Chinese Brand Asgard Announces DDR5-4800 RAM

DDR5 is slowly getting attention in more consumer products with SK Hynix, ADATA¬†and TeamGroup recently making announcements involving the technology. Regardless, availability would reach critical eventually but as of this moment there’s not a lot of companies that are release DDR5 memory modules. Surprisingly, China-based vendor Asgard is launching heir first DDR5 memory modules. A Jiahe Jinwei Electronics Technology subsidiary, Asgard has announced their DDR5 memory modules with the model name VMA5AUK-MMH224W3. Asgard’s modules will be available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB single stick configurations.

Unlike modern high-speed DDR4 memories, Asgard’s DDR5-4800 RAM is bare with no heatsink and on a green PCB. The sticks will run at DDR5-4800 and timings meeting JEDEC B-class. Voltage will also remain standard at 1.1v.

The company discloses that manufacturing of the actual sticks will only commence once CPUs that utilize DDR5 are available and the platforms that support the DDR5 standard are more prevalent. This includes Intel’s Alder Lake, and Tiger Lake from Intel with CPUs from AMD also coming.


The company has not disclosed pricing as of announcement.

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