Rurouni Kenshin Dragon Hammer Flashes its way onto PSP

As posted on Siliconera, Rurouni Kenshin (better known as Samurai X to a lot of us here) is making its way to the Playstation Portable as part of its 15th anniversary celebration. Entitled Rurouni Kenshin: Saisen, the game is a 2D fighter using cel-shaded 3D models and an artsy brush effect for attacks not unlike those found in Street Fighter IV. View the trailer and more right after the jump.

From what we can glean fromt the trailer, Saisen looks to be a combo-centric fighter. The special techniques which were a highlight of the show will also play a pivotal role in combat and will be delivered in the form of short cutscenes, seemingly. Still, with it being a popular licensed property and all, we get the feeling it’ll be a little more accessible than the stalwarts of the fighting genre.

The game’s story follows the anime’s events from the beginning right up until the end of the Kyoto Arc where Kenshin goes up against Makoto Shishio et al, so you can expect a pretty well rounded cast of fan favorites.

RK: Saisen releases in March of next year. Chances of an English release? Slim to none, but the mere existence of this game gives us hope that the minds behind the series have something cool up their sleeves.

Oh wait… you didn’t see that little tease? Watch the trailer again!

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