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Learn Street Fighter with this Free eBook

Stop watching and start learning! Know your Street Fighter. Download this free eBook now.

Learn Street Fighter with this Free eBook - Street Fighter guide

Fighting game fanatic Patrick Miller has authored a free ebook on how to get started in Street Fighter, available for free download at

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Titled From Masher to Master: The Educated Video Game Enthusiast’s Fighting Game Primer (Super Book Edition), the 131-page book aims to ease new players into the game, teach the basics and improve in hopes of expanding the fighting game community and overall just letting the love of fighting be shared via knowledge of the game itself.

The book follows the outline below and takes readers, both new and veteran alike, on a trip through fundamentals which is plenty enough knowledge to hone or re-hone your Street Fighter creds.

  1. Why You Should Learn How To Play Street Fighter
  2. Everything You Need to Know About Fighting Games
  3. Beginner Execution
  4. Simplifying Street Fighter
  5. Intro to Combos
  6. Eleven Tips for Not Sucking at Street Fighter
  7. Don’t Want No Scrubs
  8. Introducing Street Fighter IV
  9. The Warrior’s Path

It won’t turn you a pro overnight but what you learn is hopefully enough to give you plenty of info on what to aim to be.

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