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EDIMAX BR-6258nL Travel Router

We check out the EDIMAX Travel Router and Personal Hotspot and see if this little baby is more than just a tictac box with wifi.

EDIMAX BR-6258nL Travel Router -


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Simple packaging that doesn’t really exude anything for the price you pay for the EDIMAX BR-6258nL, what matters though is the content. Included in the package is a manual leaflet, a configuration info card and a information disc. The images below show us the actual product where you’ll it is quite portable.

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At barely the size of a Pez dispenser, this USB-powered device fits in any pocket and is practically weightless. Aimed at providing the most versatile and handy solution, the Edimax BR=6258nL needs to be this small to achieve its goals.

[singlepic id=12611 w=600 h=450 float=center]

A shot of the Travel Router connected to the front USB slot of a PC. Yes, it’s that small.

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