12-Year Old Wins Takes Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Title at GeneSys 2013

A 12-year old player going by the handle of AK took home the top spot at the recently concluded GeneSys 2013 tournament at iTech, Glorietta 3, using a team consisting of Lars Alexandersson and Lei Wulong.

According to the post on EventHubs, “This kid has be the youngest player we’ve heard of in recent times to take home the gold at a tournament and has apparently been winning various events around the country.”

It makes me wonder what kind of training this kid had, if any. My guess is, either of his parents is a long-time Tekken player and he started out early. Finally, given that he’s only 12, that puts him in the right age to have been born around the time the first Tekken Tag Tournament was out and getting amounts of play in arcades.

With that said, here’s the match footage:

via and thanks to Emily Chow for tipping me off on this!

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