OSRS – An Introduction to Staves`

Staves can be very effective magic weapons when used in the right hands, so here is a selection of the best you can find.

Old School Runescape is renowned for having an abundance of weapons within the game. It has maintained a massive fanbase over the years with the amount of variety that it offers. Whilst players have a wide choice of what they spend their OSRS gold on, many will opt to put their resources into weaponry, specifically into Staves.

What are OSRS Staves?

For those who may be unaware, Staves are Magic weapons in OSRS. They can auto-cast spells, and come in a number of different forms. For example, elemental staves can host a rune and provide an infinite source for it. A positive of this is that you can save buying OSRS gold since you don’t need to buy the rune.

Staves also give magic attack bonuses, as well as small melee attack bonuses. If you want to get additional melee bonuses, then you can upgrade a normal stave into a Battlestave. Meanwhile, there are mystic OSRS Staves that are enchanted Battlestaves which further increases melee attack.

Another advantage of having a stave is that you don’t need to have completed any quests or have particular skills to wield one. Having said that, there are certain staves that you will require to wield in order to use particular spells. So, if you want to use the Magic Dart spell, for example, you will need to use the slayer staff, or Iban’s staff for Iban Blast. There are still staves that do have level requirements, but those are more advanced weapons that we will be discussing.

Now that you have a basic idea of what a stave is, let’s take a look at what the best staves are in OSRS.

Iban’s Staff

As we mentioned previously, Iban’s Staff has its own unique ability in the form of Iban Blast. This spell sees the enemy being pelted by magic, with a max damage of 25. It offers one of the highest amounts of DPS out of al magic weapons and can be upgraded so that you can auto-cast the deadly Iban’s Blast. The staff is dropped by Iban at the climax of the Underground Pass and has a level requirement of 50 Magic and Attack, so make sure you have these skills up.

Ancient Staff

Acquiring the Ancient Staff, like Iban’s Staff, requires skill level 50 for Magic and Attack.  This too can auto-cast spells, this time from the Ancient Spellbook. Boasting high magic accuracy also, it is very much a standout weapon for you to wield. It may not seem like the most powerful of weapons on the surface, but it can be great for those wanting to cast spells from the Ancient Spellbook and is an effective weapon when being used in PvP.

Toxic Staff of the Dead

Saving the best until last, the Toxic Staff of the Dead has a slightly higher requirement of 75 Magic and Attack. It has a great defense and attack bonuses, and you can even cast spells to envenom your opponents. You can maximize the chances of this happening with the Serpentine Helm, though keep in mind this only works on NPCs.

It has a cost of 8.8 million OSRS gold and can be purchased at the Grand Exchange if you have that kind of money to hand. Alternatively, you can purchase a normal staff of the dead and use a Magic Fang on it to make your own.

You should now have more of a clue on what staves are in OSRS. Some can prove to be extremely deadly when used in the right way, but either way, there is something here to use for a wide range of players depending on their levels. Whichever you choose to wield, enjoy casting magic and thwarting your enemies with your favorite OSRS Stave.

Have you tried using a stave in OSRS? Let us know in the comments section below!

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