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Review – HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

Today, we take a closer look at a mouse pad from the gaming series edition of HAVIT, the HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad


  • Model: HAVIT HV-MP835
  • Dimension: 24 x 18 x 0.1 cm
  • Weight: 0.222 kg
  • Aluminium and Rubber Build
  • Frosted Aluminium Surface
  • Polished Edge
  • Rubber Bottom (Absorbs Vibration)
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Waterproof

Where to Buy:

Unboxing – HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminium Mouse Pad

The HAVIT HV-MP835 aluminium mouse pad features a standard mouse pad size with a dimension of 24 x 18 x 0.1 cm and it weighs about 222 grams.


HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

The packaging of the mouse pad is pretty nice and decent. You get the impression that you got something premium. This black and white packaging themed style is probably a trademark of HAVIT. Majority of their peripheral product all have similar packaging style. A black box that’s held by a white carton.

The front of the packaging already highlights the actual mouse pad as well as the brand name and the model number.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

The back of the packaging highlights the mouse pads main features such as aluminium material, product specifications and certifications, as well as the product serial number.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse PadTaking the black box out reveals a small statement from HAVIT. In almost all of their products, they have this small statement after taking out the box. A simple appreciation statement from them for choosing their product.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse PadThe other side of the black box doesn’t have much anything to say. It just highlights the brand name.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

Opening up the box reveals the mousepad which is inside a foam bag. The foam bag acts as an extra layer of protection that prevents trivial damages like scratch and dent from accidental drops due to shipping or travel.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

The mouse pad can be taken out from the foam bag easily. Nothing much else is included or worth noting.

Accessories – HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

The mouse pad doesn’t include any accessories other than this appreciation card from HIRALIY.

Closer Look – HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

The main features of this mouse pad are its frosted finish surface, aluminium body, and anti-vibration rubber bottom.

Let’s start with the mouse frosted surface.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

When touched, it has that rough sandpaper feeling to it but not as rough though. According to HAVIT, “the frosted aluminium surface design of the mouse pad provides excellent tactile impression when you’re moving your mouse on the surface.”

On this side of the mouse pad, the logo of HAVIT’s gaming product line series called Magic Eagle can be seen. That means, that this mouse pad is one of their gaming intended mouse pad.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

The other side of the mouse pad highlight the product origin, the “Do Not Just Throw” symbol a.k.a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), and RoHS free symbol.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

The mouse pad features a polished edge. The polished edge really adds up to the overall aesthetic and design of the mouse pad but we find this design to be divisive. It may look nice and premium for some people but some might feel that it look cheap because of the polished edge. For us, we find it okay as it really does increase the overall feel and design of the mouse pad.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

The bottom of the mouse pad features a rubber bottom that is about 90% of the size of the aluminium surface. I wished that HAVIT covered the whole bottom because we find it odd and it looks cheap to us. I’m not sure why HAVIT decided to have a smaller size of the rubber pad and not have it the same size of the aluminium surface.

Looking closer at the rubber bottom pad shows its criss-cross design. A design that is intended to prevent the mouse pad to slip or slide.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

HAVIT also claims that the rubber bottom is designed to reduce vibration as the rubber bottom can absorb vibration. Well, the rubber bottom is about 2mm in thickness and is very soft too.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

Pressing it and feeling the rubber bottom shows that it is very soft and has a good grip to any type of surface. From that alone, I can agree that it is an anti-vibration design but the question is, what’s the point of having an anti-vibration mouse pad?

Performance – HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

For testing, I used 3 different mice, namely GAMDIAS Zeus Laser Mouse, RAZER Mamba 2013, and HAVIT HV-MS794, to see and test the feel of using this mouse pad. I also have compared this mouse pad to a hard plastic and cloth based mouse pad.

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

I have been using a hard plastic mouse pad for 4 years now and using the HAVIT HV-MP835 aluminium mouse pad gave me a unique and new experience. I was expecting an identical, if not similar, experience given that this mouse pad is also considered as a hard mouse pad. However, after using the HAVIT HV-MP835 for one whole day, I can say that it really has a different feeling.

The HAVIT HV-MP835 aluminum mouse pad has a rougher surface. It is rougher than your ordinary hard plastic mouse pad. The friction generated from the Teflon feet of the mouse and the frosted aluminium surface of the mouse pad is stronger too. Requiring you to exert more force and effort in moving the mouse.

In terms of accuracy, we find that the mouse cursor is far more responsive when using this mouse pad. This is probably due to the uniform colour all throughout the mouse pad. We also find it easier to place your mouse cursor to a certain location on your desktop and it is more sensitive. A small bump to the mouse causes the mouse cursor to also react or move slightly too.

Mouse Pad Test

As we have mentioned above, the HAVIT HV-MS794 requires you to exert more force and effort in moving your mouse because of the stronger friction generated between the mouse surface and the mouse when moving.

This is a short video that compared the movement of the mouse using a cloth based mouse, a hard plastic mouse, and the  HAVIT HV-MS794 which is an aluminium based mouse with a frosted surface design.

Final Thoughts…

HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad

The HAVIT HV-MP835 Aluminum Mouse Pad is a decent mouse pad with a rigid solid build quality that can cater casual and hardcore gamers alike. The price of US$15.99 may be a hefty price to pay for a mouse pad but you will get a mouse pad with aluminium material. So in long-term use, this mouse pad will last you years before the need to replace it arise.

On a closer look, this mouse pad is not for all. One, it has no RGB lighting which is the trend nowadays. The size of this mouse pad limits your arm movements. Lastly, the rubber bottom base made the mouse pad look cheap because of its smaller size.

Although, if you want to keep a solid but clean looking PC setup or table setup then this mouse pad is a good choice to consider.

Performance wise, the frosted surface is not that rough but it is still one of the roughest mouse pad that I have used. But that is to be expected from a mouse that is designed to increase precision and mouse control over speed. Another worth mentioning is the size. Despite being a mouse pad under HAVIT’s gaming line of products, the size is an issue for me. HAVIT could have at least made the mouse pad a few centimetre bigger than it is.

Overall, the HAVIT HV-MP835 is a good mouse pad but it is not for all. It’s a type of mouse pad that fits specific individuals and not the type that aims to be on the top of the industry. We still do highly recommend to try this mouse pad.

Where to Buy:

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