Feral Interactive is Teasing a New Linux Game

Update 2017 Nov. 2: We guessed wrong 🙂 The game is F1 2017.

Feral Interactive, one of the popular Linux porters, is teasing a new game in their Feral Radar. The clue is a picture of a bus with “West Norwood” route sign.

According to Wikipedia, West Norwood is a place in London. We are not familiar with London so we’re going to make speculations based on the history of PC games that were ported to Linux by Feral Interactive.

We’re ruling out games from Codemasters since DiRT 4 was just released on Windows last June 9, 2017. DiRT Rally was ported to Linux on March 2, 2017 and Feral Interactive would probably capitalize on that racing game first. Mafia III is the latest game published by 2K Games but it was already ported to Mac by Aspyr Media and we don’t think the Linux port (if ever) will be done by another company. So, we are left with games published or will be published by SEGA, Square Enix, or Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Whatever it may be, we’re sure it will be another great addition to the growing game library of Linux.

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