Kingdom Hearts 3 is Finally Happening After 12 Years

After over a decade of waiting, the sequel to beloved series is finally getting its sequel: Kingdom Hearts 3 has been confirmed and has a scheduled release during 2018 in its new trailer as seen below. Watch it and appreciate how far we’ve come:

Tetsuya Nomura revealed the trailer during D23, Disney’s conference event dedicate to showcase just about everything Disney. With the announcement for Kingdom Hearts 3 already made 4 years ago, the 2018 release year was a soothing reveal.

Other than the story reveal trailer, not much has been revealed about Kingdom Hearts 3. It has been a game a lot of fans have been clamoring for for years and the 12 year wait is something that has seen a lot of changes happened to the gaming landscape. There’s a lot of titles that have taken roots now with mobile games also growing along with online games such as online baccarat. If you’re interested in some bacarrat, go play some online and here’s some Baccarat squeeze Bonus code to get you up and running. Going back, there’s also the more traditional RPGs but Kingdom Hearts’ allure lies heavily on its fusion of characters and gameplay. 

Many may still remember the first Kingdom Hearts on the Playstation 2 back in 2002 which took the gaming scene by storm thanks to its re-imagining of Disney characters into more lovable characters with actual depth in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

With the Playstation 4 receiving heavy releases like Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian last 2016, Kingdom Hearts 3 was one of the anticipated late releases for the year but alas, it did not appear on shelves and had no updates. With remasters appearing this year, it was a hint many fans were waiting for and with the latest announcement fulfilling that dream.

Even with a vague release date, a late 2018 launch would still be fine given Square Enix’s history would delays. But hopes are still high that the game would still meet its promised launch, with a Toy Story world to be included in the game along with Disney’s new installment to the series, many fans are excited to see what’s in store in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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