NVIDIA Now Larger than Intel in Market Cap Size

NVIDIA has recently reached another milestone for the company as they have reached a larger market cap than Intel on July 8th after the stock market has closed. In the hours following, NVIDIA’s (NVDA) stock is $411.20 and has a market cap of $251.31 billion. NVIDIA has historically been smaller than Intel (INTC) going as far as some market pundits speculating Intel could buy NVIDIA in the past when their presence was relatively quite smaller. Today, Intel sits with a $248.15 billion USD market cap, just a bit lower than NVIDIA’s number today.

Do note that market cap is not indicative of the whole scheme of things. Intel is currently not fueled by a bubble while NVIDIA has hype generating from AI and machine learning, amongst others. Comparing both companies, Intel is performing quite well with a $71.9 billion revenue for 2019 while NVIDIA only had $11.72 billion in revenue.

NVIDIA has recently acquired Mellanox which integrates some key technologies for the companies growing port foli0.

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