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Back2Gaming is a multi-awarded and internationally recognized review publication specializing in PC hardware and PC gaming and is recognized as the best PC review media and dedicated PC review website in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. If you’re looking for trustworthy reviews from someone who actually understands the underlying fundamentals of engineering, design and manufacturing, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our Mission: Trustworthy Reviews

In a world where influencers are reviewers and reviewers want to be influencers, Back2Gaming stands out as an accessible portal to the greater world of PC and technology while providing a very hands-on approach in supporting our articles. From buying your new gaming laptop to choosing which is the best graphics cards, we provide data-driven reviews and allow readers to approach us via social media for the most bespoke answers to your buying decisions. No cookie-cutter template guides, no affiliate listings and no blatant advertisements.

Tech Reviews: PC vs Mobile

In the technology space, the term tech reviewer is a catch-all term for someone who reviews electronic devices. There also exists the difference between a lifestyle reviewer and a technical reviewer. We respect our colleagues in the industry in bringing attention and interests to products. For users who are at the brink of buying and just want that final push on which product to choose because details are confusing, that’s where we step in.

Back2Gaming’s technical approach covers details often discounted as average or similar but numbers usually tell a different story. In the PC space, two different graphics cards may perform similarly but one may do it differently e.g. one product may be noisier or the other product just a wee bit more power hungry.

We take these numbers and present them in easily digestible graphs but present them in as wide a scope as possible to cover many details of a product as much as possible. We specializing in creating benchmarks where we can to set logical standards where subjective bias can always rear its head.

We work with benchmark developers and hardware companies to create meaningful benchmarks for our readers and as well as brands to provide an external, independent testing partner for their products.