Philippine Prices for NVIDIA RTX 3090, RTX 3090 and RTX 3070 #PriceWatch

This article is an ongoing watch list for prices for the launch of the RTX 3080, RTX 3090 and RTX 3070 in the Philippines. This will present prices when presented and is written in a raw format for quick updates as they occur.

I’ll update as soon as I receive information from brands and stores. Kindly give us tips and info through the comments or the Back2Gaming Facebook page

September 17, 2020

ASUS Philippines Official MSRP

Model Name SRP
ROG-STRIX-RTX3090-O24G-GAMING ₱  109,900.00
ROG-STRIX-RTX3090-24G-GAMING ₱  105,900.00
TUF-RTX3090-O24G-GAMING ₱  101,500.00
TUF-RTX3090-24G-GAMING ₱    88,000.00
ROG-STRIX-RTX3080-O10G-GAMING ₱    56,990.00
ROG-STRIX-RTX3080-10G-GAMING ₱    54,990.00
TUF-RTX3080-O10G-GAMING ₱    49,490.00
TUF-RTX3080-10G-GAMING ₱    41,000.00

PC Express

MSI GeForce RTX™3080 Gaming X Trio 10GB GDDR6 ₱57,020 SRP
MSI GeForce RTX™3080 Ventus 3X 10GB GDDR6 ₱53,780 SRP
PALIT GeForce RTX™3080 Gaming Pro OC 10GB GDDR6 ₱50,550 SRP
ASUS TUF GeForce RTX™3080 10GB GDDR6 ₱49,550 SRP
Gigabyte GeForce RTX™3080 EAGLE OC 10GB GDDR6 ₱54,200 SRP
Inno3D GeForce RTX™ 3080 iChill x4 10GB GDDR6 ₱51,140 SRP


PCWORX made their RTX 3080 opening into an auction with what appears to be SRP as the starting bid. UPDATE: This post has been deleted. (9/17/2020 11:22PM) UPDATE: 9/18/2020 PCWORX redacted this promotion.


Unconfirmed Stores

GIGABYTE Eagle RTX 3080 – Php52,250
GIGABYTE OC RTX 3090 – Php101,000

MSI RTX 3080 Ventus – Php51,900
MSI RTX 3080 GamingX Trio – PHP55,000
MSI RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio – Php94450

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