Heroes That Farm The Fastest In Dota 2 7.27c Patch

It’s important to follow trends and the meta when playing Dota 2 in order to gain the most significant competitive advantage that you can get. When it comes to raising MMR and public games at the highest level, it is essential to know which heroes are farming the fastest and to pick them.

These statistics come across all the levels of Dota 2 and aren’t only based on what the professionals are doing.

If you are betting on live Dota 2 games at https://dota-bet.com/, it is good to know how much farm a hero should have at 10 minutes, and if he does have that farm or over it, then you know that team is in a good position. The same is true for the opposite.

Gold and net worth win games, and that is why if you are a carry player, you should pick one of these heroes to win games.


Anti-Mage is the fastest farming hero with an average of 91.3 last hits in the first ten minutes across all skill levels in Dota 2.

At the highest level, the hero has a 50.3% win rate, a high pick rate, and the highest ban rate of them all at 52.7%. That means professionals hate playing against this hero and ban it frequently.

Anti-Mage is a fun hero to play, and you will see it quite a lot in your pubs as it is a good pick these days.


Medusa is the 2nd fastest farming hero in the game, with an average of 82.42 last hits in the first 10 minutes across all skill brackets.

Although Medusa is good at farming, it is still easy to deal with her, and she has a low win rate across all skill brackets, with the lowest being the Divine and Immortal one.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that Medusa will lose most games. She won’t, especially if there is no counter for her in the game, and she is the last pick.


Terrorblade is the 3rd fastest farmer in the game, with an average almost the same as of Medusa. It is now at 81.99 last hits in the first 10 minutes of the game.

Just like Medusa, Terrorblade isn’t currently in the meta and has a low win rate across all skill brackets. It is, however, still frequently picked even at the highest level, which has the lowest win rate of all skill brackets.

Naga Siren

Naga Siren has an average of 77.86 last hits in the first 10 minutes of a Dota 2 game across all skill brackets. It is the 4th fastest farming hero in the game, and if left unattended, she will destroy you in the late game.

The hero has a 48% win rate at the highest level, which isn’t too bad, but it isn’t viable at the highest level. That’s why the pick rate and ban rate are low as well.

From personal experience, I can see that players have learned how to deal with Naga Siren in this patch effectively.


Alchemist is the 5th fastest hero when it comes to last hits in Dota 2 in the first 10 minutes of the game across all skill brackets. Standing at 75.34 last hits, it’s not great nor terrible.

What’s important to note is that because of Alchemists’ skill Greevil’s Greed, he earns a lot more gold than most other heroes on this list, especially in the early game.

That’s why the win rate of this hero is high across all skill brackets, and Divine and Immortal players like to ban it frequently.

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