Mother Kills Son After 4 Hour Game Session

Okay I know it’s Christmas eve and all but since we still live in the real world and BAD things happen everywhere I just had to post this bit of news since it involves playing too much video games. So here it is.

A South Korean mother strangled his three-year-old son after his eldest urinated on the floor. The mother, a 27-year old who’s name was withheld but had a surname Kim admitted to the Police that she beat and strangled her son. She was reported to have been playing online games for 10 hours straight and had no previous mental issues.

Kim said that she was so mad at his son because she was supposed to take her rest after four hours of playing online games.

It was Kim’s in-laws who reported to the police of what happened after finding the corpse of their grandson which was left there for three days.

This news is the latest among the many reported “video game related” incidents that has occurred at South Korea. Hopefully this would be the last for 2010.

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