    Motherboard : Asus H81M-A
    Memory : Gskill RipjawsX 8GB Dual 1600 CL9
    Casing : Sharkoon VG5-W
    Hard Drive : Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive
    Power Supply : Xigmatek X-Calibre XCP-A500 500 Watts 80Plus Power Supply
    Video Card : Palit Geforce GTX 960 Jetstream 4gb gddr5 128Bit

  80. Boss Mac
    Pa check naman po yung set up ko kung smooth sa laro Dota 2 at mga MMORP games like Tera online

    Intel Pentium G3260 3.5GHz
    ASRock H81M-VG4
    Kingston 8GB DDR3 PC1333
    Inno3d GT 730 2gb DDR5 64bit bit Kepler
    FSP HEXA HE+550 500W
    Toshiba 500GB 7200rpm Sata3 DT01ACA050 Hard Drive
    Aerocool GT Black Gaming Case

    Ano po masasabi nyo sa GPU ko need ko po ba palitan kasi gusto ko mejo marami malaro game na pang computer shop ang dating
    Mag oopen sana ako ng business na computer shop kaya budget talaga
    Syanga pala ang ganda ng post nyo marami ako natutunan more powers po sa inyo thanks

    1. For starters ok na yang setup mo bro kung pang compshop lang, kaya pa nyan DOTA2 and CSGO and maraming MMORPG. Kung gusto mo mas higher performance check mo prices ng GTX 750 and tignan mo kung pasok pa sa budget mo. Sa Tera Online and Dragon Nest oks na yan kahit papano pero timplahin mo na lang sa settings depende sa size ng monitor.

  81. bossmac binago ko setup ko pwede po pacheck? sa dynaquestpc po price references ko:

    Processor : Intel Core i5-4690K up to 3.90GHz (Quad Core) Haswell Refresh Processor P11,090
    Motherboard : Asus H81M-A ₱2750
    Memory : Gskill RipjawsX 8GB Dual 1600 CL9 (F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL ) ₱2350
    Casing : Sharkoon VG5-W (Blue/Red/Green) ₱1790.00
    Hard Drive : Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata Hard Drive ₱2,450.00
    Power Supply : Aerocool Strike-X 500w PSU 80Plus Bronze ₱2,100.00
    Video Card : Palit Geforce GTX 960 Jetstream 4gb gddr5 128Bit (NE5X960010G1-2062J) ₱10,850

    TOTAL: P33,280

    1. Bat nagupgrade ka ng processor bro? Hindi kasi maooverclock sa H81 board mo yan pero kung mag-upgrade ka naman sa future ok yan. Kung di ka magoverclock, mag non-K ka na lang. Wala naman gaano nagbago sa specs mo so ok pa rin for me, ung concern ko lang is ung sa processor mo. Malakas sya pero hindi masusulit sa board mo.

      1. pasensya na po noob pa po kasi. so ano po magandang processor? Intel Core i3-4170 3.70GHz (Dual Core) Haswell Refresh Processor or Intel Core i5-4690 up to 3.90GHz (Quad Core) Haswell Refresh Processor ? thanks po pala sa comment.

        1. kung afford mo ung 4690 bro ok na yun. Basta sa budget naten iikot kasi yan, if kasya naman walang problema basta balanced yung build. May final specs ka na ba?

  82. Sir eto specs ng self build PC q. gusto ko lang po ipa rate s inyo kung ayos b build ko and kung my pde kayong sugestion for improvments.

    CPU:i5 4th generation
    PSU:aerocool strike-x power 600w
    HDD:2x western digital enterprise 500gb
    1x western digital blue 1tb
    RAM:1x 2gig ram
    No videocard
    Case:Aerocool PGS VS-3 Advance

  83. Boss Mac, Inno3D Geforce GT 730 video card at
    RipjawX ddr-1600 8192mb x 2 memory ko. may marecommend po ba kayong compatible na motherboard, casing at processor para sa pc parts ko? below 15k po. Salamat po.

  84. Boss Mac pa check naman po kung okey tong gaming build ko

    Intel i5 6500 processor
    b150m msi bazooka
    crucial ballista 8 gig ram
    Cougar sl 600watts
    gt advance pro black chassis
    a4tech bloody gaming mouse and keyboard
    seagate 1tb hdd 7200rpm
    viewsonic 22 inch full hd monitor
    asus dvdrw
    32k qoute nung pinagtanungan ku pc corner

    Okey na ba yan boss mac?
    Next is mag add aku ng gtx 960 sa video card tapos 8gig na ram kasi single stick lang yun. Then ssd card siguro. Sa tingin niyo po okey na yang plan ku? Dota2 palang nmn nilalaro ku kaya okey na muna aku sa video card. Pero built siya for 1020p gaming pag naidagdag ku na video card.

    1. yeah good plan, kung matitiis mo muna IGP ng i5 6500 ok naman so far yan. Maganda yung plano mo bro. How soon ka maga-upgrade?

  85. Suggestion please for heavy gamer like me kasi hindi ako marunong tumingin ng new specs.
    For ultra high settings with games like NBA 2k16, GTAV and DOTA2; 24″ monitor

    30k Budget. Possible po kaya? yung rig na hindi ko pagsisisihan at makakatagal hehe 🙂 THANKS IN ADVANCE.

  86. Proc – I3 6100 skylake – 5600php
    Mobo – gigabyte ga-h81m-ds2 lga 1150/ddr3/d-sub/glan – 2520php
    Gpu – palit gtx 750ti stormx dual 2gb ddr5 128bit – 5800php
    Ram – kingston 8gb hyper fury- 1850php
    Ssd – a-data sp550 120gb sata3 ssd – 2150php
    Hdd – seagate 1tb 7200 sata – 2350php
    Psu – hec cougar sl-600w – 2100php
    Monitor – LG 19.5″ 20m37d led w/ dvi – 3850php
    secure Avr – 230php
    a4tech Kb+mouse – 450php
    Casing – aerocool gt black – 1400Php
    Total – 28300.

    bossmac ano po sa tingin nyo dito? Im planning on getting this rig by next week. Sa tingin muba sulit na yan at yan naba yung best na intel build na hindi i5 sa ganyang halaga?

    More powers sainyo! This thread was my go to dahil first time ko bumili at bumuo ng rig.

    1. Hindi compatible ung processor sa board, bro. You need an H110 motherboard for budget build, pero overall ok naman and naisingit mo pa ung SSD, good job. kung mejo mahal ung H110 though next upgrade mo na siguro yung SSD, recommendation ko lang.

  87. Boss Mac ok ba tong Gamnig PC ko?

    GPU: Nvidia ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750 Ti
    Proc: Intel Core i3 4360
    MoBo: MSI H81M-P33
    RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 4G x2
    ROM: westerm digital 1tb blue
    PSU: FSP Hexa HE-500 500w Power Supply Unit

  88. hi bossmac. salamat sa heads up. nagsearch ako sa net at nalaman ko din na di nga compatible yung proc at mobo ko.

    sa tingin mo bossmac ok na idrop ko muna ssd at kunin h110 or eto palitan ko yung proc ko ng i3 – 4170 retain mobo at upgrade gpu to gtx 960/970?

    mejo magmamahal siya nun.

    eto po option 1 ko ngayon:
    Proc – I3 6100 skylake – 5600php
    Mobo – h110 mobo – xxxphp
    Gpu – palit gtx 750ti stormx dual 2gb ddr5 128bit – 5800php
    Ram – kingston 8gb hyper fury- 1850php
    Hdd – seagate 1tb 7200 sata – 2350php
    Psu – hec cougar sl-600w – 2100php
    Monitor – LG 19.5″ 20m37d led w/ dvi – 3850php
    secure Avr – 230php
    a4tech Kb+mouse – 450php
    Casing – aerocool gt black – 1400Php

    option 2 po eto:
    Proc – I3 4170 – 5150php
    Mobo – gigabyte ga-h81m-ds2 lga 1150/ddr3/d-sub/glan – 2520php
    Gpu – gtx 960/970 – xxxphp
    Ram – kingston 8gb hyper fury- 1850php
    Hdd – seagate 1tb 7200 sata – 2350php
    Psu – hec cougar sl-600w – 2100php
    Monitor – LG 19.5″ 20m37d led w/ dvi – 3850php
    secure Avr – 230php
    a4tech Kb+mouse – 450php
    Casing – aerocool gt black – 1400Php

    sa tingin nyo po boss mac? salamat po!
    planning to buy this rig at around next week at enigma.

    1. mag-games ka lang ba bro? kung games lang kasi ok naman parehas options mo pero more on GPU talaga need mo kaya mas maganda focus mo sa GPU ung bulk ng budget sa unang purchase mo then upgrade as you go na lang so for me, talagang ang way to go ko is build around the GPU talaga so option i3-4170 ang recommended ko sayo if games lang mostly gagawin mo.

      1. thankyou boss mac!!! mostly for games lang ako.

        meron ka ba masusuggest na pwede bilhin nalang sa susunod sa i3-4170 build? kunware alisin na yung ssd.. idowngrade yung psu to 500w ganun po.

        para maupgrade ko pa yung gpu ko into nvidia gtx 950/960.

      2. salamat bossmac!

        may masususggest ka ba na pwede i trimdown sa parts ng i3-4170 build ko?
        kahit wala ng ssd ok lang. sa susunod na lang yun. para sana ma upgrade ko pa gpu ko.

        may masusuggest kadin po ba na gpu if ever na maganda ipair sa i3-4170? nasearch ko sa net is gtx 950/960 tsaka r9 380. tingin nyo po? 8k-8500 budget po. 🙂

        1. GTX 950 or R9 380 labanan ng budget mo bro. Kung gusto mo talaga ng pure power, sa 380 ako. may konting increase sa power draw pero if talagang performance habol mo, go for it. for long-term investment, pwede ka mag-gtx 950 or 960 then SLI mo na lang in the future. Same rin sa 380 pero need mo ng higher power supply.

          1. salamat sa reply boss mac. nagpaquote ako kahapon sa enigma tignan nyo po kung okay na.

            i3 4170 – P5150
            gigabyte ga-h81m-ds2 – P2520
            palit gtx 950 stormx 2gb ddr5 128bit – P7700
            kingston 8gb hyperx fury – P1750
            seagate 1tb – P2350
            hec cougar sl-500w atx – P1750
            aerocool gt black – P1350
            LG 19.5″ LED w/ DVI – P3850

            kb mouse – P450
            secured avr – P230
            TOTAL = P27100

            by next week pag nakahanap napo ako ng computer table bibilhin ko na siguro to.
            may masusuggest pa po ba kayo dito or okay na siya for the budget? 🙂

            1. kung afford mo pa kumuha ng seasonic power supply, yun na lang kunin mo bro. ok for light to moderate usage ang cougar PSU pero may design flaw sya na nagti-trip ung safety nya and may tendency na masira yun pag nag-spike ung current sa inyo. mapapawarranty naman sya pag ganun pero hassle

                1. I suggest 500w is a good number na lalo na if mostly games lang. higher should be better kung mag-upgrade ka in the future pero pwede naman isama sa upgrade ung PSU. for now maliit difference ng 500w sa 450 so go for the 500. 😉

              1. oo nga pala sir,

                yung gpu na nasa quotation i think is single fan lang kaya 7700 yung price. sa tingin nyo po ba magaaffect sa performance ng cpu yun? or kelangan po mag opt for dual fan na gpu? (i think this will fall at around 8500 more or less sa budget) pero sana kahit single fan lang pwede na kasi mura. hahaha.

  89. Okay na po ba tong gantong setup? Nakamura po ba ako or napamahal? Pinapaassemble ko kasi sa kawork ko. Galing sa kanya yung proc at mobo. Sya din gumawa ng list na ‘to. Balak ko na sya ipabili sa Saturday so ayun sana may basbas nyo hehe.

    All Bnew except proc and mobo

    i5 – 3570k(6 mos. used) 6,000.00
    ECS Mobo(6 mos. used) 2,000.00
    PSU 1,650.00
    Ram: HyperX 1x8gb 2,000.00
    1tb HD 3,000.00
    Monitor 24″ Benq(1ms) 9,000.00
    GPU GTX750ti 6,000.00
    CPU casing 600.00

    Total 30,250.00

    1. Ok naman bro, ask mo lang if may warranty pa yung mobo baka kasi pag nagkaprob un mahihirapan kang maghanap ng pamalit jan dahil sobrang rare na ng Z77 board ngayon. OVerall ok naman lahat, pero angmahal nung monitor ah. Also need ko malaman ung PSU brand nyan.

      1. bossmac about sa 24 inch monitor may alam ba kayong mura? di ako picky sa brand pero 8k-9k budget ko, IPS daw kung maaari.

        1. Gusto ko kasi ipush sa 24″ kaso yung pinakita sakin ng kawork ko na available na is 23″ asus IPS frameless for 8k. So if may marrecommend po kayo na 24″ okay po sana. Or kung sa tingin nyo okay na ko dun sa 23″?

        2. LG bro pero IPS nila around 9K na ata or higher so best check mo muna mga displays sa mga stores kasi mas mappreciate mo sila dun. Pero yun nga if talagang stick ka sa budget, best nyan tignan mo muna personally yung monitor. Kung di accessible ang advise ko dun ka sa afford mo, gamit ko is LG E23xxV series wala naman complaint and around 8k rin price nya.

          1. Tama ka bossmac yun nga din yung nakita ko na maganda. LG 24MP57HQ IPS. 9,200 sya sa PCX. Sana may cash discount haha.

              1. BossMac nkabili na ako – pcx

                i5 4460 ———- 9k
                ECS Essentials B85H3-m7 ——- 1k
                Palit GTX 750 ti stormx dual(2nd hand – 6 mos. used with 6 mos remaining warranty) 6k
                1TB Seagate Barracuda 64mb hdd ——- 2,430
                PSU Corsair 450 watts —– 1,650
                2x 4GB ram ——- 2,200
                ATX Case ——— 600
                24″ LG IPS Monitor —— 9,250

                TOTAL: CPU 22,880 + Monitor = 32,130

                Sulit na po ba? Natest ko na kanina swabe nakakahilo pala 24″ monits haha

                1. mahal nung 750ti mo bro para sa 2nd hand pero kung nakabawi ka naman sa monitor ok na yan right now. suggest ko to still upgrade GPU in the future, madali kasi carry over un sa bagong motherboard if ever 😀

                2. Thanks sir. Sya na kasi nagasikaso lahat bale plug&play nalang ako so di ko narin kinontra yung gpu nya. Will upgrade the GPU after 2 years siguro. Any recommendation po na higher gpu? I heard may lalabas daw na Pascal? have no idea on that

                3. Kung aabutin ka pa ng pascal definitely wait for it pero matagal pa yun. Right now focus ka lang sa budget range na target mo for GPU upgrade then tsaka ka mag-decide 😀

  90. bossMac nabili ko na, ty sa advice di ko na kinuha yung 4690k kasi di ko naman i ooverclocked, played samoth

    Intel Core i5-4690 up to 3.90GHz (Quad Core) Haswell Refresh Processor
    Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 Motherboard
    Seasonic M12II-620 EVO 620W 80Plus Bronze Fully Modular
    Asus GTX 960 Strix DC2OC 2GB 128Bit DDR5
    Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Sata ST1000DM003 Hard Drive
    LG 23MP67HQ 23 inch IPS Bezel Free LED Monitor
    HP 1265i 24X Multiformat DVD Writer (oem)
    NZXT Guardian 921 RB Black Steel
    Gskill RipjawsX 16GB Dual 1600 CL9 (F3-1600C9D-16GXM)
    mouse and keyboard- Thermaltake Tt eSports (COMMANDER) Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo

    sa mismong gilmore along aurora mas affordable bumili, check price k lang sa dynaquiest tapos compare mo sa price nila dapat mas mababa kesa sa dynaquest para may pang jolibbe k 🙂 48K lang nagastos ko

    more power back2gaming

    1. sa PCHUB ka nagbuy bro? pero solid yan overall, good specs talaga! Enjoy bro! Share mo experience mo with this build 😀

  91. bossmac mejo alanganin ako sa proc at video card ko.

    i5 – 4460 + gtx 750ti = P14450
    i3 – 4170 + gtx 950 = P12950

    mostly gaming ako (90% dota2) pero more on multi tasking unit ang gusto ko. dota2 + youtube + fb (alt tab gaming)

    sa tingin nyo po mas makakatulong yung 4 cores ng i5 sa gusto ko? or stick sa 2 cores ng i3 at hyperthreading. both gpu naman is sobrang sufficient na para sa dota2 lang. tama po ba?

    if maglalaro man ako ng high end games ngayon magsusurvive nako sa medium settings basta 1080p.

    salamat in advance!

    other specs pala:
    RAM – 8gb
    mobo – h81m
    psu – 500w
    hdd – 1tb

    1. if alt-tab king habol mo bro, 16GB RAM habulin mo. also maganda combo na ung 4170 + gtx 950 so dun ka na lang.

  92. bossmac, final specs: pacheck naman po if compatible sila at walang nakalimutan na part at okay na yung rig for the price.

    i3 – 4170 3.7 ghz lga1150 haswell—————————————————————————– P5350
    gigabyte ga-h81m-s1, 1150, ddr3, d-sub, 7ch, glan, m-atx——————————————– P2375
    8gb kingston x-fury————————————————————————————————– P1850
    aerocool gt black—————————————————————————————————– P1300
    seagate 1tb 7200 sata hdd————————————————————————————— P2450
    palit gtx 950 stormx dual 2gb gddr5 128b——————————————————————- P7500
    hec cougar sl-500w atx ps (wala seasonic available kaya no choice po yung cougar)——- P1750

    kb & mouse————————————————————————————————————- P1595
    avr————————————————————————————————————————- P230
    LG 19.5″ LED monitor w/ dvi————————————————————————————- P3850


    will buy this kapag ok na sayo bossmac. sa enigma pala yung prices.
    Thanks! more power sainyo dito. 🙂

    1. kaya mo pa dagdagan bro for seasonic or corsair PSU? all in all ok naman specs, future upgrade is 1080p monitor and more memory tapos faster/larger storage pero ok na sya. may known issue lang talaga yang PSU na yan,

      1. salamat bossmac! tatanong ko nalang sa supplier kung meron silang available na corsair 500w na psu. so far wala kase silang seasonic available at sinuggest na nila is cougar na mabenta naman daw sa marami.

        1080p monitor – may masusuggest po ba kayo dito?
        more memory – dagdag pa one stick na 8gb ram?
        yung storage i think magsusurvive nako sa 1tb. hahaha.

        More power! Thank you! 🙂

        1. Sa monitor LG ako.
          Sa RAM, kung afford, the more the merrier. 😀

          About Cougar SL500, actually ok sya marami ako ganun dati sa office nung IT admin pa ako ang problema jan is prone sa safety failure and aware si Cougar sa issue na yun. Madalas kasi pumuputok filter capacitor nya pag nag-surge and need mo pa pa-warranty para maayos. Covered naman sya ng warranty and sobrang baba chance na may masira sayo pero sobrang hassle pag nangyari kasi mag-aantay ka ng kapalit unless nasa outright replacement period ka pa.

    PROCESSOR:INTEL CORE I5 4460 4th gen socket 1150
    sulit po ba yan boss or me ma irrecommend pa po kyong better sa ganyang budget?

  94. Hi Sir ! I was wanting to build a gaming pc po that will be exclusively used lang to play DOTA 2, the build mentioned above po ba, kaya po ba niya irun ung DOTA 2 with max settings? but with 1280×768 resolution with atleast 60fps we would do streaming as well with it(rarely), also i would like to include a monitor that is around 21′ – 27′ po, thank you po !

    PS: im fairly new to this, kaya po if possible pakispecify per part po hehe ang gagawin ko lang po kasi is once i got your suggestion ppakita ko lang sa store to check the price and eventually buy it po thanks again

  95. smooth boss, tinry ko ultra setting sa Hon walang ka lag lag sa saka sa dota 2 40-60 ms 80- 110 fps, multi task habang nag DDL ng Tera enjoy, talaga, ang panget lang yung connection, sablay yung sa globe kasi may data cap, eh 6-14 hrs ako nag lalaro a day, nacoconsume agad lahat kaya bumabagal :):)pero performance big OK ty

  96. boss newbie question lng,may pc ako sa bahay low end lang saka hindi ako ang nag build..
    gusto ko sana ngayon gumawa ng sarili ko,
    kung bibili ba ako ng board na asus H170 pro gaming
    ano bang ram at processor ang compatible?
    pano ko ba malalaman yun? =)

    gusto ko kase mag build ng pc na pwede ko laruin yung mga games ko dito sa laptop ko,
    exe. dying light,borderlands2,dota2,ac4,fc4,nfs rivals,

    hindi naman masyado prob yung budget,.ayaw ko lang ma pa sobra sa needs ko.. thanks
    willing din ako mag upgrade on the next few years for newer games..

    ano ba ma suggest mo boss.. salamat

    1. hmm this is what i think i want to build boss

      i3 4170 haswell
      zotac gtx 960
      8gb gskill ripjaws ( i have no idea to use ddr3 or ddr4,a 1 stick 8gb or a 2stick 4gb – help me )
      1 tb 7200 HDD ( i dont know the brand to choose )
      seasonic g550 550w ( is this okay? )
      mobo: what should i use, pls suggest
      case : (pls suggest)
      do i need coolers?

      thanks. pls help this will be my first build.

  97. Bossmac, tanong ko lang po sa inyo kung maganda na po to pang FPS games.

    CPU: Intel Pentium G3258 3.20GHz (Dual Core) Anniversary Edition ₱3140
    MoBo: ASRock B85M-HDS ₱3150
    RAM: Gskill RipjawsX 8GB Dual DDR3 1600 CL7 Ram (F3-12800CL7D-8GBXM) ₱2750
    HDD: Seagate 500GB 7200rpm 16mb, ST500DM002 Hard Drive ₱2070
    GPU: Palit Geforce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual 2GB GDDR5 ₱5750
    Case: Tecware Raiden Elite ₱1420
    PSU: Corsair VS450 ₱1650

    Total = ₱19930

    Kung may mare-recommend po kayo na mas maganda at mas mura, paki sabi nlng po. Ty!

    1. Check mo tong bago bro:

  98. Boss mac baguhan lang ako gawan mo naman ako ng yung malalaro ko na yung pasok sa req. ng the division med to high settings budget ko po P20k to P25k. Maraming salamat

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