Someone’s Missing from MNL48’s “Gingham Check” MV

MNL48 released the Music Video for the 4th single’s coupling song, “Gingham Check,” and I personally feel that it is a step up from the “Igai ni Mango” MV. The Under Girls from the 2nd General Election take center stage this time, and it provides a breath of fresh air to see another batch of members showcase their stuff to the fans.

But as the title of this article suggests, there’s someone important to me who is missing from the music video and promotions to date: MNL48 member Kay, ranked 21st last General Election, she’s girl number 6 in this line-up. But Kay is nowhere to be seen in both the video and Gingham Check photo-cards. She wasn’t even part of the line-up sent to “Umagang Kay Ganda”. The reason is because she wasn’t in the country to do so.


Before the MV shoot and photo-cards pictorials, Kay had to return to Japan with her mother, younger sister, and little brother. She stayed there for two weeks, attending to personal matters and getting a much-deserved rest. Kay isn’t just half-Japanese, she and her sister are Japanese citizens, and although she’s been to and from Japan this year due to work, she’s had to return to her homeland with her sister and mother. It is a homecoming for her, a time when she can return to Japan not because of work, but to relax and take care of some personal stuff.

Fans have been wondering why Kay has been conspicuously absent when previously, HHE has been getting her to attend events. You know how this fandom goes right? Something happens and fans speculate. Her mom requested I make an article about it so that people won’t assume anything.

As a fan, of course I want Kay to be in every media and event possible. But in life, things aren’t always straightforward, and there are things far more important in this world than being an idol. Like family, and the chance to rest and bond with them. I would say that her time back home is well-spent. I just hope she comes back to promoting Gingham Check before we all move on to the fifth single.

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