How to Send & Receive Fax from Email: See How It Work Securely

Emails succumb to hacking, infiltration, and viruses. This is what makes the security of their conduct a concern. Nonetheless, they are the most used methods for communication. Despite boundaries, location-based, and time zones, it is very easy to receive and send an email almost instantaneously.

By their security and admissibility, faxes retain a very special place in business communication. While business communication has evolved and transformed over time, faxes still are the most widely used communication methodologies for business.

This is why the inconvenience of fax machines was combined with the possibility to email to a fax number and the result was an online faxing service. Online faxing services have been catching pace like wildfire.

Corporations understand the holistic communication procedures and how fax ensures safety and security of conduct. You can trust faxes with even the most vital business secrets. Thus, all this and more have contributed to a splurge of online faxing services.

While there are a lot of corporations and tech institutions offering online faxing facilities, CocoFax features and services stand apart. It has a very proliferating number of corporate clientele who trust the application with their business faxes.

Why is CocoFax the best online Faxing Service?

CocoFax is the best online faxing service for many reasons. The first and foremost reason being the fact that CocoFax offers a free fax number. This number will become your fax identity and will allow you to send and receive faxes.

30 Day Free Trial

Many faxing apps promise a 30-day free trial, but they have ulterior motives in the claim. Not many leading online faxing apps provide the user to get privy to the app before subscribing to it.

While even a day would be enough to conclude that CocoFax is the best faxing service there is to exist, they offer a 30-day free trial. This gives CocoFax an edge over other false claimants. CocoFax offers what it claims and claims what it offers. There is no grey area.

Ease of Usage

CocoFax is so easy to use for sending mail, it seems rather surprising. There is nothing out of the ordinary that you need to indulge in to use CocoFax. Your fax sending would be the same as any normal email sending.

All you need to do is half a few essential considerations intact while sending an email. The prerequisites for using CocoFax through email are ensuring that you have a CocoFax account and an email account that you wish to use.

CocoFax ensures compatibility with all leading emails like Gmail, yahoo, outlook mail, etc. Just sign up on CocoFax with a designated email ID and you shall have a perfect blend of the best faxing services eased up to use with an email ID of your choice.

How to send a Fax through email

Sending a fax through email has to be like a basic composition of an email. Just click on ‘Compose’ or ‘New Email’. You then need to insert your faxable document as an attachment to the mail.

Always remember, you do not have to include the fax message as a subject to the mail. The subject and body of the email are irrelevant and unnecessary portions of online faxing. You can omit these two.

If you do still happen to insert a subject or a body of email, then this section would appear as a cover note and shall be printed before the actual fax. The intended fax has to be attached as an ‘attachment’ to the mail.

As for the document type of the attachment, CocoFax is compatible with doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png, and jpg files. These entire file types can lead to the successful sending of an online fax message. Despite the actual nature and type of the file, it will only be received in a pdf format.

Now, coming to the important part, you need to check and recheck once you enter the recipient fax number. This is the only point of bifurcation from sending and receiving a usual email.

The country code and the fax number of the recipient fax number must be stated in the recipient or ‘send to’ section. This then needs to be followed by For instance, if the fax number is 01234567, then the recipient number will be [email protected]

The processes don’t get simpler than this. Rechecking the mail, the country code, and the fax number is highly recommended before sending the mail/fax out. As faxes do have a cost to bear, they must be used with decisiveness.

Delivery Information

The best part about CocoFax is that it does not leave you in suspense. You don’t have to worry whether or not the recipient received the fax? You will get an email when the fax is so delivered. You will also get an email when the fax goes undelivered.

While CocoFax enjoys an extremely high success rate of fax sending, the only plausible causes of failures are due to manual or mechanical error. Either the fax number was entered wrong or the fax machine was turned off. CocoFax, however, is always right in its functions.

Receiving fax through Email and CocoFax

Receiving faxes from CocoFax is easier than sending faxes. Whatever faxes you receive, they will appear in your inbox just like any regular email. You will receive the faxes only in a pdf format. PDF is the most trustworthy format of business communication and hence makes Faxes a double secure phenomenon.

This brings the missing of any vital faxes a very unlikely scenario. You will almost instantaneously receive your faxes. Nowadays everyone has their email configured into their smartphones so they can easily notice fax.


Hence proven that CocoFax features are incomparable than other online faxing services. These also turn out to be the reason why CocoFax is seeing an increasing number of corporate and individual subscribers each day.

Businesses still swear by the security offered by faxes and fax machines. While fax machines have vanished into the thin air, faxes continue to hold their importance. When you can email to a fax number, impossible is practically nothing in current times!

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