Path of Exile – How to Value Your Items

Learning how to value Path of Exile items can be confusing at first, but thankfully there are tools to help you.

One of the most confusing aspects of starting out in the Path of Exile is how to value your PoE items. You will notice early on that PoE currency plays a huge part in the game, and it can be overwhelming knowing the best ways in which to utilize your in-game money and knowing how much your stuff is worth. There are a few tools that you can use however, so fear not if the prospect of valuing your items all seems a bit much for you at the moment.

Using Community Tools

Thankfully, the Path of Exile has a vast community that offers tools to help you make the most of getting the best value out of your items. Your first objective is to garner an understanding of how the game’s economy works. You can do this by using outlets such as PoE Ninja, which is a great place for you to get an idea of pricing, and what the values are for PoE items at that particular time.

Once you are here, you are going to be reading a lot about PoE orbs and how much items are worth. You should take this time to have a look around the site, and use the search engine to look up the value of items you already have. If there are any items that you would like to purchase or sell, then look them up on a site like this to check their value.

There is also a source called PoE Trade Macro, which quickly and efficiently searches for the information you need on items, and how much they are worth. You can even use this tool whilst you are playing the game, which is very handy for getting the info you need whilst in the game.

PoE Uniques

You can use a tool such as PoE Trade Macro to find the price of your PoE uniques rather easily. You can also use the likes of PoE Ninja as mentioned earlier to find out what they are worth. With uniques, you can check their affix ranges to see if they are worth more. Those that roll higher will sell for a lot more than lower-tier rolls. Just make sure that you check the item itself on sites such as PoE Trade for more information.

Pricing up Rare PoE Items

There is a feature with PoE Trade Macro that can also help with pricing rare PoE items. This allows you to see a prediction of how much the items are worth. Whilst this can sometimes be a bit out of range compared to the actual price, it does give you at least a ballpark idea of what the worth is. It still proves to be a quick and convenient way to get an idea of what the price of your rare item is. Prefixes and Suffixes are something you need to consider too. You can make items far more valuable if you have open Prefixes or Suffixes, especially if you master craft life or resistance.

That should give you a rough idea of how to value your Path of Exile items. It can be a confusing aspect of the game at first for sure, on top of everything else you have to learn about PoE. But with time and research, you should have no problem in soon becoming a whiz on the market for the popular ARPG title.

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