How to Buy Games using PayMaya

It was not long ago that people had to go to their favorite game stores to purchase a game. People even had to queue for insane amount of hours when a popular game launches just to get the initial stock that the store has. What’s worse is that gamers often face higher prices because of import taxes for the physical copies here in the Philippines.

Enter PayMaya, a reloadable virtual Visa card in the Philippines which allows users to purchase directly online using their mobile app for Android and iOS. PayMaya also offers a physical  EMV card which can be bought at their store for Php 150. The PayMaya EMV card can be linked with the mobile app to easily track your transactions.

Download the app & Register your Account

The PayMaya app is available in both the Playstore and Appstore for Android and iOS respectively.


PayMaya only requires your basic info to register. After registration a verification code will be sent to your mobile number to confirm your registration.


Your account is initially a basic account which has locked features. Only upgraded users are able to Send money to other users and withdraw money from ATMs. Users can upgrade their account by filing up a form through the app, sending a photo of a valid ID and contacting their Validation Officer, Ysa Santos on Facebook. A thorough step-by-step guide can be found in the PayMaya site.

Loading your Card

Here are the following top-up methods available for PayMaya

Most of the available  payment options requires you to fill up a transaction form and wait for a text confirmation before leaving.

Optional: Linking your PayMaya Card with PayPal


Linking your PayMaya Card with paypal will give you an additional layer of protection when you’re shopping. It also reduces the hassle of having to type your credentials over and over again when shopping at PayPal supported sites. PayPal can also be useful when VISA cards such as PayMaya are not accepted.

Please note that Paypal will charge $1 in order to verify the Visa / Mastercard registered. Paypal will then refund $1 after confirmation.

Buying Games

Note that before buying any game please make sure that you have more than enough balance in your account. Transactions will fail if you don’t have enough credits. To make sure you have enough peso balance to make dollar transactions, check the current exchange rate, round it up by one and multiply it to the dollar amount. Alternatively, you can just assume that $1=50php to make sure you have more than enough for your spending.


steam shit

Proceed to checkout after adding your games to the cart. Select the payment option you prefer. If you had linked your card with PayPal you can select PayPal and just login and paypal will take care of the rest.


Select Visa if you didn’t linked your card with PayPal. Fill up the form and you’re good to go. The games you purchased are immediately reflected to your account once the transaction is successful.

Steam Wallet

steam wallet

Alternatively you can add funds to your Steam Wallet to make purchases in Steam without having to input your details every time you purchase. Php 200 is the minimum amount allowed to be topped up with a max of Php 4,000. After adding the desired funds you’ll have to select your payment method similar to checking out games but you’ll have the chance to review your order.



The process of purchasing games in origin is similar to that of Steam. Proceed to Checkout after adding your desired games to the cart.

Once again you need to select your preferred payment method whether it be Credit Card or with PayPal. You’ll have the chance to review your order once you’ve completed this step. After confirming an email will be sent to your account as a receipt and the games will immediately appear in your origin games library.

Humble bundle is a store where you get to pay what you want for a set of games. It also lets you choose which portion of your payment goes through charity.

To start of select which bundle you’d like to purchase in the tabs located at the upper part. Then click pay what you want.

HumbleBundle lets you choose how much will pay. Just click on the “Custom Amount” button if you desire to pay a higher o a lower amount. There’s an option to choose where will you allocate your payment. If you like to help out, you can set the Charity slider to the max amount. HumbleBundle does not limit the allocation of your funds.

After setting up the amount and its allocation. You can now pay either by CARD(PayMaya) or Paypal. HumbleBundle’s card payment option has an easy fill-up process with it only requiring you to fill up 2 forms as seen in the images above.

For PayPal option, you will be redirected to PayPal’s payment page where you can pay securely with your linked PayMaya account.

If you have other concerns feel free to contact us or PayMaya. We’ll be happy to help. Happy Gaming!

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      1. sir ask ko lang paano mo nagamit un paymaya s blizzard store kasi ayaw eh sinasabi nya your payment was not authorized pls double check your information or contact your payment provider..?

    1. yes it works the same way with steam and origin. I just didnt had the client at the time of writing the article

  1. Don’t forget that steam will do a one-time charge of 40 pesos in your paymaya credits after you register. So if you only load 200 pesos in your paymaya account, you can’t add funds to your steam wallet because you just have 160 pesos left

  2. FYI lang po when using Origin you have to link your account in paypal in order to subscribe to Origin Access. Not unless they have lifted their prepaid credit card rules. p.s. subscriber po ako ng Origin Access

  3. How to with Origin? Interested kasi ako sa Battlefield 1. So PayPal or Credit Card?? di ba gumagana cuz imma get some of those loot boxes.

    1. Pwede both payment options sir. I recommend paypal kasi nga may additional layer of security and di mo na kailangan mag input ulit ng card details. Same method applies sa sir. Just make sure na you have enough balance before checking out.

  4. Does this work with online stores that check the card’s issuing address? For example, the recent Microsoft Xbox Store checks if the card you’re using was issued in the same region as the store you are purchasing the game (i.e. Xbox US Store checks if the card you’re using was issued from the US)…

    1. Apparently no, I had the same issue when I used my BPI debit card(linked to PAYPAL) to purchase at the RazerStore CES 50% off sale. Only globe’s AmericanExpress works because it issues a US address upon the issuance of the debit card 🙂

      1. Awww… they really should remove this region-locking BS… everything is international nowadays!

  5. Pag nagload ka ba sa 711 kiosk, Lalabas ba yung info mo sa paymaya account dun sa machine? (e.g. name of registered owner) or # mo lang talaga need? Planning on asking someone to load up for me.

  6. Hi do this works on PSN (singapore acct.) and i tried recently it didnt work so how do this works on psn? do i have to link it to a PayPal acct.? or what?

    1. it seems not working with psn sg, i tired both gcash and paymaya directly linking to psn or paypal then psn.. both are not working.. cant event top up my psn wallet via paypal(link to gcsh or paymaya)

  7. Nice tutorial. While you can use paymaya VC to buy swc on steam platform, there are some alternatives as well especially if you want to top up aside from the options on Steam since we don’t want to have a “butal” on our account if we’re on the “tipid mode”, yes? Check xquareshop (, they have paymaya payment option aside from codashop, datablitz, and seagm.

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