Blasphemous Is Now Fully Funded on Kickstarter

Blasphemous is a non-linear platformer that features fast, intense. and non-stop combat. Its Kickstarter funding started in May 24, 2017 and currently has $ 333,246 of the $ 50,000 target.

The funding is not over yet and the Survival Mode goal still has to be reached.


The developer has already put up a dedicated website for the game and is active on giving updates through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Game Features:

  • Explore a huge, doomed land, a universe that feels open, delivered through a non-sequential level design that puts you in control of where to go next.
  • Blasphemous’ levels tell a story that is challenging to decipher, but very rewarding to those who dare to put all its pieces together.
  • Deep progression system with equipable and consumable items: Find your personal combat style by equipping rosary beads, crown thorns, or carrying around relics that boost your combat abilities.

There are successful games funded on Kickstarter that was completed and had been released on Steam such as EVERSPACE and Hollow Knight. We hope Blasphemous will be completed, too, and hit the target release in Q1 2019.

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