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Intel Regains Market Shares Despite AMD’s Momentum

2020 was a big growth for x86 computing with the market overall experiencing sizable growth. While AMD has had good success with their CPU performance, they still continue to struggle on the entry-level market where growth is the strongest.

Intel Regains Market Shares Despite AMD's Momentum -

Mercury Research has shared their Q4 2020 market share report detailing the market shares of Intel and AMD right now. Quick note: this is a wholistic view of the larger market, not just gaming PCs and laptops so don’t go crying foul as Intel has a sizable lead already. The main news is that Intel, who has been bleeding market shares for 3 years, has regained their market share despite their diminishing share as of 2017. As shared by Tom’s Hardware, Mercury Research’s 2020 report sees Intel regaining some market share thanks to the overall growth of the computing business in 2020 due to the rise in work-from-home computing, amongst others. Due to tight supply, AMD has lost some market share to intel, seeing them slip from 20.1% to 19.3% quarter-on-quarter as of Q4.

The market increase in total tells us that AMD isn’t losing sales, but just can’t keep up with the demand. Due to their Ryzen 5000 price increase, AMD’s sees a 50% annual growth on their revenue. Year-on-year, AMD still manages to gain a sizable 21.7% market share overall which includes servers, mobiles and desktops versus 2019’s 15.5%. Intel as a whole still holds the remaining percentages of the market.

AMD continues to suffer from supply challenges despite their favorable advance in performance. Availability has remained low and TSMC’s supply still remains constrained for AMD’s highly sought-after CPUs. While Intel still continues to struggle with their own competitive architecture, AMD may be looking to source its fabrication to another foundry like Samsung to help alleviate the situation but they better do it soon. Intel’s Rocket Lake-S arrives soon built on their 10nm architecture but backported to 14nm to not stress their 10nm line while a new CPU may arrive later in the year fabbed on Intel’s 10nm node.

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