Support Your Favorite Streamers with Stars, Buy Directly with PayMaya

The Streaming Boom

For many of us, streaming has a big part of our daily lives – whether as a viewer or the actual streamer. For viewers, we tend to connect with streamers, regardless if they’re friends or total strangers. With this, we’re more inclined to support them so they can continue their craft.  

Facebook Gaming has been around for a while now since the Twitch PH Exodus. We, at Back2Gaming, have made comments on how Facebook Gaming will compete with Twitch and fast-forward to years later, we now have the Stars system which allows viewers to give back to streamers.

Stars are pretty much tips for streamers and more Facebook Stars mean more extra income for the streamers and for viewers, this means they can help their favorite streamer get some motivation to keep doing livestreams.

If you would like to support your favorite streamers, why not gift them Stars to motivate them even further? You can do this, even without a credit card, with the help of PayMaya. And with just a few clicks, you can already send stars to your idols, and even get up to 100% cashback for your purchases worth P500 or more.

Pay with Paymaya When Buying Facebook Stars

I know a lot of people who like the concept of stars but have always had this impression that you need a credit card to pay for most online transactions including Facebook. With services like PayMaya, you’re always one tap away from paying securely and conveniently.

Let me walk you through how it’s done:

This is obvious, but you need a PayMaya account. You can read up more about signing up for PayMaya and download the app here:

While watching a livestream, you’ll the stars icon in the comment section, where you can attach stars to your message. Clicking this will bring up a menu where you can choose how many stars you’d like to send and emotes you can purchase to send with the stars.

If you don’t have any stars in stock, you can go ahead and buy some. Click the buy stars button and you’ll have a selection of Facebook Stars denominations and their respective amount.

Click Buy Stars and you’ll be prompted with the Facebook Pay menu which lets you choose which payment option you want. Choose PayMaya.


Just click to continue to the payment gateway.

Click Pay with PayMaya and enter your mobile number and an OTP to proceed with payment.

You’ll receive confirmation immediately after purchasing stars.


Now all you need to is type-in your message and send your support to your favorite streams. Too easy!

Show the Love

After that, and this is totally optional, but you might get a shout-out from your favorite streamer. Here’s my boy Kalbz getting a nice pick-me-up after a few losing rounds.

Labyu din boss Kalbz

I’ll have to note that some streamers can’t accept stars and you should help encourage them to complete their Facebook Level Up so they can start receiving stars for viewers.

With more and more of us being opened to the world of game streaming, it’s certainly nice to see more convenient ways from Facebook to complete payments and with Facebook stars just a few clicks away, you’ll appreciate the time it saves you so you can continue interacting and watching your favorite streamers.

That being said, to close this out I ask people who enjoy podcast type of streams to check me out

Yes, that’s me and I am the only person I know that does PC content streaming in a podcast format. So we do this everyday providing answers and discussions of topics for the PC and gaming audience.

Now I’m not asking for stars but if you want to show your support, please do. Eventually this is all going back to the community by ways of giveaways and other rewards.

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