Tips for promoting a personal or thematic page on Instagram 

Instagram is the most popular social network for promoting yourself, a product, or a service. Use it as a primary and secondary platform to attract new people to your business, streaming channel, merchandise, etc. It has many users and offers free ways to promote original content. Read on to find out about all the tricks that work for all niches and types of Insta pages.

Prepare the page

It all starts with registering and switching to a business or creator account – this is necessary so that you can track the insights and have access to useful functions for promoting and maintaining the page.

Get serious about planning your account. Userpic, page name, and bio are the first things that users see when they visit your page. They should all fit your theme, describe you or your business, and be memorable. Write your other social networks, website, YouTube channel, etc. in the bio.



Instagram promotion is primarily based on creating attractive visual content. It encourages followers to familiarize themselves with the text, product, and other platforms of the account owner.

First of all, think about the general visual theme of your posts. They should be united by the same style, color scheme, text inserts, etc. Your image editing technique can become your hallmark. For example, blur the background to hide unnecessary details or create intrigue using the RetouchMe service

At the same time, the formats of posts should be different. Instagram allows uploading photos, videos, collections of pictures as well as IGTV (videos longer than 1 minute). In addition, you can post stories – a photo or video no longer than 14 seconds, which are automatically deleted after 24 hours. You can save and group stories; they will be visible under the text in the bio. Free promotion on Instagram

Instagram has a positive attitude towards creators who publish unique content and don’t mind promoting them for free. First, put hashtags (up to 30 in 1 post) so that your posts can be seen through them. Specify geolocation so that users can also find you through the place where you are. This is especially useful for local brands.

The most fruitful way is to get to the Explore page on Instagram. A special algorithm selects posts with high activity (likes, comments, saves, etc.) and your task is to post attractive content.

Instagram has long learned to distinguish natural from artificial traffic, so don’t even try to buy followers, likes, and comments. This can only spoil the reputation of your page and local algorithms won’t notice you. Instead, spend time and effort on engaging content.

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