Intel Xe Graphics Detail Reveal on August 13

Intel is reportedly going to present a technical reveal of their upcoming Xe graphics architecture on August 13 as indicated by posts on Twitter which has now been deleted. “You’ve waited. You’ve wondered. We’ll deliver. In 20 days, expect more details on Xe graphics,” says the tweet. Senior Fellow and Director of Graphics Architecture at Intel, David Blythe is assumed to be doing the one doing the technical brief on the Intel Xe graphics architecture at a Hot Chip 2020 online event on August 17.

The technical brief coincides just in time with Tiger Lake, Intel’s commercial debut of the Xe in the form of iGPU which Intel refers to as “Gen12”, continuing the naming convention with previous integrated graphics solutions.

Intel Xe is designed for much more than iGPU solutions and low-end discrete GPUs. The architecture is designed to scale for large-scale computing with the silicon arriving in package sizes as wide as PC fans. Xe has shown it is quite formidable, demoed to play Battlefield V with respectable frame rates at 1080p and that’s via the Tiger Laker iGPU which suggests it can take on lighter eSports games much easier spelling significant threat to AMD and NVIDIA low power dedicated GPUs for mobile.


Intel’s recent financial results and commentaries’ made during the results call indicated strong hints of Intel Xe dGPUs as removed from Intel fabrication troubles and may be headed to 3rd-party foundries, possibly Samsung or a small chance, TSMC.

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