DigiTimes Predicts Up to 50% Increase in DDR3 Price

DDR4 has been available for nearly a decade now but DDR3 still exists in some sectors. Some newer NAS, IOT devices, as well as servers and integrated devices which might see longer usage or are maintained due to specialized industrial design and software. This means that DDR3 will remain in the market for the foreseeable future but as manufacturers move towards DDR5 and more companies are pushing to create more DDR4.

This is the reason why DDR3 is rising in pricing with manufacturers like Hynix and Samsung reducing production or in Hynix’s case, outright only creating 4Gb modules. Market prices for DDR3 has risen as much as 30% and this scarcity will increase further as the main producers continue reducing production capacity to meet a more modern market. This means that legacy users that may need DDR3 in the years to come may see up to a 50% increase if not more for DDR3 modules.

For consumer desktop users who are still on DDR3 platforms and are planning to retain their 2nd-gen to 4th-gen Intel gaming PCs, take note of this development. Scrappers as well selling foreclosure or auction parts can and will take advantage of this increasing cost especially with a market that still maintains a decent chunk of DDR3 users from aging gaming PCs alongside that cases stated above from businesses and specialized devices.


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