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1/100 Scale Gunpla in All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2015

The new 1/100 scale Gundam model kits are on display in All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2015. We actually guessed these a few months back… hire us Bandai.

The new 1/100 scale Gundam model kits are on display in All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2015. Gundam Guy has the latest pictures on the Master Grade Ver Ka V2 Gundam, Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam The Origin version, P-Bandai Exclusive Gundam Amazing Exia, 1/100 No-grade Gundam Barbatos, and the 1/100 No-grade Graze.

But perhaps the biggest surprise is the announcement of planned RE/100 kits. The list includes the Kshatriya, the Xi Gundam, Gaia Gundam, and the Reborns Gundam. Keep in mind that the list is just what they are thinking to release, and not an actual line-up.

V2 Gundam

RX 78-2 Gundam The Origin Ver.

Gundam Amazing Exia

Barbatos and Graze from G-Tekketsu

The “planned” RE/100 lineup.

If Bandai pushes through with their plans for the RE/100, it will make the line strong and “the line to beat” in Gunpla. From “obscure and/or expensive to make suits”, they now include “popular” suits that the general public don’t give a shit. Which is good, because we wouldn’t get them in 1/100 scale otherwise.

The Master Grade line isn’t dead, despite the prevalence of P-Bandai kits over regular and Ver Ka ones, but they are starting to get picky (at least I already got my Nu Gundam ver Ka and Hi-Nu Gundam ver Ka as well as the 00 Qan-T). But they need to keep it alive so I’m hoping a new Char’s Zaku The Origin ver next year.

As for the G-Tekketsu 1/100, I’m a little put off by the hands, but the frame looks pretty.

I’ll post more news as info drops in.

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    September 27, 2015 at 10:45 am

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