ASUS Brings New 360Hz Monitor and 1400 Nits HDR G-SYNC Monitors to the Game

Starting off CES week, ASUS and NVIDIA jointly release updated monitor tech to start the year. Two of the biggest announcement to start the tech year is ASUS and NVIDIA’s partnership to deliver the world’s first 360Hz monitor as well as a 1400 nits HDR 4K-144 monitors.

G-Sync Esports Display – 360Hz Refresh Rate

We pay special attention to frametimes here in Back2Gaming, not only is it very vital in reaction speed, it matters more when its a high-stake situation like The International. With Puppey and many other pros swearing by 165Hz and up only by last year, its only time we saw that number rise to more fluid levels. Earlier this week, ASUS announced the ROG Swift 360hz (yes the name includes the refresh rate).

The ROG Swift 360hz is practically an upgraded model of the 240Hz that ASUS and othe rbrands have already. For ASUS, the ROG Swift 360Hz features a familiar aesthetic. Its the 360Hz that totally lifts it amongst the competition.

The ROG Swift 360hz features 24.5-inch panel and runs at Full HD 1920×1080 resolution at up 360Hz refresh rate. The display is G-SYNC certified. Not much info has been released about response time uyet as well as color details or panel type.

Mini-LED Driven 1400 nits HDR G-SYNC Ultimate Monitor

ROG also announced the PG32UQX, a 32-inch, 144hz 4K HDR monitor brandishing an industry-first 1400 nits of maximum brightness for a DisplayHDR1400 certification and features 1152 local dimming zones. The monitor offers 90% DCI-P3. The monitor is also certified G-SYNC Ultimate by NVIDIA.

This monitor is intended for productivity as well as content consumption for entertainment thanks to the HDR1400 capabilities, allowing it more vibrant, high-contrast scene capabilities. The 32″ screen is also much more suited to the 4K resolution for Windows reducing the need for scaling.


ROG Swift 360Hz G-SYNC monitor ROG Swift PG32UQX monitor
·  24.5-inch display

·  360Hz refresh rate

·  Full HD resolution

·  NVIDIA® G-SYNC certified

·  32-inch Wide Screen (16:9) Display

·  Mini-LED Panel Backlight with 1400 nits peak brightness

·  4K 144Hz Refresh rate (10 bit)

·  1152 zones of dynamically local dimming


·  DisplayHDR 1400 Compliant

Both the ROG Swift 360Hz G-SYNC and ROG Swift PG32UQX displays will be available later this year, with pricing to be announced closer to availability.

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