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Sony Ships 7.8 Million Playstation5 Since Launch, Beats PS4

In only 4 months, Sony has recorded total Playstation5 shipments of 7.8 million beating PS4 launch figures

Sony Ships 7.8 Million Playstation5 Since Launch, Beats PS4 -

Sony has announced that it has shipped a total of 7.8 million Playstation5 consoles since its release last November 12, 2020. The 2020 units alone accounts for 4.5 million which suggests that in under 2 months, Sony has managed to ship out a huge volume of their next-gen console.  The remaining 3.3 millions units were shipped in Q1 2021. These numbers now overtake the Playstation4’s launch numbers suggesting that demand for the new console is greater than it predecessor especially due to the circumstances of the launch which happened during a pandemic. It may appear that Sony has a decline in sales in 2021 but Sony’s launch volume was targeted to be greater then succeeding production restock.

It was also announced that Sony’s PS Plus service now has 47.6 million subscribers, an increase of 14.7 from the previous year. Sony’s Game & Network Services segment which manages the Playstation business of Sony recorded $25.03 billion in revenue with an operating profit of $3.22 billion in FY2020.

Sony Ships 7.8 Million Playstation5 Since Launch, Beats PS4 -

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