Get Games: 2K Games Steam Sale, Humble Bundle Weekly Sale & GMG Sale

Click here for the July 2014 Humble 2K Bundle.

If you’re meaning to stock up on your games library or just buy for a friend, there’s a lot of ongoing sale right now over the net for you to choose from.

Steam currently has a sale on 2K Games titles which sees titles like Civilization, the XCOM series, Bioshock series, Borderlands series, etc. get discounts up to 75% off. Great time to stock up on codes you wish to give out during the holidays.

2K Games Weekend Sale

For those looking to be a bit charitable, Humble Bundle is back again with another sale this time around featuring Nordic games. Titles like Supreme Commander and Darksiders are included in this bundle for any price you want to pay for.

Humble Bundle Weekly Sale


Note that the Humble Bundle Weekly Sale codes come in packs so you only get 1 code for the entire set, 2 codes if you pay more than the average.

Last up is the Multi Buy Week from GreenMan Gaming. Buy titles like Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution, Fallout 3/NV, etc. for just $15. Just Cause 2, Dungeon Siege III, Supreme Commander II, etc. are up for just 8$ if you buy 3 of the participating games.

Multi Buy Week in GreenMan Gaming


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