AMD RX 6000 Teased in Fortnite

Fortnite Streamer MissGinaDarling (AMD-sponsored) has spotted an easter egg in a Fortnite map which leads to a message saying the following:


This is directly above an indicator that requires the code “6000” to be entered to see the message.

Those who are familiar with the hints will obviously connect the hints being dropped here. Big Navi and the successor to AMD’s RX 5000 series have been long-awaited and with NVIDIA dropping their RTX 30 series to a gigantic positive feedback from the community but with many still waiting with bated breath for the independent reviews.

AMD’s Big Navi has always been the much-awaited counter to NVIDIA’s reign in the GPU scene and with the next-gen consoles rolling, AMD can finally work on their GPUs and it seems they’re ready to play.

AMD has stated that Big Navi should be expected this year. Big Navi will use RDNA2 and will have much of the tech currently infused with next-gen consoles but expected to have PC-only refinements. Consoles are currently planned for a November launch wherein Big Navi may be shortly announced soonafter.

Going back to the Fortnite easter egg, HotHardware has a tutorial on how to see the easter egg.

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