AMD Ryzen 9 4950X Sample Reported to Boost Up to 4.8Ghz

Igor’s Lab is reporting sources have shared information about the upcoming Ryzen 4000 series desktop CPU’s capabilities . Based on Zen 3, AMD has confirmed on multiple times that Zen 3  will be released this year and with more rumors surfacing, the hype is starting to build up.

Codenamed Vermeer, the Zen 3 CPUs reported is the Ryzen 9 4950X. Sporting 16 cores and 32 threads, the chip is reported to have a boost frequency of 4.8Ghz. As an engineering sample at an early stage, the CPU may see changes with earlier reports suggesting 4.6Ghz.  A final CPU may have a higher final boost clock. This information is corroborated by the OPEN code stating “100-000000059-52_ 48/35 _ Y” with the 48 indicating the boost and 35 as the base clocks. As mentioned, a previous report had OPN codes “100-000000059-14_46/37_Y” and “100-000000059-15_46/37_N” which suggested the clocks to be at 4.6Ghz boost.

AMD has remained mum about Zen 3.


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