AMD Confirms Zen 3 CPUs Will Launch in 2020

Rumors that AMD may delay Zen3 for next year or later have surfaced recently citing with the rumors citing that AMD is foregoing the release due to “lack of competition.” And with Intel struggling, it does seem like the perfect time for AMD to extend their 2019 vacation but during a recent teleconference briefing for media partners for their Ryzen XT series briefing, AMD representatives were asked about this and AMD reps have responded that Zen 3 Ryzen processors will still launch this 2020. The rumor had sufficient weight given that AMD had just launched the Ryzen 3000 XT processors which were just refresh of existing SKUs. When asked if the XT CPUs will phase out the non-XT parts, AMD representatives responded to us that both CPUs will be available side by side.

And AMD spokesperson responding to TechPowerUp’s question about the delay said that “the rumor on Zen3 is inaccurate.” AMD has also clarified that Zen3 will not be built on 5mm and has published slides for their roadmap showing that Zen 3 will be a 7nm part.


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