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darkFlash Launches DLH21 Mini-ITX Case

darkFlash’s latest Mini-ITX product, the DLH21, which is now available in stores, adopted a much more unique approach. The idea is to design a simple yet elegant case, which can support 240 mm AIO water coolers, equipped with mesh side-panels. Not only that but also including addressable RGB lighting at the bottom of the case, with has up to 13 different modes, so that no matter what style you are looking for, polished or stylish, it’s your call!

The DLH21 has quite a few tricks up its sleeves. First, the size of it is relatively small, because the interior is well thought, adopting a vertical GPU mounting system, which allows the case to extend upwards, saving plenty of desk space. Secondly, all sides include mesh panels with magnetic dust filters, providing unbelievable airflow to support your components. The DLH21 supports 240 mm water cooling, which pushes the performance of the case even higher. Last but not least, the beautiful bottom A-RGB lighting. Controlled by the LED button located on the top I/O port, also synchronizable with your motherboard.

Well Designed Compact Size


Giving up on the traditional sports-car-like esports look, darkFlash decided on an almost Nordic design for the DLH21. After stripping away the non-essentials, what remains is a slim and tall, clean and elegant body. The magnetic top panel lets you manage your cables pretty easy, the small yet spacious inside with a 90 mm fan already installed, completely redefines the standard of a luxury ITX case.

Easy Disassemble Meshed Panel

All 4 side panels are meshed and intact by thumb screws, allowing supreme airflow and easy to dispatch for users. The mesh panels all include integrated magnetic dust filters, which are easy to maintain and wash.

Addressable Bottom A-RGB Lighting

A big highlight is the case’s bottom A-RGB lighting, which allows you to synchronize with your motherboard. Even if you don’t have a motherboard with RGB, you can still control the lighting effect with the pre-installed LED button on the top I/O port, cycling through 13 different lighting effects.

240 mm AIO CPU Water Cooling Ready

The thick and steady inside fits perfectly with your water cooling system, bringing your PC’s performance to the next level. Do not be fooled by its cute appearance!

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