Robotics;Notes Teaser Trailer

The latest science-themed visual novel by 5pb. has a teaser trailer out, and some more information, courtesy of Famitsu.

The game will set in a high school set in Tanegashima. The protagonist is a member of the school’s robotics club, and is a big fighting game fan. The story picks up when he discovers that one of the game’s heroines is a genius programmer who developed the engine of a world-famous fighting game. This leads the protagonist to make a robot that uses motion capture and command inputs. For the motion capture part to work, he taps someone from the karate club to help.

The game is also developed with the help of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, an equivalent of NASA, to give the visual novel a better touch with reality. It expected that Robotics;Notes will be out 2011, and there is no new for the platform yet. We’ll keep you updated regarding this project.

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