Welcoming More Heroes to Captain’s Mode

While we don’t get a new hero for the game in this update, we can at least welcome “new” heroes into Captain’s Mode as well as some bug fixes. As we ponder on how Drow and Tusk can affect the META game with their inclusion the Tournament Version Captain’s Mode, players who frequently queue Public Matchmaking CM and Team Matchmaking now have something new to try out as three more heroes enter the Latest  Version’s CM — Bristleback, Slark and Skywrath Mage. On the other hand, designers also have something to look forward to, as the Workshop now includes HUD Skin design submissions.

April 25, 2013
Source:  DOTA 2 Dev Forums

– Enabled Drow and Tusk in Captain’s Mode (Tournament Version).
– Enabled Bristleback, Slark and Skywrath Mage in Captain’s Mode (Latest Version).
– Invoker: Fixed Cold Snap being purgable.
– Skywrath Mage: Fixed hitbox being too small.
– Slark: Fixed Shadow Dance giving Slark flying vision.
– Slark: Fixed Shadow Dance granting passive bonuses to Slark illusions.
– Slark: Fixed an issue causing Shadow Dance’s passive modifier to not update in the UI, despite being active.
– Slark: Fixed Dark Pact continuing while Slark is dead.
– Slark: Essence Shift counters on both Slark and enemy heroes will show the total duration ( i.e. the time that the most recent stack will expire.)
– Slark: Fixed a number of incorrect spell interactions with Dark Pact.
– Slark: Fixed a number of horizontal movement ability interactions with Pounce.
– Troll Warlord: Fixed Berserker’s Rage bonus damage not being applied as base damage.
– Tusk: Fixed Frozen Sigil not affecting magic immune units.

– All Defense 2 War Dogs are now Vintage quality.
– Dota 2 Vintage quality items can now be traded on the Steam Community Marketplace.

– Added HUD Skins to the Workshop Importer.