AMD Radeon 7 Announced at CES 2019

AMD has just announced their latest graphics card built on their 7nm technology.

The Radeon 7 features 1.8Ghz clock frequency with 16GB HBM offering 1TBps bandwidth.

The AMD Radeon 7 will be available on February 7 for $699.

A demo of Devil May Cry 5 was shown running in 4K max settings with the performance showing around 70-90FPS. A short gameplay demo of The Division 2 running in 4K but no framerate were shown.

AMD has earlier announced its Radeon Mobility 2nd-gen chips but everyone is waiting for the announcement of the Zen2-based processors.

AMD will bundle Radeon 7 with The Division 2, Resident Evil 2 Remake and Devil May Cry 5. Other select Radeon graphics card once its available will also receive this bundle.

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