Intel Registers New Logos and Badges: “EVO Powered by Core”

In a post-Core world, Intel is revamping it client-segment processor brand as it steps into a new generation starting with new logos. Intel’s new registration of trademarks and logos via the US Patent and Trade Office shows a couple of details about Intel’s newer identity.

The Intel Inside badge has been in existence for almost if not more than two decades and has spelled Intel’s dominance reigns  over the years. It has made numerous changes over the years but the new registration has revealed a bolder, more distinct departure from the circular stroke tag of the past. The new Intel Inside badge features a bolder Intel logo with a cleaner, minimalist look with the “inside” logotype more prominently laid in this new layout. The badge also has a more distinct Intel blue design with nice plays on gradients and color contrast, favored in today’s modern design world.


The more significant changes arrives in the form of the SKU badges. The Core i9/i7/5/i3 badges will  now see a similar geometric contrast design with the new “CORE” logotype.  The SKU will be marked in the lower right. A new badge will also emerge: the  “EVO Powered by Core” badge. Now by itself, it could just be a new branding but putting together some company movements, Intel may be planning to debut EVO as a hybrid processor featuring more than kind of CPU core and it is believed that it made debut with Alder Lake as Tiger Lake products are already under mass-production. Non-EVO chips are you standard processors.

It’s worth pointing out that the “EVO Powered by Core”, the Powered by Core part is relatively smaller, possibly to push the EVO branding further, suggesting Intel may be transitioning to the EVO branding in the future.

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