How to Send & Receive International Fax

What comes in your mind when you hear the word “faxing”? Is it the traditional faxing machine and the number of complexities associated with it? Well, if it does, it is part of fast now. The Internet archived a dramatic reduction in the steps and communication cost, which used to exist when long faxes were frequently exchanged internationally or distance offices.

Since it does not use phone lines to send or receive the facts, moreover, it does not involve the variety of paper, ink, toner, landline, and of course, the fax machine. All you need is an international fax provider, compatible device, and a secure internet connection to send or receive fax internationally.


There exist a wide range of Fax service providers that bring you plenty of benefits and offer incredible features regarding international faxing. One such international electronic fax provider is CocoFax.

How to get started for sending international fax online for free?

Things you need to send International Faxes online

When it comes to sending international fax without using traditional faxing machines or phone lines, you need the following;

Your faxing documents

This is the very first thing you should have. Get a soft copy of all the documents you want to fax. This can be done by scanning them from a scanning machine for making a PDF by clicking pictures of them. You can upload this copy to your cloud storage or save it in your device in a folder. Remember that you cannot fax the document online in case you do not have its soft copy.

Information of the receiver

The receiver’s information is usually a fax number. This is the very same number you are supposed to enter in your “to” section while composing the fax. Fax number varies when it comes to faxing internationally. International numbers have two additional codes. One refers to the country code of the receiver, while others refer to the exit code. The country code of the receiver helps the service provider to locate in which region you want to send the fax. Whereas exit code signifies the country in which the sender is living. The sequence of fax number is:

International fax service provider

The next thing you need is a recognized global Fax service provider. There are thousands of services available on the Internet that allow you to send or receive the fax online. We recommend you to go for CocoFax for its reliable and secure services. Read the CocoFax review to find out more about the service.

Things you need to receive international faxes online

When it comes to receiving international Fax service you need the following:

Strong and secure internet connection

This is the very first thing you need to receive the facts online. Because no online Fax service provider works without the Internet, make sure your internet connection is secure and reliable.

An international fax service provider

Just like the one you require to send the international faxes, you need the services to save them as well. These online service providers usually ask for registration, after which you are assigned an account that is used later on to send or receive the fax anytime, anywhere.

When someone shares information or document through fax, it is received in the inbox and saved there. Whenever you log into your account, you can read these faxes from the inbox.

A fax number

For receiving the fax, you need a fax number. This can be the very same number you use to send the faxes. Provide this number to the sender along with your country code for receiving international faxes.

How to send international fax using CocoFax online fax services?

CocoFax is one of the most popular and widely used online faxing services around the globe. It is secure, reliable, fast, and efficient. It is an end to end encrypted and allows you to share sensitive information without worrying about stealing or privacy invasion. You cannot only send but receive the faxes overseas using it. That is why CocoFax is loved by the professionals and ranked by Forbes as the world-class fax service provider.

If you’re an internet connection and any device like PC, Mac, laptop, or mobile phone, you can use it to send or receive the faxes.

But what you are missing here is the fax number. Without a fax number, you can neither send nor receive any fax.

CocoFax provides you with a fax number free of cost for a specified period. Once this free trial expires, you are required to buy a subscription plan. Note that, when you subscribe to any plan, CocoFax allows you to choose the fax number based on your preference. So you can choose any number that is easy to remember. This can be your date of birth, university registration number, or your wedding date.

Which web browser is compatible with CocoFax?

Certain online faxing services providers are compatible with a particular web browser only. But CocoFax allows you to use any browser such as Google, internet explorer, Mozilla, Bing, etc.

Moreover, it is compatible with all the devices. No matter if you have a traditional PC or the latest Macbook, an iOS, or a non iOS device, you can use Coco Fax to send or receive faxes.

What makes CocoFax the best?

There are a lot of reasons for which it beats its competitor, and it is being used around the world by numerous professionals—listed a few of the significant features that make it stand out and surpass other online service providers.

  • It allows you to send or receive the documents in multiple file formats such as google docs, PDF, JPG, Xls, and others.
  • Whenever you receive, and your fax or your fax is delivered, you are notified. Additionally, if the fax fails to receive on the receiver’s send, you are informed through a notification.
  • It allows you to save your faxes permanently on the dashboard. You can send or receive the fax through email as well.

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