How to Spend Php 1-Million If I Won PayMaya’s PayMayaguinaldo Raffle

First, let me preface this by saying it’s been a tough year and we all need a break and slow down. So apparently I missed a couple of announcements from PayMaya and one of those is that they’re giving away 1 MILLION PESOS just by paying with PayMaya. Starting November 23, 2020 to January 10, 2021, everytime you pay via PayMaya QR code from partner merchants, use your PayMaya mobile number or buy use the PayMaya app to load-up, you earn a raffle entry. This entitles you to win cash prizes with weekly raffles having a total of Php285,000 worth of prizes and the grand prize of 1 MILLION PESO awaits the single lucky winner. You can read more details here:

So what if I won? I’m kinda feeling lucky. I’ve been exclusively using PayMaya for the better part of the year to pay bills, shop online or do the occasional supply run. True story: since I’m a few minutes away from National Book Store, I prefer walking there and I have not ridden public transport since the lockdown started so I wear shorts without pockets, I just carry my phone and I’m off. That said, I think I did that hundreds of times recently buying up some holiday crafts and supplies as well some from the hardware store so I think I feel I have a chance of bagging that million-peso prize (I wish).

So, let’s pretend I did and once again, in my perfect imaginary world where I exist in a single room where the days are thankfully 1000-hour long during off days where I can just game away. And with my colossal PC gaming backlog knocking, its time to see what the BossMac Gaming Universe’s perfect PC gaming experience is with 1 Miliion Pesos from PayMayaguinaldo.

The Fastest Gaming PC on the Planet (for now)

Its obvious this was going to be the chunk of our expense so let’s get right into, what are we speccing in our what if build? This build is going to focus on pumping as much FPS as possible in 4K. It’s not about just buying the most expensive things right now. After all, this is what I do for a living. It’d be stupid to just by a Threadripper just because its $4000. Nope.

Our concept for this build will be “everything has to be here now” but it has to be the most sensible performance build without spending more on customization and RGB. Basically, everything can be purchased and hopefully have PayMaya #ScanToPay options.

Here’s our specs:

For our CPU of choice, we’re running the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X as it simply the fastest single CPU on the market right now. While a Threadripper 3960X or 3970X would make sense especially for maxing out the PCIe lanes. That’s why we’re only running 2x2TB Gen4 SSDs and we’re going to be wiring that to our ROG DIMM.2 slot that will utilizing the spare PCIe slots that are not used by our GPUs which are now running x8/x8. We’re also using 128GB DDR4-4000 Trident Royal. Nothing more to say about that. All of that will be housed in the Corsair 1000D. I’ve always wanted this case and will buy it in a heartbeat but with my space a little on the cramp side, its in the backburner but not for our dream build. This baby gets the RGB-spoiled 1000D. Plain and simple. There’s room for an ITX build but I ain’t streaming so passing on that. All of this will be powered off a 1600W 80 PLUS Titanium rated Corsair AXi PSU. We’re going to be drawing around 900W on this rig provided SLI is present. Regardless, 1600W should put us in the nice sweet spot of hitting that 50% efficiency curve.

I personally use an ROG PG27UQ monitor right now and I will never run multiple monitor that aren’t in 4K. And just because we’re spoiling ourselves, let’s go bigger. A central 65” PG65UQ squared up in my blank white wall flanked by twin 43” PG43UQ, each one suspended on their heavy duty desk mount arms that allows me to swing both back to reveal the giant screen on the back 10ft away.

This build currently factors in Amazon, B&H and Newegg prices with the total coming in at $17,337. As of current foreign exchange, that is Php662,026.18. Shipping will probably add $2000 on top of this with taxes estimated to be at around ~ehem~ Php239,784.

Surprisngly, sourcing these locally will probably net us around the same total including shipping and taxes. So why is it so high? Due to stocks issues, you can see our GPU and CPU are absurdly overpriced and the reality here is that actually do buy some of these things. For whatever reason it is, be it FOMO or just an incurable case of gearlust, this do fly out. Of course, a Palit, ZOTAC or GALAX wouldn’t cost so much but it’s a grim reminder I’d like to push forward especially when you’re dealing with hype culture that shouldn’t exist on the PC space.

Anyway, a lot of these items are locally avaialble, you can check them out from their physical stores as well as online through Facebook, Lazada or Shopee. A lot of local stores support payment via PayMaya so make sure to take advantage of that opportunity for convenience. I’m personally a Lazada man but options are always good.

Which pretty much leaves us with a few thousand pesos and with that, I would like to buy a Jollibee Champ and a sundae. The deed is done.

Here’s a round up of our things-to-buy:

Honestly, this a very approximation but come on, if I’m Tony Stark for a day, this is where it’s going. No if, ands or buts.

Back to reality…

That is if we have the cash to burn and in my perfect world with no worries, that’s what I’m getting. Let me know what’s yours. Drop your your dream build, heck include the chairs and tables, in the comments and let’s see what you got.

Again, you can get the chance to WIN 1 MILLION PESOS with PayMaya’s PayMayaguinaldo promo until January 10, 2020. Lucky winners have already won a share of P285,000 worth of prizes so if you haven’t won yet, it’s probably a good thing because you still stand a chance to win a million pesos.

 To earn a raffle entry, all you need is to complete your purchases and pay with PayMaya. You can #ScanToPay via PayMaya QR at partner stores and merchants. You can also earn raffle entries thru online purchases using your PayMaya-registered number from their partner brands and last is through purchasing prepaid load and others through the PayMaya in-app shop. Minimum purchase of Php100 is required as well.

Users will receive a raffle entry per Php100 purchase. The more you spend, the more chances of winning. Good luck!

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