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MSI Z490 Motherboards Unleash the Performance of PCIe 4.0 Graphics Cards and SSDs

MSI has now rolled out their Z490 BIOS update that enable PCIE Gen4 when used with an Intel 11th Gen CPU

All of the MSI Z490 motherboards will be supporting PCIe 4.0 with the coming Intel 11th Gen Intel Processors. Through an update to the latest BIOS, MSI Z490 motherboards offer great bandwidth and performance for PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSDs and graphics cards.

To be PCIe 4.0 compatible, several components on the motherboards are necessary, including PCIe 4.0 ready clock generator, lane switch, redriver, PCIe slots, and M.2 connectors. Thanks to the complete PCIe 4.0 solutions, MSI Z490 motherboards provide the most stable design for PCIe 4.0 and unlock the full performance of PCIe 4.0 devices.

To enjoy the unlocked performance of PCIe 4.0, please update the Z490 motherboards with the latest BIOSes optimized for PCIe 4.0.

MSI Z490 BIOSes optimized for PCIe 4.0 performance:

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