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Review – HAVIT E30 TWS Bluetooth Speaker


The Bluetooth technology has come so far that when most have expected it to reach its peak technology, the market blew us with new methods and ways to utilize it. One Bluetooth technology that we believe can revolutionize the market is multi-wireless pairing.

With that in mind, we’re gonna take a closer look at the HAVIT E30 Bluetooth True Wireless Speaker (TWS). This speaker is rated to output 30W of amplified audio and one of its main features is the ability to pair up with another. Basically, this speaker boasts its integrated TWS technology. With TWS, short for True Wireless Stereo, you can link two HAVIT E30 together. Once linked, these two speakers will be like a set of 2.0 stereo speakers. Which is pretty cool, to say, at least.


Review - HAVIT E30 TWS Bluetooth Speaker - havit e30
HAVIT E30 Red Version
  • Dimension: 213mm*82mm*81mm (8.39 inch*3.23 inch*3.23 inch)
  • Double-Color Injection
  • IPX7 Waterproof & Shockproof
  • Net weight: 738g (1.62 lbs)
  • Input voltage / current: DC 5V/1A
  • Battery: 5200mAH
  • Playtime: Up to 14 Hours
  • Charging time: About 4 Hours
  • Power Bank: Yes
  • Bluetooth Version:4.2
  • Wireless working range: 10M (without obstacles)
  • Output: 30W (Max) – Dual Drivers
  • 360° Surround Sound & Solid Bass
  • 2 EQ Modes
  • TWS Technology
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥80DB
  • Profiles supported: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Speaker: 55mm*2
  • Speaker frequency: 80Hz-20kHz
  • Input methods: Bluetooth, Aux, NFC
  • Built-in Microphone: Yes
  • Siri/Google Assistant: Yes

Where To Buy?

Review - HAVIT E30 TWS Bluetooth Speaker - havit e30
Review - HAVIT E30 TWS Bluetooth Speaker - havit e30

Unboxing – HAVIT E30 Bluetooth Speaker

Before we unbox, the damage you see on the packaging box is caused by shipping. Other than that, the speaker is working perfectly.

Front Side Packaging

The front side of the packaging has a removable hard transparent plastic. You can easily see the actual product inside the packaging. Other than that, the front side highlights a couple of features such as rated playtime hours and its IPX7 rating.

havit-e30-bluetooth-tws-wireless-speaker-review-unboxing-closer-look (9)
Backside of Packaging

The backside of the packaging highlights the main product specification. It also features a cool image of the speaker.

havit-e30-bluetooth-tws-wireless-speaker-review-unboxing-closer-look (1)
Bottom Part of the Packaging

Since there’s nothing to see on each side of the packaging, let’s proceed to the bottom side. The bottom side highlights more product specification as well as certification, serial number, country of origin, and a couple of disclaimers.

There’s nothing much to see on the top part other than a ribbon for hanging or holding the box.


havit-e30-bluetooth-tws-wireless-speaker-review-unboxing-closer-look (3)
Accessories, Service Card, and User Manual

After taking everything out of the box, the packaging includes one service card for warranty purposes, one user manual guide in multi-language format, and a black box that contains the accessories included.

havit-e30-bluetooth-tws-wireless-speaker-review-unboxing-closer-look (3)
Charging Cable, Carabiner, and Audio Cable

The small black box contains one charging cable, one carabiner shackle, and one male to male audio cable. The included audio cable and carabiner is definitely a nice inclusion. Goes to show that this speaker is designed for outdoor use or travel.

Closer Look – HAVIT E30 Bluetooth Speaker

havit-e30-bluetooth-tws-wireless-speaker-review-unboxing-closer-look (8)
HAVIT E30 is Available in Black+Red and Black+Gray Color

The HAVIT E30 is available in two different colors. Well, technically, each color doesn’t really make a huge impact on the product. Overall, the speakers are all black and the only thing that changes for each model is the color of the plastic silicon where you can attach the included carabiner.

Other than that, not much else to say in terms of colors. So let’s go ahead and take a closer look at the HAVIT E30.

havit-e30-bluetooth-tws-wireless-speaker-review-unboxing-closer-look (5)
Control Section of E30

The front side of the speaker has all the control buttons. It features 5 buttons with multi-function feature:

  • Middle Oblong Button with LED – Power, Un-pair, Status Indicator
  • Volume Buttons – Volume Control, Play Next/Previous Song
  • Play/Pause Button – Pair 2 E30, Play/Pause, Answer/End Call, Google Assistant, Siri
  • EQ Button – Switch Indoor/Outdoor EQ

Along the button control section, there are also four dots that lit up and is in between the decrease volume button and EQ button. This is actually an indicator of the level of the battery. If all four dots are lit up, it means that the battery is charged at 100%.

havit-e30-bluetooth-tws-wireless-speaker-review-unboxing-closer-look (6)

The backside of the speaker is where the input/output is located. It has a thick silicon cover for waterproofing purposes. The I/O has one USB Micro Type-B for charging the speaker, one USB Type-A port for charging other USB devices, and one AUX port.

havit-e30-bluetooth-tws-wireless-speaker-review-unboxing-closer-look (10)
Metal Grills with Nylon Cording (Waterproofing)

One cool thing about this speaker is the metal grill with nylon cording that protects the speakers from getting wet, from dust, and from minuscule debris that can get inside it.

At first touch, you won’t actually feel any metal from it other than nylon. To be honest, we’re not even certain if the lining that covers the speakers are nylon or polyester.

havit-e30-bluetooth-tws-wireless-speaker-review-unboxing-closer-look (7)
Weighted Bass Radiator Driver

The top side of the speakers has the nylon for the carabiner while the bottom has silicon feet. It also contains the bass radiator driver that produces deep bass without breaking or producing broken sound.

Performance – HAVIT E30

The HAVIT E30 Bluetooth speaker has a rating of 30W audio output capacity. That’s about 100dB of maximum noise level to say at least.

For our sound test, we don’t have a professional grade mic to record the best audio for sound testing. Instead, we used the Huawei P10 Android Smartphone for sound recording.

Note: The sound quality that you will hear from each video will depend on the device that you are watching it from. For nearest possible audio, we recommend to set the volume of your device or speakers at max.

Single HAVIT E30 Sound Test

The sound quality produced by a single HAVIT E30 speaker is decent and solid. At max volume, the audio is slightly muddy but not broken. It’s clear and crisp. Once you set a different EQ mode, the quality of sound becomes better. Although each EQ mode is intended for outdoor and indoor use.

Dual Paired TWS HAVIT E30 Sound Test

With two HAVIT E30 that are paired to work as one, the quality of sound becomes dramatically better. It becomes a 2.0 Stereo Channel Speakers that can produce 30W of Audio Power separately, total power of 60W. The noise level it produces is roughly around 110dB and that’s almost equivalent to the loud sound you can hear when you’re watching a concert.

With this setup, the 360deg surround sound becomes surreal. Which is quite unnoticeable for a single HAVIT E30.

Furthermore, we find that having each speakers away from each other produces better sound quality than them being next to each other.

NFC & Bluetooth Connectivity Test

Review - HAVIT E30 TWS Bluetooth Speaker - havit e30
NFC Connection Supported

When pairing the speaker via NFC, the connection is smooth. A single tap and in a matter of seconds, the speaker and our Android phone got paired. Although, you need to ensure that the Bluetooth of your phone is enabled. Otherwise, NFC will not work.

You can expect much of what to expect when pairing via Bluetooth. Although, we do find it quite troublesome to pair with Bluetooth if the speakers are not yet paired to each other. Since you have to pair each speakers to one another first and after that, you have to search for the speakers again since it will be a different HAVIT E30 when searched via Bluetooth.

Built-In Power Bank Charging Test

Review - HAVIT E30 TWS Bluetooth Speaker - havit e30
Power Bank Charge Test

As we mentioned above, this speaker is also capable of charging other devices. So it’s also a power bank.

The speaker has an output charge rating of 5V and 1A. However,on our test. Charging our device, Huawei P10, at 0% charge gave us a charge rating of 5V and 1.48A peak. The amperage/current gradually decreases as our device gets charged. At 90%, the current we get is around 0.9 to 1A.

With 5,200mAH, it should be enough to fully charge one smartphone from 0 to 100. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In most cases, the power bank rating is based on a 3V scale. So, when the voltage increases, the capacity decreases. Therefore, for devices using 5V rail, the actual power bank capacity is roughly around 3,120mAH only using the (Wh)*1000/(V) =(mAh) formula. And that’s not enough to charge a phone with 4,000mAH.

Additionally, the speaker doesn’t support any form of fast charging technology. It can, however, charge itself with up to 2A current rating.

Final Thoughts…


The HAVIT E30 Bluetooth speakers is a unique take of wireless speakers. It raises the standard for outdoor speakers that are not just simply waterproof and shockproof, but also the ability to produce decent audio sound with added functionality.

The speakers itself is definitely designed for outgoing individuals with the love for music. The included accessories, as well as the inclusion of a carabiner, is a welcome cause. Generally, the speakers can cater to anyone who needs a portable speaker. It can be used indoors but more specifically, for outdoors.

What left us questioned though is its price and features. For one, the speakers are definitely marketed to be used in pair. However, that’s going to cost consumers twice the price. Furthermore, with its price, if you buy one, you basically also paid for a feature that you won’t be able to use unless you buy another one. Additionally, we loved that the speaker comes with a huge battery. A battery that can also be used to charge other USB devices. Although, the added power bank functionality is great and all but with today’s market, you can easily purchase a decent power bank with a bigger capacity for a fraction of the price.

Don’t get us wrong though, the ability to charge other USB devices is a welcomed feature to have and it can be used for emergency cases especially for travelers, hikers, and outdoor type individuals. We just wished that, it’s a feature added for free instead of something that increases the price of the product.


At ~$99 for a piece, we find the pricing is a bit steep. You will also need to cash out ~$200 if you plan to use the TWS pairing technology. If HAVIT can lower the price, maybe around $60 to $70, it will place this speaker at very competitive pricing. Otherwise, if you don’t have plans to buy this in pair or use the TWS technology, you’re better off with something else.

Ultimately, the HAVIT E30 performs well in all aspects. The added functionality as well as its features are one sets this speaker apart from the rest. Considering all its performance, prices, value, and quality, we happily award this product with our Back2Gaming Gold Award for raising the standard bar high.

Review - HAVIT E30 TWS Bluetooth Speaker - havit e30
Back2Gaming Gold Award

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