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Sports Betting and Movies: Reel vs. Real!

Hollywood is always in search of the topics that can entertain the viewers and can also familiarize them with what’s happening around

Sports Betting and Movies: Reel vs. Real! -

Hollywood is always in search of the topics that can entertain the viewers and can also familiarize them with what’s happening around. Sports’ betting is one of them that always enamored the filmmakers. There are multiple reasons for that, and through this write-up, I am going to introduce you to some fictional movies.

However, they provide great insight into all the happenings of the betting world along with the lives of people that are involved in it. And if you want to enjoy reel-life betting, check out some movies, which are based on sports betting below:

Movies You Should Watch Once in Your Life  

Casino (1995)

With a lineup of some box office hits like Goodfellas, The Departed, etc., director Martin Scorsese isn’t circumspect about the arguable traditions of American such as betting in his movie Casino. The story is based on a true story of Frank Rothstein alias Ace. It basically portrays a narrative investigation of the crimes that are involved in the Las Vegas betting market in the 70s.

Ace was ethical and carried huge expertise in being an oddsmaker. Moreover, this quality was seen by some criminal families of Chicago, and they made him in-charge of some biggest betting grounds. Sports’ betting is an aberrant activity and is in direct contrast with very reputable betting players whose odds are being covered by multi-billionaire portals like CNN, ESPN, etc.

The Color of Money (1986)

This sports betting portrayal drives you to the conclusion that in betting, profit isn’t everything. There is much more at stake to it than money. Pride, identity, along with morality, also carries the same importance.

Paul Newman, from The Hustler (1961) played a billiards star, is in the lead with Tom Cruise as his apprentice. The focus of this movie is totally on the psychology of the betters. It portrays how their mind works and how they plot and plan their moves.

Eight Men Out (1988)

Who isn’t familiar with the 1919 World Series? Well, the controversy is exactly depicted in the movie Eight Men Out. The movie is about an organized betting scandal by 8 MLB players who faced lifetime bans. The games were in huge favor to the team; even then, Chicago White Sox lost all the 8 games of the series.

The blame was mostly on the owner of the team Charles Comiskey because of the way he handled and treated the team. The performance of young John Cusak and Charlie Sheen is so measured and felt authentic. The film portrays the requirement of regulation and integrity in sports, as well as the betting industry.

Moreover, there is an immense need for making the bookmakers accountable and licensed. If that’s not what the government intends to do, these bookmakers will carry the influence on the actual sports whenever they want to.

Lay The Favorite (2012)

A story of a professional stripper becoming an expert Sharp, the movie is based on true to life memoir by Beth Raymer where she narrated her whole story. The movie is focused on the adventurous nature of the bettors, and Rebecca Haul nails the lead role as Beth and Bruce Willis as Dirk. Rebecca realizes it very quickly that she has excellent potential for sports booking.

Dirk offers the place to her in one of his betting spots, and Haul seizes the opportunity in no time. The movie also tries to focus your attention to not see the professional bettors as some unusual or weird personalities. However, it tells how potential and uniquely intelligent they can be at some times.

Two For The Money (2005)

The story of a football player turned into a pro-handicapper, ‘Two For The Money’ portrays a true story, with some twisted facts, of Brandon Lang. The story of Lang starts from him being at a telemarketing job where Walter Abrams first saw him because of his unique talent for choosing the winners.

The lead roles are given to two of the finest, Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey. The primary focus of the movie is on the emotions of two bettors rather than portraying the technicalities of the betting business. Moreover, the movie is not very intense but can be considered as a funny take on the characters of the sports betting.

Legal Operators in Sports Betting in NJ

As we all know, betting is that activity that has never seen a downfall. It’s wise for the government to at least legalize it because there is no possible way where it can be claimed that no betting is happening illegally. Whether it’s legal or illegal, the betting industry has always been booming. There is some real data that shows the illegal betting industry accounts of approximately $150 billion.

Now, as the government is seen to be legalizing it, it will give the players a more open and fair environment to place their bets. One of the other factors that have a huge impact on betting is that it contributes to the economy on a huge basis. It will also put on a check on match-fixing as now it’s legalized, all the bettings are now monitored, and there’s no chance you can’t escape from being seen.

There are also various other benefits that come with the legalization of betting and bringing it under the government’s monitoring. One of the biggest advantages that it is providing is that it is creating jobs in huge numbers which is eventually helpful in increasing the country’s per capita income.

Reel vs. Real!

It’s absolutely true that there is no other way than movies to portray the roller-coaster life of a bettor. The directors, sometimes, need to put some effort into creating suspense and thriller in the life of the lead character, which may require some twisted little facts. There are some movies through which you will be able to understand what goes into making a movie that pleases every viewer.

The movie 21 is an excellent portrayal where a teacher teaches its students the mathematical aspect of how to bend some rules by blackjacking. However, the story is not completely true, but the sequence where players are counting the cards is very accurate and true to life. Also, some aspects can bore the viewers, and it’s totally up to the directors to exclude those parts.

Final words

The debate of reel vs. real is never-ending, and we must give some space to creativity and the director to explore the ways the best way to portray. There are also some movies like Maverick where Mel Gibson played the lead role. The story narrates where Gibson joins the betting with high bets and when he reaches the final round; he beats a straight flush and four-of-a-kind card with a Royal Flush and wins the tournament. If it’s not luck, what is it?

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